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review 2018-08-16 14:44
The Iron Trial - Cassandra Clare,Holly Black
For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

Are there similarities between this and the Harry Potter series? Yes. Is it still a unique and entertaining read? Definitely. 

While the story and characters share some traits with Harry Potter, there is tons of new stuff going on and each character is dealing with their own unique struggles. So yes, it's a wizarding school featuring a team of two males and one female with a stuck-up, slightly charismatic male as a school nemesis, but I promise this is not just a Harry Potter rip off. So much different stuff going on. 

I picked this up from the library because I have become obsessed with Holly Black's writing lately and was intrigued by the cover. I'll admit, the book starts out kind of slow. I didn't really like Call's character (plus, it took me forever to realize his name was "Call" and not "Cole", darn audiobooks- the whole time I couldn't figure out how "Cole" was short for "Callum"). He's a bit irritating and clueless. He grows on your a little bit, but I mostly stuck around for Aaron and Tamara. 

But the whole world-building. I loved all of the descriptions of the school itself and the various rooms. So cool. All of the magic stuff was fascinating. I liked the idea of magic coming from the elements and the apprentices learning to control them without wands or potions. 

The plot was a bit slow to start, but in my opinion, it was worth it for the twist at the end. You know something was coming, but I never would have guessed it was that. Great twist that really pulls the reader in.

I definitely want to continue the series. Just requested the next audiobook from the library. 
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review 2018-08-08 18:39
Review (rating-4)
The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) - Holly Black




                                                   The Cruel Prince by Holly Black



“You really do want me,” I say, close enough to  feel the warmth of his breath as it hitches.

“And you hate it.”


I actually regret that I didn't read this jewel of a book sooner. But I am equally sad about the wait for the second book in the series. I don't know how I'm going to read the second one after the long wait knowing that I'll have to do the same for the third. Uhh!

So now about the book-

It starts with the murder of Jude's parents and then focuses on her life with the Faerie and how she is a mortal who inwardly wishes to be a Fae. Jude is a headstrong, extremely brave and a wise character. Her personality may seem a bit uh uncaring, aloof but she's not. Apparently, with lots of wits she becomes the main player of the royal game. She has the upper hand to make somebody king from the two characters and she makes a decision. I knew whom it would be but I was still shocked by how it all unraveled. And I was amazed. Truly.

The cruel prince or Prince Cardan is like the parasite who sucks blood out of Jude everyday. He doesn't, actually. But that defines the relation he has with Jude.

And every evil has another story which nobody knows. Cardan has one too. I was shocked and filled with hate for the persons responsible for the evil surrounding his life. He hates mortals and that means he hates Jude and her twin too. Well, of course he hated Jude but heart knows different.  Cardan is a complex character whom I loved from the start. His mood swings, his cruelness, his wiseness were too much for my heart to hate him.

For her sisters- I hate Taryn with whole of my heart.

As for Vivi, I really liked her alot. And I loved Oak too.

Eagerly waiting for the next book!




I'd love to discuss books with y'all. And to connect with passionate readers like myself would be my pleasure. Feel free to suggest books so I can devour them and later review them too. Here are some of the genres that I love:

Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, Romance, General Fiction, Fantasy and some more. I'll be posting some more of my reviews and opinions for other books.


For contact: diazcara25@gmail.com

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review 2018-08-07 11:11
How do these people call themselves teachers?
Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet - Holly Black,Cassandra Clare

So, apart from the fact that I'm convinced that the only reason that the kids at these schools are literate is their education before they go to the fancy schmancy magic schools.  It's more College type teaching than ensuring that they have any education and most of it seems to consist of the students being left to their own devices to sink or swim, my father would be appalled.


My father was a building construction and carpentry teacher (I believe they call them Material Technology teachers now but he's retired...) and to me magic should be like this.  Magic isn't safe, like using chisels, it needs supervision, because even if you do supervise carefully some idiot will try to cut a finger off (like someone did in my brother's class) and now I'm starting to plot how a magic school would operate, in reality.


So Call discovers that his father has plans, that involve Havoc, his well demon dog, and they're not good, so he runs away from home to one of his friends houses and then to school where the year starts okay but things go downhill rapidly and he runs away from school too.


I'm getting too old for these books.  I'm seeing more plot hole than plot and weak worldbuilding rather than being drawn in but I'm not really  the market for this so I can't really tell if it would work for the market.

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review 2018-08-04 13:56
The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) - Holly Black
For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

This is just one of those books that is super difficult to review.

Overall, it was good.

I think my downfall was reading The Darkest Part of the Forest before this one. I absolutely loved that book. It was amazing. I loved everything about it. When I figured out this series was set in the same universe, I was ecstatic. After reading The Darkest Part of the Forest, I was disappointed that it was a standalone. I thought this would be a perfect fit for me. I cannot get enough Hazel.

However, what I got instead was Jude, a cheap Hazel knockoff who is whiny, self-centered, clueless, and thinks way too much. Like way, way too much. Someone needs to get this kid out of her own head. 

There was a lot of interesting stuff going on in this book, but I think it was a little too political and murderous for me. It was like Game of Thrones but with fey characters. For the most part, I found it kind of dull. And Jude's narration drove me crazy. She felt the need to overexplain everything, but was completely clueless as to what was going on around her (Come on now, we all know why Cardan hates you the moment we met him. And Taryn's secret lover is not so secret if you pay any attention at all.) Once she figures something out, she rehashes every encounter with the person as if the reader didn't know the person's intentions after reading one page about them. Jude, just stop talking. Go fight someone. For someone who has so much battle strategy, you know nothing about interpersonal realtionships. 

I realize this sounds like an overly negative review, but I promise there were good parts. I really liked a lot of the characters (The Ghost, The Bomb, and The Roach are all fantastic in their own ways. And Oak is just so cute.) There were tons of twists and turns, which keep the reader on their toes. It definitely wasn't all predictable. 

Plus, Hazel makes a cameo in the book. Squeeee! (Yes, that's the first and last time I will probably ever make that noise. But so worth it.) 

So overall, it was a good book. It just wasn't as good as The Darkest Part of the Forest. I will probably continue the series, but I am in no hurry (plus the library doesn't have the next book in audiobook format yet, so the wait is on anyway). Starting Holly Black's Magisterium series next week and hoping for something a little more entertaining.
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review 2018-07-28 20:14
The Wrath of Mulgarath (The Spiderwick Chronicles #5) by Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
The Wrath of Mulgarath - Holly Black,Tony DiTerlizzi

Bridget Blogs Books for my brief thoughts. By this point, not much to say that I hadn't already said but thought I'd at least try. :)

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