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review 2019-01-13 15:56
Sad this has ended
Clean Room Vol. 3: Waiting for the Stars to Fall - Jon Davis-Hunt,Gail Simone

Honestly, I would read a whole ongoing series just about Spark, who ends up more and more likable as this series concludes.  


It ramps up pretty quickly in volume three, and comes to an inevitable, although somehow unforeseen by me, conclusion.   I can't see anything that isn't tied up, and Simone continues to push the characters, force them to grow, while coming to her action-adventure/horror conclusion. 


Just absolutely lovely.

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review 2019-01-13 02:11
Creepy and effective
Clean Room Vol. 2: Exile - Gail Simone,Jon Davis-Hunt

I don't have the emotional energy to write a long review.   Long story short is that personal stress at home equals a three day long migraine, mostly on with short periods of off. 


I especially love Spark in this, and I find his backstory compelling and fascinating.


I'm already in the middle of the third book.

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review 2018-12-13 20:20
For Better and Worse
For Better and Worse - Margot Hunt

Vigilante justice and the perfect murder. Except it's not so perfect. What the blurb doesn't give away on the who and why of this one is answered pretty quickly, so there's no suspense on that angle. The suspense here lays in whether or not Will and Nat will get away with it. On an emotional level, any parent can understand and even empathize with this couple's actions - the need to protect our children from harm and the anger and despair when we can't. So, while that part certainly tugs at the heartstrings, I still couldn't find anything likable about this couple other than their love for their son. Natalie is almost robotic as she goes through the motions of life. She's cold and calculating with everyone except Charlie. Will is the more human of the pair, but he's also weak to the point of being spineless. This story does have its moments. There are some truly brilliant scenes, including some that had me on the edge of my seat. The problem is that they are too far and few between. What should've been a steadily rising tension is stilted with too much lag time in the story. We do get a couple of interesting twists, and I did want to see how it came together. So, in the end, there were things I liked and things I didn't, leaving me somewhere in the middle on this one. 

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review 2018-12-04 21:37
Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever - Margot Hunt

Kat Grant is an artsy socialite. Alice Campbell is a struggling suburbanite. But these two women are best friends. So when Kat's husband, Howard, falls to his death from the second floor balcony of their mansion, Alice will be there for her. Howard wasn't a nice person. He was abusive, he was arrogant, a drunk, and according to police he was a murder victim. But Alice can't get a hold of Kat - no calls, no texts, and her wealthy family will not let Alice near their daughter.

This book kept me up into the early hours of the morning when I was already exhausted. That's a sign of a good book! Kat and Alice were real. They were interesting and frustrating. These two have lots of layers. We go back and forth from present day to three years ago when Alice and Kat first met. Great writing. Suspenseful. I did figure out a big part early on, which I'm no good at doing, so I don't know if that's why I felt underwhelmed with the ending or if there was a bit much going on or maybe it's a combination of both. But overall this was a compelling read that I wish I had've read sooner!

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review 2018-11-06 19:59
ARC REVIEW Never Let Me Fall by Abbie Roads
Race the Darkness (Fatal Dreams) - Abbie Roads
Hunt the Dawn - Abbie Roads




Fatal Dreams #3, Each of the Fatal Dreams books can be read as a standalone. While this one didn't quite have the same umph as Roads last three books it was still a fantastic read. Very deep in the internal conflict of recognizing who they are together and what they are becoming. A dark fairy tale/folklore at the root of it all tells a tale of never ending love and the power it holds and the reincarnated souls that carry on that power.

Thomas Brown lost the ability to see color when his step father tried to kick his face in, the resulting damage caused serious problems to the optic nerve. He also has the ability to see a person's "death shadow" which tells him basically how evil a person really is and after a person dies it can show him the person's life up until their death. Helena Greyse was tried and convicted for a murder she never committed and spent the last ten years fighting for her life. Helen survived many attacks while in prison some that should have killed her, even her last night there she barely made it out with her life. When they meet for the first time, the day Helen was released, they both knew their lives have unequivocally changed. Helen has brought color to Thomas' life and for the first time in ten years Helen felt safe with Thomas. Thomas and Helen's lives are tied together in so many ways but there is still one giant obstacle for them to overcome. Can their love overcome this common enemy who has been a source of pain for them both?   

Overall, this book was outstanding it's an emotional read, it's dark, it's paranormal, it's suspenseful, it's heavy on the internal conflict without the characters sounding whiny and useless. They are each other's strength, they are the balm for their souls it's a beautiful insta-love romance. The external conflict wasn't as traumatizing for me as the other two, it was still bad but it almost feels like it was glossed over and leaves you with just assuming how bad the events were; but it was still good and I loved the conclusion.  


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