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review 2022-03-29 02:33
Redeeming the Texas Rancher (Forever Texan Book 3) - Charlene Sands

Dakota has loved Colby since she was 10. He sees her as a friend, someone to protect and watch over. When he sees her sharing a laugh with her neighbor, he is not happy but he does not want to make any commitments since he believes he ruined a woman's life years ago. When Dakota finally gets him to see her as more than a friend, the woman from his past returns. Dakota is devastated. Will the woman stay? Will Dakota and Colby have a future?


I enjoyed this story. Colby is a silent cowboy. He does not give much away. Though his friends tell him to let her know his feelings, Colby stays silent. Dakota is bright and breezy but when she gets mad look out. When Colby breaks her heart because of how she learns of his past, I cannot say I blame her. He needs to open up. But in the end, I got the ending I wanted so I was happy but the mystery of his past and the woman kept me reading. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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text 2022-01-07 05:35
Quick Style Guide To Look Chic in Cowgirl Boots This Winter

For quite some time, cowgirl boots are recognized mainly for their main purpose: horseback riding. However, with the ever-changing fashion trends and eclectic taste amalgamating with customary footgear meant to be worn in the dirt and dusty pavements, cowgirl boots are the pair you have to have this winter. They are perfect for every outfit you need emphasized and they work with every woman's height. You can pick out any basic staples from your closet and pair them with your cowboy boots. Still and all, if you're having a hard time how to look stylish and chic in your cowgirl boots, here's a quick style guide we've curated for you.

Skater Dresses and Boots
Whoever said not to wear cowgirl boots in a prairie dress must have never tried this classic coveted style. However, prairie dresses somehow make everything look over-the-top especially if you're out window shopping in the city. On a more subtle and subdued variety, pair your cowgirl boots with a skater dress that gives you the best features of a more balanced and stylish outfit. Also, if you're having a hard time emphasizing your form, skater dresses will work on that for you. It features a more snug cut in the middle and a little bit of flare at the bottom part of the dress which would contour the slimmest part of your torso, highlighting your curves even more. The only thing you have to consider in this ensemble is the color of your dress and your boots. If you're sporting soft brown leather cowgirl boots, then you'll most likely look best in powdery blue or old rose for the dress.

Denim Skirts and Boots
We're not trying to sound cliche here but high-waist A-line denim mini skirts look really absolutely gorgeous and fashionable with cowgirl boots. For your top, it's best if you keep it neutral to emphasize your skirt and your boots the most. They're even more snazzy if you wear embroidered western cowgirl boots with stylish designs that conquer the divide between ordinary and phenomenal. Embroidered cowgirl boots are hard to find but they're always in stock with Jackson's Western Store where you can find pretty much all Western wear, from super flare jeans to cowboy hats.

A Maxi Dress and Boots
Maxi dresses are usually worn in the summer but if you're feeling light this winter, you can always flaunt a cascading and flowy outfit with a pair of stylish boots. While in most cases maxi dresses are paired with strappy sandals or cute flip-flops, but we're actually trying not to conform with customary looks here. Thus, picking a pair of stylish cow]girl boots to pair with your maxi dress is fair and just in the name of fashion—breaking boundaries. Cowgirl boots also elongate your lower form and would basically help you look more instagrammable while out and about.

If you’re in the market for fashion-forward cowgirl boots, look no further! Check out Jackson's Western Store for all of the leading brands when it comes to Western-style clothing for women!

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text 2021-10-21 18:37
Release Blitz: The Right Cowboy by Megan Ryder

[Because facebook has very unfairly blocked my blog, Punya Reviews..., from being promoted on their platform, I'm using booklikes as a "gateway" of sorts so I have a link to promote. It's been over 7 months but I tried for the first 4 months to reach them through any means I could find without any luck whatsoever. Doesn't look like I'll get the block removed anytime soon, if ever. More on what happened can be found here.]


LINK to my release blitz post for The Right Cowboy on Punya Reviews...: 


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review 2021-07-31 05:04
HER COWBOY DOM by Bliss Brant
Her Cowboy Dom (Texting All Hearts) - Bliss Brant

Josh left his ranch to his sister Jessica but the stock to his best friend Tate. The two of them have been attracted to each other for years but have tried to ignore it. They finally cannot so fight about everything.


I enjoyed these two characters. Jessica is spunky and feisty. She does not back down nor does she let setbacks keep her down. Tate gives as good as he gets. He believes he is not good enough for Jessica. Jessica does not see it that way. I liked how they both thought they knew the other. It offered some humorous moments. What I liked best was when they finally knew they had to throw in the towel for happiness and peace in their lives. Both had to grow up and did. Fun read.


This was better the second time around.

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review 2021-05-15 04:20
BOUNTY HUNT by Jon Sharpe
Bounty Hunt - Jon Sharpe

Skye Fargo receives a letter asking for him to track down Glenda Hemmings' husband who left her and their children. Skye is tracked down by members of Cord Blasingame's gang (he is Glenda's husband.) Glenda tells Skye one thing but he is hearing the opposite from those who know Cord. Skye's not sure who to believe until Cord lets his personae drop. Then Skye does what he does best.


I enjoyed this story. It's a quick comfort read for me. Skye is Skye and too many are trying to kill him. Fortunately Skye can take care of himself. He tries to protect others but they don't listen or he's too late to save them. I liked that Skye was able to end the outlaw's reign of terror.


I always look forward to coming back to Skye and his adventures.

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