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text 2018-03-30 05:28
3 Great Reasons for Idaho Homeowners to Go Solar


Idaho solar power has been a topic of much discussion as of late. Here are three reasons why homeowners in Boise, Meridian, Twin Falls and elsewhere should consider installing solar energy solutions.


  1. Limitless, Renewable Energy


The biggest reason to become a solar Boise panel customer is the reliably high level of energy that solar power and other renewable sources can provide. Back in 2012, the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy funded a study known as RE Futures, which featured over 100 contributors from a wide range of organizations, including:


  • National Laboratories
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Universities


The findings of the RE Futures study were extremely promising. It found that then-available renewable energy sources paired with “a more flexible electric system” could provide over 80% of electricity needed in the US in 2050. Not only that, they could meet the hourly demand for electricity in every part of the country.


  1. Energy Cost Stability


Just as importantly, solar Idaho users can keep their long-term energy expenses reliably low. Unlike standard utility costs, which are expected to go up by and estimated 4% each year, solar energy costs remain consistent.


PV solar panels do require an upfront investment, but that investment have gone down considerably over the years. According to a 2017 report by the Solar Energy Industries association, the average installation price for solar energy systems had dropped by more than 70% between 2010 and 2017. On top of this, leading solar solution providers can provide Idaho clients with financing options to make the upfront costs easier to manage.


  1. Positive Impact on Public Health


By relying less on coal and natural gas power plants, Boise solar power users and other Idaho solar energy consumers help reduce pollution. Consequently, they can help improve the health of their communities overall.


According to a 2011 Harvard University study, the use of coal power impacts public health to the tune of an estimated $74.6 billion on a yearly basis. Most of this impact stems from the air and water pollution produced by coal power plants. By contrast, solar panel systems do not produce any air emissions and do not require any water to operate.


EvenGreen Technology is proud to provide clients in Boise, Twin Falls and other Idaho locations with cost-effective, reliable solar panel systems. The company also offers comprehensive services, including onsite evaluations, energy management and financing options.


About EvenGreen Technology


EvenGreen Technology provides Boise solar energy users and other clients in Idaho with advanced, competitively priced solar products and services.


For additional information, visit Evengreentechnology.com




Original Source: https://goo.gl/3a2oKn

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text 2018-03-29 11:00
Qualities of Premier Local Fine-Dining Restaurants

When competing with other restaurants, fine-dining restaurants understand that food is not the only attractive feature of dining out. The menu and standard of hospitality are obviously of priority. But what makes a restaurant stand apart from the rest and make it a hub for its targeted audience? When searching out local restaurants that exceed expectations for experience, here are a few characteristics of successful fine-dining restaurants.


Fresh Ingredients

Restaurants that resource ingredients from local farms and artisanal producers support the community they reside in, whenever possible. By thoughtfully curating groceries that support their desired menu, restaurants in Meridian Idaho that shop from farms in Homedale Idaho represent the hardworking farmers that produce quality, fresh food. Loyalty to local and sustainable ingredients is rare with chain restaurants, even fine-dining chains.


Developed Menu

Menus designed by experienced, top Executive Chefs often focus on their expertise and experiences in the food world. Old-world European cuisine with Eastern and Persian influences transformed into a course-dependent menu needs thoughtful planning and experiential knowledge. Le Coq d’Or is one of the top restaurants in Eagle Idaho, yet it’s exquisite old-world cuisine fits perfectly with locally sourced ingredients chosen by the Executive Chef Richard Jimenez, who grew up in the Boise area.



The space, comfort, and details of the dining room factor into the quality of a dining experience. Loyal customers often return to restaurants they enjoy not only for the food, but also for the ambiance and feel of the dining experience. The hospitality and cleanliness of space are hugely important, especially for restaurants that want to pair a fine-dining menu with a high-quality customer experience from entrance to exit.


Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

Despite advances in food delivery and dining experiences in technology, customers still want to interact with restaurant staff when choose to dine out. A Maître D’ that has extensive knowledge of house wines to pair with an artful dish or a server that is attentive consistently throughout the meal can increase the satisfaction of a fine-dining experience.


Local restaurants that offer the best fine-dining experiences embrace their community and provide incredible services that go beyond the food.


About Chateau des Fleurs


Chateau des Fleurs is home to Le Coq d’Or, which is one of the finest Eagle restaurants. This full-service venue’s lavish facilities can be used for several occasions, including corporate gatherings and weddings.


For additional information, visit Chateaueagle.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/mKPNmS


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text 2018-03-28 11:10
Choosing a Sophisticated Wedding Venue in Idaho

In the era of Pinterest weddings, brides-to-be are overwhelmed with ideas and visions and collections to inspire their special day. However, all of those choices are on hold until making the first choice: the venue! Even the wedding date is reliant upon the availability, budget, and location of the venue. Boise wedding venues tend to vary between restaurants and event centers, even barns and wineries. But very few are all-inclusive of fine-dining, stunning indoor spaces, professional event staff, and beautiful natural scenery. Here are a few essential factors to remember when choosing the perfect venue.



Wedding Planner

Every bride has a unique and personal vision of what they imagine their special day to be. Some couples have very detailed and specific requests, while others are looking for a simplistic celebration. A Wedding Planner is key to making sure to execute every detail and the husband and wife-to-be enjoy their day instead of being stressed and overwhelmed. When choosing a venue, sites that staff Wedding and Event Planners have an advantage of having comprehensive and creative knowledge of the venue. They know the best food Boise has to offer and have developed relationships with vendors to pull off the perfect décor, meal plan, and wedding agenda.



Idaho weather hits all of the four seasons, from snowy winters to heated summers. Few venues are beautiful year-round indoors and out. Find a venue that will reflect the beauty of the wedding day, despite snow, rain, or heat. Air-conditioning during the summer is crucial, as is a rain plan during the autumn and spring months. Ask a Wedding Planner for décor and food ideas that incorporate the season for Boise wedding venues.



Before viewing any wedding venues, discuss the intended budget for the entire wedding. If a venue does not include a wedding planner, catering, bridal suites, or tables and chairs could be a disadvantage. The best venues have thought of every convenience for the bride and groom, from a local wine list at the beverage bar to the technology and lighting. All-inclusive venues are easier to factor into budgets, especially if there is a Wedding Planner on-site.


Guest List & Experience

Keep in mind the experience that guests will have at the chosen venue. Is it a small, intimate gathering with family only or an immense celebration that includes hundreds of friends and family members? The guest list determines the size of the venue and the experience that they will have on the wedding day, from the ceremony to send-off. Remember the menu, and look at restaurants in Eagle Idaho and other locations in the Treasure Valley for the finest chefs.


Chateau des Fleurs is the premier all-inclusive wedding venue in the Boise Idaho area, with highly attentive professional staff, magnificent spaces, and in-house catering inspired by the exquisite on-site restaurant, Le Coq d’Or. For an incredibly romantic and luxury wedding venue, choose Chateau des Fleurs for a personalized dream wedding.


About Chateau des Fleurs


Chateau des Fleurs is an elegant, fully automated event venue in Eagle, Idaho. It has facilities for a wide range of special occasions and is one of the best Boise wedding venues. Chateau des Fleurs is also home to Le Coq d’Or, which offers some of the finest food in the Boise-Eagle area.


For additional information, visit Chateaueagle.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/z492bk


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text 2018-03-26 07:51
Solar Solutions Save Money, Energy and the Environment

Over the last few decades, wind turbines and solar panels have become increasingly common for organizations and homeowners alike. The benefits of renewable energy are overwhelmingly positive, providing solutions to the increasingly worrisome issue of increased greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. In the United States alone, almost 29% of emissions come from electricity. Fossil fuels like coal and natural gas are the most common materials that energize power grids and other energy-consuming appliances. Clean and reusable energy is the obvious solution to harmful and enormous power waste. The reduction of pollution from power plants that use coal and natural gas plants would significantly decrease linked public health issues such as breathing problems, cancer, and even premature death. Easy to access and high-quality energy efficient Idaho solar products are easier to find and install than energy efficient products of the past, positively impacting consumers from home to corporate organization levels.



The planet already provides all of the necessary weather conditions to positively feed solar and wind energy efficient products such as solar panels and wind turbines. Currently, only a fraction of energy derives from energy efficient technology. Energy renewable and efficiency companies like EvenGreen Technology are dedicated to consumer education and affordable products with the intention of increasing public awareness of installation ease and affordability. Small towns benefit from energy efficiency too. Twin Falls solar power efficiency is available for every business, from agriculture companies to local businesses. Not only do they decrease budget spent on power, but they establish sustainable resources and practices that are viable for decades. Energy efficient technology needs technicians to install and maintain it, creating thousands of jobs that do not disappear because the resource is endless.


Solar power is less prone to overall failure because they are installed in distributed and modular systems. Distributed systems are spread out over a geographic area and will not fail as a whole because they are designed to not cut off power to an entire region due to bad weather. Modular systems are a collection of individual solar arrays. It is consistently rare that in the case of bad or severe weather that damages a majority of energy equipment. Solar power systems are proven to be reliable and resilient, a low-risk to providing entire populations with consistent and robust power.


EvenGreen Technology is proud to provide solar Meridian, Boise and Twin Falls clients with superior energy efficient technology. The company also provides a wide range of related services such as onsite evaluations, financing, and solar energy efficiency products.


About EvenGreen Technology


EvenGreen Technology’s competitively priced solar products and services allow for greater energy management Boise, Twin Falls and other Idaho cities.


For additional information, visit Evengreentechnology.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/u5As47


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review 2018-03-18 14:19
Verworrene Geschichte mit literarischem Anspruch
Idaho: Roman - Emily Ruskovich,Stefanie Jacobs

An einem heißen Sommertag im Wald gehen die Mitchells der Holzarbeit nach. Vater und Mutter schlichten das Holz auf den Pick-up, während die beiden Mädchen ausgelassen im Wald spielen. Doch dann hat die Mutter ein Beil in der Hand und von einem Moment auf den anderen ist der idyllische Tag und die Familie zerstört.

"Idaho" ist ein literarisch anmutender Roman, der in der eindrucksvollen Umgebung des amerikanisches Bundesstaates Idaho spielt. 

Ausgangspunkt der Handlung ist die Tragödie im Wald. Jenny hat ihre kleine Tochter May mit dem Beil umgebracht, woraufhin die andere Tochter June davon gelaufen ist. Vater Wade weiß sich nicht zu helfen und Jenny gesteht vor Gericht sofort ihre Schuld ein.

Anders als gedacht ist es schon fast schwierig hier Protagonisten zu definieren. Eine Hauptfigur ist Ann, die erst nach den schrecklichen Ereignissen im Wald in Wades Leben tritt. Sie ist Musiklehrerin und heiratet Wade wenige Monate danach, weil sie Wade in seiner schweren Zeit beistehen will.

Denn Wade hat neben dem blutigen Grauen seiner Familie ein weiteres tragendes Problem. Er ist an einer perfiden Form der Demenz erkrankt, sodass er schon in relativ jungen Jahren mit gröberen Aussetzern zu kämpfen hat.

Jenny ist im Gefängnis und setzt alles daran in ihrer Schuld aufzugehen. Sie begrüßt die Einzelhaft und lehnt sogar den täglichen Spaziergang im Hof ab.

Es fällt mir schwer aus dem Roman tragende Themen herauszukitzeln. Natürlich dreht sich alles um den blutigen Tag im Wald und die Versuche, die verschwundene June zu finden.

"Wie unvermittelt dieses Leben beendet worden war, wie erschreckend endgültig sämtliche Gedankenspiele hinfällig wurden. May bekam im Moment ihres Todes eine Eigenschaft, die ihre Schwester nie besaß und auch nie besitzen wird - sie wurde absolut." (S. 200)

Dennoch steht auch Wades Demenz im Vordergrund, seine unvorhergesehenen Aussetzer, in denen er sogar Ann bedroht und der Versuch, dem Vergessen entgegenzuwirken.

Weder aus dem Roman noch aus den Figuren bin ich schlau geworden. Richtig schwer habe ich mir mit Ann getan, weil ich nicht verstehe, warum sie Wade von einem Moment auf den anderen geheiratet hat. Es ist nicht so, dass sie sich liebend in die Arme gefallen sind, sondern sie hat ganz nüchtern - ohne deutliche Beweggründe - diese Entscheidung getroffen.

Erzählt wird aus unterschiedlichsten Perspektiven, was Figuren und die zeitliche Abfolge betrifft. Man begleitet nicht nur die genannten Personen, sondern hat zwischendrin auch mit ganz anderen Figuren zutun. Wades Vater kommt genauso vor, wie ein ehemaliger Schüler von Ann, deren Bezug zur Handlung für mich sehr vage und undurchsichtig ist. Zudem werden unterschiedliche Jahre - einmal ist man in den 1970er-Jahren, dann im Jahr 2025 - aufgegriffen, was mir genauso unlogisch erschienen ist.

Wahrscheinlich mangelt es mir an literarischem Feingefühl, um die Tiefe des Romans zu verstehen. Mir wäre eine weniger wortgewandte, dafür handfeste Geschichte lieber gewesen. Nichtsdestotrotz war ich gebannt und bin an den Seiten geklebt. Denn der Tag im Wald wird immer wieder durchlebt ohne dass der Mord selbst ein Thema ist.

Im Endeffekt bleibt eine verworrene Geschichte, bei der ich mir mit ihrem literarischen Anspruch schwer getan habe. Ohne Höhen und Tiefen plätschern die Ereignisse vor sich hin, fesseln nur durch ihre Undurchsichtigkeit und haben mich zu guter Letzt nicht völlig überzeugen können.

Ich kann „Idaho“ nur bedingt weiterempfehlen. Vor allem Leser, die eine eindringliche Atmosphäre mögen, einen Blick auf den Bundesstaat Idaho werfen wollen und mit nicht greifbarer Logik umgehen können, sollten es zumindest versuchen.

Source: zeit-fuer-neue-genres.blogspot.co.at
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