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review 2019-01-09 14:50
The President is Missing
The President is Missing - Bill Clinton,James Patterson

President John Duncan, a war hero from NC, is being tried for crimes he is thought to have committed by trying to stop "Dark Ages." He cannot tell anyone outside of his inner group of six, but somehow the information has leaked. He needs to find out who leaked and what was leaked and try to find the computer virus and stop it. He has put measures into place to try to save the US if the virus should launch, but he wants to stop it. He has a crack team assembled, but they still cannot find the problem. It is only with the help of Augie, a hacker who worked for the Sons of Jihad, that they are able to find the virus.


The story looks at what happens if the President goes away and very few people know where he is and it looks at what happens when the US comes under threat from outside forces. 


The story was good and easy to get into, but there were moments where I felt like the story resembled "The Rule of Three" and "Dry" and also played on the fears of everyone since our lives are wrapped up on computers, phones and internet. 



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review 2019-01-06 01:45
A bit formulaic.
Judge & Jury - James Patterson,Andrew Gross

A friend kindly gave me her collection of audio CDs and so I promptly trundled my car down to the auto repair shop to get my CD player fixed. The first CD I chose had such low volume that I couldn't hear it in the car, but I'm glad to say my second choice was more successful. Most of the books were abridged, but this one was a complete novel, well narrated by Joe Mantegna, and although not earth shattering, it kept me entertained through several hours of driving.


The two main characters are Nick Pellisante, the detective responsible for bringing in mafia boss, Dominic Covello, and Andie, a member of the jury chosen to try him. Nick is an FBI agent who has been on Covello's heels for a large part of his career. Andie is a single mother and part-time actress, who really doesn't want to be on the jury at all.

Their paths cross at various times during the case, but their joint desire to see Covello brought to justice results in a satisfying denouement.


Initially this looked like being a court case-based fiction, but I'm glad to say that it broadened out into something a bit more interesting. My main problem with it was the structure of "build-up, emergency, solution", which seemed to be on repeat throughout the book. It got a bit irritating and predictable after a while.


I'd only read one Patterson book before, 1st To Die, but this felt similarly formulaic and I won't be rushing back to read another.

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review 2018-12-31 17:09
This is Where I Leave You
4th of July - Maxine Paetro,James Patterson

I hoped to get further into my re-read but stopped here. I forgot hot bad the writing and character development is in these books. I managed to get up to the 9th book before and threw in the towel at this point.


There is way too much happening in this one. We have Lindsay on trial after the shooting of two civilians. The case could leave Lindsay bankrupt if the jury rules against her. She and the rest of the ladies of the Women's Murder Club are still reeling from Jill's death in the last book. And there seems to be a serial killer out there killing homeless people, but also linked to a case of Lindsay's from 10 years ago. 


No one gets any development in this one besides Lindsay. That's okay, she's the lead, but the whole women getting together to solve crime aspect is missing in this one. Lindsay is on suspension and trying to relax after the shooting and goes to stay at her sister's place in Half Moon Bay. If you were hoping for Lindsay to interact with her sister and maybe talk about their father and what he was involved with, too bad, so sad, not happening.


Lindsay's love interest, Joe, is still around, and able to fly back and forth from D.C. it seems at the drop of a hat.


The reveal behind some of the murders made zero sense and we don't even follow up to figure out if what was being said is true.


We get an introduction to a lawyer named Yuki who Patterson is setting up to be Jill's replacement in the Club. Not too much happening here, and not enough to keep me reading. 

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review 2018-12-31 17:03
3rd Degree
3rd Degree (Women's Murder Club, #3) - Andrew Gross,James Patterson

Ehhh. This book showcases all that is wrong with the Women's Murder Club books. It had too much going on and we end up with a huge loss at the end of this one.


Lindsay is investigating what appears to be a murder and then arson to cover it up of a wealthy Internet millionaire. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but the people behind this and other murders are going to aim to wipe out capitalism. The murder case really isn't front and center until it impacts one of the ladies that is part of the Women's Murder Club.


Lindsay meets a new love interest in this one and honestly he has as much presence as her last lover did which was zero. 


Most of the other women are ignored in this one except for Jill. We get some history on her and her marriage and it just comes out of nowhere. Patterson didn't do a great job of setting things up.

Eventually the case and the personal collide and nothing made much sense to me. It felt like Patterson was racing to the end and not really making sure that things were developed in a logical way. 

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-12-30 00:20
2nd Chance
2nd Chance (Women's Murder Club, #2) - James Patterson

We have a serial sniper who seems out to get African Americans who are linked to San Francisco police officers. Lindsay who is now a lieutenant, doesn't seem to be doing a good job of actually tracking her people, and making sure things are moving forward on her other cases. She soon becomes focused on this case and brings in the Women's Murder Club to help her out. 


Honestly I didn't like 2nd Chance because we find out what happened years ago when a police officer murdered a young black boy, and we have Boxer and her friends just ignoring it. I thought it was garbage and felt really upset that we had no repercussions for that part of the book that is just dropped on us. 


I also really loathed the Jill gets pregnant, but because she is dedicated to her job, loses her baby story-line. It's gross and sexist as hell.


There's not much for Cindy to do in this one besides decide she is in love with a local reverend. 

Lindsay was boring and her reconciliation with her father came out of nowhere, so you know it has something to do with the case she's on. Nothing was a surprise and was boring. 


The writing is still choppy and at this point, the two books seem to be doing the same thing. We catch a bad guy, but hey it's not the real bad guy and we get an ending with Lindsay ready to be killed, but she someone shoots the bad guy. 

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