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text 2017-11-23 21:44
Reading progress update: I've read 21 out of 642 pages.
Le vide - Patrick Senécal

I've read chapters 21 and 8. Chapter 21 gave us a horrific murder scene and its aftermath while chapter 8 just gave us middle-aged guy with adrenaline-junky issues and who likes to sleep around.


It seems that the chapters alternate with thread 1 starting just after the middle (chapter 21 out of a total of 40 chapters) and thread 2 jumping all over the place from the first half, so it's not quite as random as it first appeared.


I'm reading up to chapter 4 as a buddy-read with Themis-Athena since we worked out that that was the point where the first book, Vivre au Max, ended. We also now know that Vivre au Max is a TV show and seems to have a sketchy background.


So, what tag should we use? "Vivre au Max"? "French buddy-read"? "Vide buddy-read"? I've never come up with a satisfactory translation of "buddy-read", myself.

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text 2017-11-23 14:49
Reading progress update: I've read 11%.
The Beautiful Mystery - Louise Penny

Reading while I wait to start eating :-)


Okay book so far though seeing Gamache at a monastery is kind of boring. Jean is now dating Gamache's daughter though he doesn't know.

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text 2017-11-23 14:40
Reading progress update: I've read 209 out of 773 pages.
The Crow Girl - Erik Axl Sund

the book is slowly becoming the long nightmare that I don't yet want to wake from.

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review 2017-11-23 07:35
Delusion in Death by J.D. Robb
Delusion in Death - J.D. Robb

A bar turns into a gory battlefield during happy hour with patrons killing each other under an airborne hallucinogenic drug. The bar's owner is Roarke, but his wife, Lieutenant Eve Dallas, doubts the attack was directed at him. Then a popular restaurant is hit during lunch hour with patrons exhibiting the same symptoms and Eve knows she's dealing with a madman.

I liked this one. It wasn't perfect, especially in the pacing department (although it did pick up the tempo for its second wind), but it delivered.
I dug the procedural aspects of the story, the little tidbits of (fictional) history, and the whole mass-murder under the influence of an airborne hallucinogen, although I did find the motive beyond lame, idiotic, and unworthy of the "historical figure" the killings emulated.

The cast was superb, as always, with their relationships evolving in front of out eyes book to book, especially Eve/Peabody and Eve/Mira (I loved how Eve's mother figure helped her deal with her dreams).

It was a little different, and different is (always) good.

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text 2017-11-23 01:29
Reading progress update: I've read 152 out of 773 pages.
The Crow Girl - Erik Axl Sund

I cruised around the Web earlier today, trying to get a line on how exactly this novel fared amongst the majority of book reviewers...and so far, I sorta agree with the ones that called it must-read Scandinavian Crime fiction, as opposed to the ones that suggested it was maybe too long, or maybe a somewhat pasted-together rehash of what had gone before but with the gore amped up, or maybe choppy and confusing. 


it turns out that this was originally three linked books, that have been combined for a North American audience. so of course it's long. as for the gore--well, I've read Nesbo's The Leopard, and Black's The Killing Lessons, and many other gory and violent novels. so I don't know who should be accused of trying to outdo the other, but it's all kind of similar, if that's a fault. as for choppy...it does jump around but mainly between two key characters, though it has been very busy filling in every detail of most aspects of the personal lives of the two of them, while at the same time moving a complex serial killer case along. I'm completely captivated, and hate putting the book down to do other things.


one review did manage to feed me a pretty significant Spoiler--it was very shocking to encounter a review revealing a major plot twist--and the only thing that kept me from going berserk about it is that the idea--the twist--had actually occurred to me earlier this morning. so I just thought 'oh. I guess that wasn't such a crazy notion after all.". of course, I'm seeing certain scenes and a certain character differently than if I knew a specific detail, now spoiled. I still love the book.


another review talked about The Crow Girl in relation to "that other long, translated, major Crime novel" thrust upon us in 2016: a Japanese novel called Six Four. apparently, the reviewer thought Six Four justified its huge page-count in the end, but felt that Crow Girl does not, and is generally the lesser effort. I've read Six Four, in English translation, and I can tell you I'm of the opposite opinion: Six Four was okay, but became a bit of a grind for me, with a lot of pages and not much actually happening, and a "twist" near the end that maybe didn't need 600 pages to get to--how about 300, instead. no, I'm finding this Erik Axl Lund book much more riveting, with a lot going on, a lot more to think about bursting from all the pages, and more like The Hermit, by Thomas Rydal...as in: "okay--could be shorter, but since I'm enjoying it, who cares.". and again, The Crow Girl is actually three books combined.

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