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review 2019-03-16 15:45
Salvation of a Saint (audiobook) by Keigo Higashino, translated by Alexander O. Smith, narrated by David Pittu
Salvation of a Saint - Keigo Higashino,Alexander O. Smith

When Yoshitaka married his wife, Ayane, it was on the understanding that she would at some point become pregnant. It has now been a year of trying, and still no baby. Yoshitaka sees marriage without children as pointless, so he informs Ayane that the two of them are done. Not only that, but he already has another potential mother of his children lined up. Ayane appears to quietly accept this, but in reality she has decided to put a plan into effect, something involving white powder.

A short while after Ayane and Yoshitaka's conversation, Ayane leaves to spend some time with her parents and some old friends. She provides her apprentice, Hiromi, with a spare key, just in case. As it turns out, Hiromi is Yoshitaka's secret lover. Hiromi makes Yoshitaka some coffee, and the two of them contemplate their future together. All appears well until Hiromi tries to contact Yoshitaka before their next planned date. When she gets to the house, she discovers him dead. The police determine that that the coffee he made himself was poisoned, and it isn't long before they start digging into Hiromi and Yoshitaka's secret relationship together.

Hiromi had access to the house and had even used Yoshitaka's coffee-making supplies and equipment shortly before Yoshitaka drank his poisoned cup. However, she had no motive, and it's unclear how and when she might have added the poison. Ayane had a motive but was nowhere near her husband when the poisoning happened, and if she'd sabotaged any of the coffee-making supplies or tools, Hiromi should have been poisoned as well when she and Yoshitaka made coffee together. It's up to police detectives Kusanagi and Utsumi to figure out what happened.

I listened to the first book in this series, The Devotion of Suspect X, not too long ago. Although I never got around to reviewing it, I enjoyed it and was looking forward to this. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to the first book for a variety of reasons.

The two books had similar structures. Readers were given several key details about the case that the police would be unaware of and would have to find out on their own. In the first book, readers knew exactly how the murder happened, who committed it, and who was involved in covering it up. The question seemed to be whether the police would figure out the truth. In this book, readers knew that Ayane had to have somehow used the white powder to poison her husband. The question was how she managed it and, later, what her intentions were for Hiromi. Both books ended with twists that revealed that readers knew less about what was going on than they thought - those "key details" at the start of the books were only part of the overall puzzle.

The mystery of how Ayane arranged for her husband's coffee to be poisoned without killing Hiromi seemed overly simplistic at first but gradually became more complex, as the police found more and more places with traces of the poison but no definitive source, and no explanation for how Hiromi and Yoshitaka managed to drink coffee together earlier without both of them winding up dead.

When Utsumi involved Yukawa in the case, I wondered if Kusanagi and Yukawa would ever talk about the events at the end of the previous book. While the events of the previous book were alluded to - I'd recommend that readers new to this series start there, if only to understand the tension between Kusanagi and Yukawa - they weren't discussed in any sort of detail.

I was impatient with Kusanagi's attraction to Ayane and, like Utsumi, thought he was ignoring obvious clues in an effort to continue to view Ayane as innocent. I was actually a bit surprised that Yukawa didn't needle him over it, since his desire to protect Ayane was a bit hypocritical considering how the previous book ended.

Anyway, I had fun thinking through the problem of how Ayane managed to poison her husband, but the actual solution turned out to be a bit much. It would have taken a ridiculous amount of dedication - once the plan was begun, there was no going back and no telling anyone, and the slightest slip-up could have resulted in an unintentional death. The possibility for failure was huge and, in real life, no one would have gone through with such a plan. And the backstory for it all was kind of gross. I mean, I was somewhat sympathetic towards Ayane for a good chunk of the book - yes, she likely killed her husband, but he'd used both her and Hiromi, viewing them as nothing more than his future baby incubators. Once additional details were revealed, though, I found myself disliking most of the book's cast.

The very end of the book further soured it for me. While discussing the murder and everything that led up to it, Yukawa basically concluded that women are illogical. I would have liked nothing more than for Utsumi (a woman) to smack him at that point, but unfortunately that didn't happen. And honestly, I'm not any more pleased with Keigo Higashino if he thought "women are illogical" would make all the difficult-to-believe aspects of the murder mystery solution easier to swallow.

All in all, this was disappointing. I haven't decided yet whether I'll continue on with the series.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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text 2019-02-21 11:38
Pocket WiFi- A New Age Device to Avail Reliable Internet Overseas

If you're planning for a trip whose primary motivation is to take a break from the everyday distressing life, then relaxing on the beaches of Hong Kong is the best way to have incredible fun. Hong Kong- a territory consists of large skyscrapers and plenty of magnificent beaches to swim, enjoy sunbathing, surf, and experience the real beauty of nature. However, it's no wonder, the longer you're away, more troublesome it's to connect with your friends and family. So, what you should do to stay connected with the world? Well, the latest technology provides us with so many ways to do so like having a travel pocket WiFi, international SIM card, and so on.




Pocket WiFi is a small wireless dongle works similar to the WiFi router at home. This device, when turns on creates a personal hotspot through which all the compatible devices in the vicinity can connect to and avail Internet services. Pocket WiFi doesn't require any setups and can work seamlessly around the world.Portable WiFi rental HK services are pretty good for those who carry more devices than just a smartphone and those who travel in groups. As it allows 5-10 devices to access the Internet anytime, anywhere and also, have great battery life.


If you're not a frequent traveler than renting a pocket WiFi is definitely an ideal option. It's cost-effective and saves you from the sky-high roaming charges by existing services carrier. So, book your pocket WiFi prior to your trip and search and book hotels and cabs, navigate routes, share snaps, and chat with your friends and family back home- Enjoy unlimited data during your entire journey.


Pocket WiFi is a great source of availing Internet abroad only if you rent it from a trustworthy source. With so many stores online, it's difficult to identify which store to choose. So, make sure to ask for referrals and trust the one whose customers are more satisfied. One reliable online platform is Y5Buddy. It's a dependable store providing pocket WiFi rental Japan services to the Globetrotters at affordable prices. They always deliver the latest gadgets which will help you to avail continuous services during your entire trip span. At this store, they also provide delivery and pick up options so that you can conveniently get your device prior to the beginning of your vacation.


For more details, visit Y5buddy.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2ElNJRP

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text 2019-02-15 10:48
Are You Traveling Overseas? Get Pocket WiFi to Avail Continuous Data Services

There's nothing more pleasurable than pursuing Wanderlust with your best buddies. It's unforgettable, hilarious, and take you out of the frantic rhythm of life. Traveling pushes you outside your comfort zone and provides you time and space to identify yourselves. It will be surely the best days you've ever spend with your best friends.


If you're the one looking for the best place to travel, then do visit to Japan. Japan- one of the most breathtaking island nations possess numerous imperial palaces, national parks, dozens of shrines and temples and much more. So, consider visiting this place and enjoy each and every moment of your trip. However, while vacationing, it's impossible for you to live without Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram which are now become an integral part of our daily life. So, you need fast and reliable Internet access while traveling. Well! There are a lot of ways to avail Internet services and pocket WiFi rental Japan is one of them.




Pocket WiFi- An Overview


In simple words, a pocket WiFi is typically a small-sized gadget that connects to the nearest cellular tower and broadcast signals through which you can connect compatible devices. A major perk you can reap using a portable WiFi is that you can connect up to 10 smart devices at the same time. Furthermore, there are numerous firms out there which provide unlimited reliable data so that you can use Internet everywhere whether you're on the road trip or relaxing in the mountains. Renting the best pocket WiFi service for the duration of your trip is cost-effective yet saves you from the exorbitant roaming charges applied by your telecom carrier.


So, book this device online through a trusted company's website and company then ship the device to your address. In this way, you can get a mobile hotspot right to you even without leaving a couch. With so many firms out there, one prominent and reputable pocket WiFi service provider is Y5 Buddy. It's an online platform providing a portable WiFi with fast and reliable 4G coverage in most countries. No matter, whether you want Hong Kong WiFi rentalor services for any other destination, explore the plans on their website and order your pocket WiFi conveniently at affordable prices.


For more details, visit Y5buddy.com


Original Source: https://bit.ly/2to8k1B

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text 2019-02-06 09:19
Buy Travel SIM Card and Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones

Planning to travel to Europe this year?


Well. That's great news. Europe is one of the most incredible continents in the world with a great heritage history. It is always being in the bucket list of many travelers around the world. Although, traveling to such magnificent continent is always exciting but it requires a lot of prepping before taking off. One of the most common issue travelers often has to face in Europe is to find a way to access the Internet on the foreign land. When you land in any foreign country, having an Internet connection plays a very crucial role. From finding restaurants, routes on foreign land to sharing your memories to loved one on your homeland, all these can be possible by having a high-speed Internet. In Europe, there are hefty roaming charges one has to pay for using the Internet. So, the best ways to access the Internet and stay connected to loved ones is buying travel data SIM card Europe. There are several benefits of using international SIM cards while you are traveling to Europe. Let’s have a look:




Stay connected with your dear ones


Wherever you travel in the world, stay connected to family or friends is always the priority of any traveler. And with the best SIM card for Europe travel, you can easily make a call and access the Internet from any corner of the world without paying hefty roaming charges.


24*7 Availability 


International data SIM cards offer 24*7 accessibility to the Internet and calls. Also, it is multiple devices compatible and can connect with any virtual device be it a mobile phone, tablet or anything.


Prepaid SIM cards


This is one of the best features of buying travel SIM cards. It offers the option of prepaid plans so you have to only pay for the data you are using and there are no hidden charges available. So it very affordable option while traveling aboard.

With these great advantages of the travel SIM card, it is always the first choice of any traveler while traveling internationally. To buy the travel SIM cards, there are many online stores available. One such trusted and reliable data card store is Trip Sim Card. They offer a comprehensive range of travel SIM cards for many countries including Japan data SIM card for tourist, Europe, America, China and many more.


For more information, visit Tripsimcard.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2WGTdOi

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text 2019-02-01 09:21
Get the Most Suitable Data Sim Card For Abroad Trip

We always imagine the delicious food, natural places, breathtaking views of mountains, different cultures when we hear the word 'traveling.' Some countries are the favorite destinations for most people such as China, Japan, and Taiwan. Here people go on vacation to spend time with their family, experience different food, beautiful place, and other things.


Every traveler's bag is filled with many gadgets such camera, tablets, high-speed China data prepaid SIM card, power bank etc. Traveling without an Internet connection is better than traveling with a slow or costly Internet. As we have various options to buy a data SIM card, it has become imperative to examine all options on different aspects.





The cost is one of the most important factors to focus on when buying a data SIM card. Different companies offer SIM cards with cheap Internet plans to attract customers and this can be very beneficial for you. Compare different SIM cards and the cost of Internet plans to find what is suitable for you. Also, make sure there are no hidden charges included.


Unlimited & high-speed Internet


No one likes to use the limited or low-speed Internet. You should always choose a travel SIM card which provides unlimited 4G Internet. Despite having low Internet usage, always choose the Japan data SIM card for tourist that offers unlimited high-speed Internet. to stay online while traveling to different countries. The speed depends on the network operator you choose so always buy




Make sure the SIM card works in multiple devices and different countries so that you can get the most out of it. For instance, if you are traveling to China and Japan, you need to find out which SIM card works best in those countries. Also, you probably need to use your Taiwan data SIM card in a phone, tablet, dongle or other devices. Thus, ensure that it will provide high-speed Internet in multiple devices before buying.


Those mentioned aspects are crucial to know for travelers who want to enjoy high-speed Internet using a data SIM card. These factors might help you make a better selection. But if you are still feeling overwhelmed because of plenty of choices then you can also consider Trip Sim Card. It is a Hong Kong based data card store that offers affordable data cards for different countries supported by reliable global network operators.


For more information, visit Tripsimcard.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2BgAW19

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