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review 2014-04-04 19:00
Stacey Lynn: Just One Week
Just One Week - Stacey Lynn

"Don't worry," he says as he exhales a flowing swirl of smoke and winks at me.
"I brought my breath  mints."

Olyannyira sikeres lett Stacey Lynn első debütáló regénye, hogy a mellékszereplők közti események szinte kikövetelték a folytatást. Az első részről, Zack és Nicole regényéről beszámoltam tavaly, mivel nagyon nagy szerelembe estem a könyvet olvasva. Mia és Chase a közelébe sem ért annak a regénynek, és bár ez nem volt betervezve, de jó volt végre visszatérni Los Angelesbe :)

Eltelt két év, Mia NY-ban dolgozik, míg Chase továbbra is a banda dobosa LA-ben. A köztük lévő 'barátság extrákkal' egy ideje már valamiért nem működik, a lány eltávolodott Chase-től. Ám közeledik Nicole és Zack esküvője, így Chase NY utazik, pont mikor Mia elveszti munkáját. A férfi ráveszi, hogy utazzon vele vissza hamarabb, de LA helyett Nappába viszi, hogy rendbe tegye a kapcsolatát a lánnyal, akiben egyre szerelmesebb. Miát nagyon megkedveltem az első részben, viszont most mintha nem is ugyanaz a karakter lett volna!? Chase meg Chase :) 

A sorozat első része a Just One Song, amelyről a bejegyzésem itt olvasható.

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review 2013-11-26 00:00
Just One Song
Just One Song - Stacey Lynn OMG I loved this story can't wait to read Just one week
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review 2013-10-29 00:00
Just One Song (Just One Song, #1)
Just One Song (Just One Song, #1) - Stacey Lynn
4.5 stars - loved it.

Rockstars, romance and a heart wrenching past. These are just some of the ingredients that fill the pages of this really well presented and written love story.

My emotions were on overdrive during this book. Oh my God does Stacey spin a fantastic emotional cauldron of tear jerking moments mixed in with happy smiles and a family/friendship feel all round.

If you can't handle the explicit sex scenes that are written nowadays then you'll love this book, very tastefully presented that will satisfy all true die hard romancers. Add the heady mix of rockstars in and voila your in sexy heaven! This errs on the gentler side of romance, it's very sexy but not steamy and done so tastefully I didn't care that it wasn't explicit. There is even the angry ex although her role is very down played but nonetheless it's there in the background adding some drama.

Nicole is struggling to come to terms with her bereavement and needing to feel like living again and how her story is written is just so emotional, I absolutely loved it. The loss of Mark and Andrew is presented so well you honestly feel they are your loss too.

I loved every bit of this romance and I will definitely be reading more of Stacey Lynn.
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review 2013-04-28 00:00
Just One Song - Stacey Lynn Stories like this one is nothing new if you're an avid New Adult reader like myself, you'll get the idea of a very weak heroine being saved by a strong (mostly handsome, rock star guys) guy that would make her happy and they'll live happily ever after fighting all their battles. Just One Song never did fall out from that line though - it was familiar yet something about it would make you stick with it through the end.

When I read, its so usual for me to get first impressions as I start and further ones as I go along with my reading but I guess this is the first time that I get a chance to subdivide my thoughts into three equal impressions or stages:

First Impression:
Wow! The cover is gorgeous! It reminds me of that certain time that I get a chance to visit Seoul. The book description looks so promising. This is going to be Exciting!

First Half of Reading:
Sympathy. That's the most potent feeling that I get as I get to know Nicole. The sudden turn of events that life brought to her was so devastating. People see her as the ‘26 year old widow and a parent of a dead child.'. Her loneliness and sadness as a character was as potent as I first met her. She feel like she's being tossed back and forth between wanting to have her old life back, wanting to move on, wanting to be happy again and wanting to hold on to everything she used to have even though its not possible anymore.

Then she met rock star Zack Walters (how could authors come up with names that are so hot and very rocker-ish?!) He saw something with Nicole and that certain thing pushed him to spend time and get to know her and with that he became her personal calm above all the nightmare she experience.

I enjoyed the easiness of their relationship. The little glances, visits and struggles they both have. I know they indeed fall in love here.

This is where some of my doubts surfaced.

How convenient would it be that the keyboardist of Zack's band is a little drug-addict who spends his time hitting the stones rather than practicing with the band THEN suddenly we get to know that Nicole did know how to play the keyboard brilliantly that she can play it by ear? How convenient is that? Hmm.

Last Half Of Reading:
Nicole finally had her goodbye with Andrew and Mark and accepted that she could finally live her own life once again. I'm genuinely happy about this scenario in fact its one of my favorite but the next parts that comes is what makes me pave off. The last half of the story reminds me a LOT of scenes from other books that I've read.

The story of Nicole was indeed powerful. That is the main thing that holds this story. It’s that very idea that makes it different from the other – If only the story did give us a chance to know Drew and Mark even though it would be heartbreaking could’ve been great.

When things seemed to settle, I know something would still come up. Something drastic and I’m not mistaken about it! But honestly, that little spin off was sorry to say, so off for me.

The relationship between Nicole's best friend Mia and Zack's band member Chase reminds me of Griffin and Anna from the Thoughtless series.

The little villainess Rachel reminds me of the character Lauren from Love Unrehearsed. Their obsessive ways with the guy on the story is very similar!

As I have said to my other reviews, New Adult stories nowadays doesn’t really go way too different from the other ones but its in the way the story was presented that we readers get to see the difference but with Just One Song I fail to see the something different from it that makes its story totally stand out from the other. But as I’ve said, I really admire Nicole’s very original story.

In all, Just One Song is still an okay read. A heartbreaking story affected by the past and conquered by the present. I do appreciate the author's brilliant writing, it was easy to dive into the world created, but maybe it’s just too familiar for me.
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