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review 2016-03-15 16:05
No Love Allowed - Kate Evangelista

I had high hopes for this one, the blurb sounds awesome and one of my reading buddies really liked it.
Alas it didn't quite work for me.

And honestly I felt terrible about that. Because this is by no means badly written. Evangelsita's writing style is ok. Same goes for the story line.

But I found it impossible to connect to the MCs. I am not quite sure if this is because it is written in third person. A choice that always makes it harder for the reader to connect.
I just simply felt like I was reading something made-up. I know, I know, this is fictional. But when I read I want to be able to forget that it's someone's idea, I want to be able to connect and I want to believe the story. Sadly I really couldn't do either of these things.
This feel like a TV-series to me. I felt totally detached from everything.
Even when the big dramas happened, all I could think of was, only 10% left to get through...
I found it all too cliche. We have to emotionally unavailable Caleb, who isn't just super hot but also beyond rich, his asshat dad, the super-close little circle of friends... oh and then there is Nathan the token gay.
Didi came across as extremely childish on many occasions.
Her mother seemed flippant. She changed her mind about things like a leave in the wind...
Let me not get started on Amber or JJ.
Simply put I didn't like the character building. There was no depth to start with but also no growth over the story.

While I found the events and the sweet moments quite endearing, it also felt orchestrated. Like someone lined up key moments.
I was not a fan of the dialogues- most of it has been used in way too many romantic movies, the same goes for a lot of the sweet moments.

I wish I would have liked it better. Really I do. I think it has some potential, I am not sure what would safe this however. Then again, thankfully I am just a reader, who can't write to safe her life.

I guess a less picky reader, someone who loves a bit of movie romance will really enjoy this one!

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review 2015-02-17 04:38
What a strange book this was.
Relish - Kate Evangelista Relish - Kate Evangelista

2 stars..but keep  in mind 3 things:


One, I didn't read the synopsis...well okay I probably skimmed it, but forgot all about it when I actually started this one...I had no idea what I was getting in to. 

Two, I didn't read the first book in this series. Not sure if this would've effected anything because of Three, the whole  book ( well 99% of it) is from the heroine's pov...this is a personal gripe of mine....reading is  my escape of choice....I've said this before and I'll say it again...I spend far too much time IRL trying to figure out what's going inside guys' heads, to want to do it in my escape as well...occasionally only one pov works...here, IMO, it didn't. Not knowing what was going on in the Hero's head, made it hard to believe anything he said. 




Having said all that,I feel like I should mention the ending of this book was very weird...it started as some NA rock star story, and turned into some Para/fantasy  read....it felt like two different books for a while there...like I'd started reading one and it morphed into another....very, very strange.



However, despite thinking this book only rated an ' okay', I do think Ms Evangelista has talent, so I will (maybe) more than likely give her another try.


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review 2014-10-02 00:00
Warning You Might Fall In Love With Me
Warning You Might Fall In Love With Me - Kate Evangelista I jumped right into reading this book after Kate told me about it. I had to drop my current-read for this and it's all worth it.

I absolutely loved the story! Although the concept isn't new for me, Kate managed to turn it into a great story. From the start, Caleb and Didi had a strong chemistry. I loved the personality of both characters. Didi was a strong female lead. I was curious as to what her conditions were because of the pills. Although there was a mention of it towards the end, I felt like the importance of it was reduced during the middle. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

Caleb was a bit indifferent when it comes to love but he has his reasons. I found him difficult at first but then he came into his senses and there comes the true Caleb whom I adored. I also think there's more to exhaust when it comes to Caleb's dad as an antagonist.

Nathan was a pretty cool character. I loved him and I'm very happy based on the bonus content after the book.

I also loved the ending. It was really touching and sweet!

I hope to see this book someday being sold in my local bookstore.
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review 2014-06-23 03:40
Romancing the Bookworm
Romancing the Bookworm - Kate Evangelista

While I liked the bookworm aspect, it was a bit overdone.  That's all Tamara would do is read- it mentions she'd read a book in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  She was presumably going to college, so when was there time for class or studying?  Or a job?  She'd be reading at the sacrifice of everything else.  Supposedly she considered Ronni a good friend, but did she know anything about her?  Nope.  To Tamara's (and the book's) credit, she does realize this and does change. 

I thought the romance and mistakes were cute.  Some definite laugh-out-loud moments.

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review 2014-03-13 04:59
MICHELLE'S REVIEW: Til Death by Kate Evangelista
Til Death (Fractured Souls #1) - Kate Evangelista

When Selena Fallon meets the new kid in town, sparks fly. Literally. Like it's not freaky enough that she has visions of the future, oh no. Selena has the good fortune to meet snarky Dillan Sloan, who kind of instantly hates her as soon as they've met. Maybe it's the fact that he's been demoted because of a mission gone wrong, or maybe because Selena is the one complication he didn't count on.

Selena can see visions, and they usually come true. And what's freakier is that she has visions of her own death. Dillan is sullen with being demoted, and he's taking it out by being a jerk to almost everybody, most especially to his all-powerful uncle whom he always flips out on (I don't get it.  Just... why, Dillan, WHY?) and to Selena, just because she was the only one in class who had a seat next to her unfortunately unoccupied. The most interesting character was Sebastian the hellhound... because he's a hellhound and he obviously has amazing super powers. Dillan's uncle Rainer, an all-powerful guy, is also pretty interesting, especially when he dislocates Dillan's fingers (because really, he's a huge jerk to his uncle).

Til Death is actually pretty okay. Despite it being forgettable since it doesn't have the most original plot (I have given up counting books touting the words "new kid in school", "instant chemistry", "unknown super powers" etc.) you could do worse than with this one. Actually, I'm having a hard time writing this review because I keep confusing the details with Bree Despain's upcoming novel, The Shadow Prince, which I've also already read. I like the fact that the romance aspect in Til Death wasn't rushed nor did it feel forced, and instead came off with someone slowly turning on the heat, and that the romance didn't overpower the supernatural aspect of this book. While some scenarios may come across as ludicrous - like how other reviewers pointed out what with Selena fighting off zombie-like creatures instead of running from them, and the fact that surprise, surprise, the hellhound has very convenient powers in case anyone should die, just saying - you could do worse than this book. While sometimes predictable and ho-hum, it does have its moments, albeit few and too spaced out for me to fully recall.

Source: thetwinsread.blogspot.com/2014/03/michelles-review-til-death-by-kate.html
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