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review 2019-12-12 04:35
Review: All That Glitters
All That Glitters - Kian Rhodes,Alexander Collins

More shenanigans at the omega auction, but this time there are dragons!

All of the packs have kind of melded together. They are all so deeply involved in each others lives thanks to the auction they might as well be one giant pack.


Cyan, a dragon omega is purchased by Trey, a dragon who seems more concerned with growing the dragon population than an actual relationship. But when Cyan begins to waste a way due to his alpha's neglect and the abuse from his caregiver, Trey quickly learns that he cannot deny his feelings and does everything in his power to heal Cyan and win his heart.


Another good edition to the series.

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review 2019-12-12 01:48
Review: The Mating Game, Omega Auction, Book 3
The Mating Game - Kian Rhodes,Alexander Collins

The stories and packs continue to intertwine within this series.


The omega auction is a hot mess and I can't understand why it hasn't been shut down, but the we'd have no shifter drama!  In this we have Kenny who had spent the last four years being adored and spoiled by his alpha.  They have several children and another on the way when suddenly Kenny's alpha arranges for him to be sent to the auction, pregnancy be damned.


Of course this wasn't actually the case.  There was backstabbing, betrayals, lies and a bitter jealous contracted bond mate behind it all.  It takes some convincing from Collin, his alpha, to convince Kenny that he is loved and wanted.  But if he does return home, it will leave Drey, the alpha who purchased him at auction, without an omega.  F.ortunately for the couple, Drey ships it


There is so much going on in these stories, I applaud the author for keeping it all straight, weaving it between all the different story lines, and not losing the actual story.  I have been listening to these audio novellas on my commute to/from work and on breaks and I have been enjoying them.  Looking forward to the next twist in the story.

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review 2019-12-11 02:12
Review: Buyer Beware, Omega Auction, Book 2
Buyer Beware (The Omega Auction) (Volume 2) - Kian Rhodes,Alexander Collins

This doesn't exactly pick up where the previous book left off, but they are connected and the stories converge do converge.  In this installment when meet Colby and not-so-average omega.  He's large, strong, and aggressive, which is why he found himself in chains at the Omega Auction with little to no hope of being purchased.  Insert Rafe, alpha of a not-so-average pack and Colby is the perfect omega for him.


Of course there is angst and miscommunications, misunderstandings.  But what I like about this story more than the other is that there is action/adventure involved.  Omegas are being kidnapped and Rafe and his pack have been tasked by the shifter council to locate the ring and take it down.  There is also a missing pregnant omega from an allied pack thrown into the mix.  We meet up with characters from the first book in the series and meet a lot of new ones.  


I'm liking where the series is going so far and plan to continue.

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review 2019-12-10 12:43
Review: Soul Mate For Sale, Omega Auction, Book 1
Soul Mate for Sale (The Omega Auction Book 1) - Kian Rhodes,Sarah Bird Wright,Alexander Collins

This was a typical shifter erotica. Insta-love, alphas and omegas, with a little smut thrown in.  It was exactly what I expected; exactly what I wanted and I was not disappointed.


An abused omega is rescued by an alpha. His new life is in complete opposition to what he was used to.  The two fall in love and bond.  I will very likely continue with the series to see where their relationship goes, or more than likely meet other members of the pack.

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review 2018-02-28 04:03
not for me
Kian - Melody Anne

Kian was a trauma surgeon and he loves that he was capable of saving a life other doctors couldn’t. When it came to kids he had an extra wide soft side. Hope that he could save one more child kept him moving forward. Kian saw a very pregnant woman and was told she had been stabbed about fifteen to eighteen times. Then Kian realized it was Roxie’s sister -Pamela and she whispered his name. Then she whispered that the little girl had also been stabbed was hos from the one night stand they had four years ago when he was real low. The little girl -Lily- had also been stabbed several times. Pam added you and Roxie need to raise her and this baby if she makes it. Roxie got the call about her sister and knew the routine as she had been a nurse for the last six years. Kian and Roxie had been in love four years ago she left him a very short note and and had left time. Roxie and Pamela’s mom had left them with an alcoholic father and ran off. Kian wants Roxie back when she is back to be with her niece

I didn’t finish this book Maybe if Roxie didn’t go running back and forth I could have got through Kian sleeping with Roxie’s sister Pam when he was suppose to love Roxie so much. Mistakes can be made .Anyway I just got to annoyed and couldn’t finish this book. .

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