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review 2017-09-23 16:14
Review: "The Pillar" by Kim Fielding
The Pillar - Kim Fielding


~ 5 STARS ~




First read: March 1st, 2015

1st reread: September 23rd, 2017

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review 2017-09-04 19:29
The Downs
The Downs - Kim Fielding

Similar to The Pillar and Treasure, this is another story of a magic healer and a man in desperate need of healing, both of them social outcasts in their own way. While The Pillar felt too similar to Treasure, this novella felt unique to both of them, even though it uses the same basic themes. That could simply be due to getting the POV of the one being healed, rather than the one doing the healing, but it really is more than that.


The world of the Downs is lush and vividly described, and while it holds many dangers, it's also easy to see its appeal. The city, which goes unnamed, is more mysterious than the mysterious, legendary Downs, and I wonder if that was on purpose. We never really see the city before Enitan is convicted and removed from it and literally cast out into the Downs. I would've like a bit more worldbuilding for the city (why did the people settle there and why did they stay, for instance) and how it came to operate the way it does, but in the end, those things don't really matter.


What matters is Enitan learning to think of himself as someone with value, and Rig learning to let go his past regrets, finding healing in himself as he heals another. The story takes its time as these men get to know each other and Enitan regains his strength. There's no insta-anything here, just two men learning how to live and love when neither of them expected to have any reason to.

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review 2017-08-26 00:00
Corruption: A Bureau Story
Corruption: A Bureau Story - Kim Fielding short and very to the point. Demon is caught and displayed and made into an act in a freak show/traveling carnival. Individuals get to spend money to buy time to do whatever they want. A special bureau officer who just happens to have angel blood running through his veins is sent out to investigate and destroy said demon....

I won't go any further but readers can probably imagine a few scenarios of how such things can go. I wish it was fleshed out and had more time to develop. Overall not a bad story but I went away unsatisfied and wanting more.

Note: I read the story out of the Wayward Ink anthology "Of Heaven and Hell". The story has been self published since the anthology release and I do not know if there have been changes.
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quote 2017-08-17 00:28
I desideri erano come un veleno, pensò Jimmy. Quando uno li esprime sono tutti luminosi e splendono, dolci come caramelle. Ma poi restano lì a languire, e finiscono col marcire. Diventano tossici. Era per quel motivo che non esprimeva mai nessun desiderio.
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quote 2017-08-17 00:28
Quanti anni hai?”
Jimmy dovette fare due calcoli per potergli rispondere con precisione: “Lo scorso mese ne ho compiuti quarantatré.” Non aveva festeggiato… non c’era stato nessuno con cui farlo. Cazzo, non si ricordava nemmeno quando era stata l’ultima volta che aveva fatto gli auguri di buon compleanno a qualcuno.
“Be’, allora hai ancora tempo.”
“Tempo per cosa?”
Tom tossì ancora, poi rispose. “Ascoltami, Jimmy. Un giorno sarai un vecchio bastardo come me, ti pentirai di parecchie cose, e non potrai fare nulla per cambiarle. Non aspettare. Se hai qualcosa da sistemare nella vita, devi farlo ora, finché puoi.”
Cercando di ignorare la fitta al petto, Jimmy scosse la testa: “Io sto bene. È che divento irrequieto. Non riesco a stare in un posto troppo a lungo prima che mi venga il desiderio di andarmene e mettermi in viaggio. Non c’è nulla di male.”
Tom emise una risata strozzata: “Non c’è nulla di male fintanto che sei felice. Sei felice?”
Jimmy non rispose.

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