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review 2016-12-17 16:45
Not my particular poison
Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha

Picked this up because I saw it on a list of completed romance series -- you know, don't get stuck hanging for a year because Moning can't help but end everything on a cliffhanger -- and the list included a couple series...es that I liked. (Brothers Sinister by Courtney Milan and The Guardians by Meljean Brook, specifically.) This is sold as post-apocalyptic, set in a post-solar storm America. There's a religiously oppressive city with all the money and power, and a ring of sectors beyond with various governments or lack thereof. So far so good. 


I kind of can't believe I'm saying this, because I like sex writing as much the next sex-positive feminist, but there was way too much pointless sex for my tastes. I want to be clear I'm not saying "I'm not a prude, but", a phrase that is an exact indicator that the speaker is a massive fucking prude. None of the sex depicted was beyond my comfort level or anything. I mean, sure why not have a ruthless gang of bootleggers have a company orgy every Wednesday; seems legit. But I didn't feel like much of it was in the service of, like, plot or character development, so it ended up often feeling mechanical. 


There was a sort of trajectory, sexually speaking, for the leading lady. She is ejected from the confines of her shitty, repressive city life for being sexually precocious, and then learns a little something about menage, BDSM, and blowjobs, and maybe, just maybe, something about herself. This trajectory was undercut a little by having her jump immediately into public sex and blowjobs after maybe sixteen seconds of thinking, oh no, my repressive upbringing, I couldn't possibly. So, it's not so much a trajectory as a backstory we are only told about, and a present course of complete sexual openness. That's not a story; that's a situation. 


One of the reasons I like PNR is that it so very often deals credibly with body trauma, people moving from grief and brokenness to wholeness. Because there was no real emotional trajectory for anyone (and I do not credit hero dude struggling with these completely new feelings of tenderness and possessiveness, what are these things I'm feeling?) nothing that happened, no matter how theoretically sexy, had much juice to it. It was stuff that was happening. Except for the tattooing sequence; that was hot, rarrr. 


I guess what I'm saying is that I want this book to buy me dinner before we skip to the fucking. I didn't realize I was that old fashioned.


Anyway, if you like kinda light BDSM and lots of group sex, you could find a lot worse. Nobody is slut-shaming or becoming a massive alphole. I mean, even when the main pair get together, they still fuck around with other people instead of reverting immediately to middle class American monogamy. So that's good! But I'd prefer a little more apocalypse in my post-apocalit. Alas. 

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text 2016-07-08 11:22
What I'm currently reading right now.
SATED: #3 in the Fit Trilogy - Rebekah Weatherspoon
Beyond Jealousy - Kit Rocha
Beyond Addiction - Kit Rocha
Beyond Innocence (Beyond, Book #6) - Kit Rocha

Will try to get reviews for these up soon.

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review 2016-07-08 11:00
"Beyond Pain" by Kit Rocha -- A Book Review
Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha

 I didn't have time to actually put a review for this, due to just how busy and tied with stuff I was. But I'm a bit more free to talk now. I love this series so much. This book told the story of Six & Bren, a story which I was highly looking forward to reading. Just because with this series, the next couple may interact but a lot of the time it's just huge, HUGE amounts of tensions until it's gets to their specific book. I liked Bren and Six because even though of both of them have bad (and that's stating it lightly) pasts and traumas due to their pasts and even though they help each other work through their issues and problems, you don't ever really get a sense of that highly problematic "I'm kissing her/his scars" type of love. It's not that "I'm loving you because you're broken and I need to fix you" type of thing. At least for me. They do still have that "I'm helping you work through this" but it's not overreaching (and when it does get overreaching, it's called out). And well, of course, and I shouldn't have to say it, the sex was awesome. 

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review 2016-06-06 01:36
Review: Beyond Ecstasy (Beyond, #8) by Kit Rocha
Beyond Ecstasy (Beyond, Book 8) - Kit Rocha

Review originally posted at RabidReads.com.


Beyond Ecstasy by Kit Rocha - War is here


Kick Ass Amazeballs Dystopian


I can’t believe this is the second to last book in this series. I can’t imagine not having the O’Kanes. So much as happened through the past seven books leading up to this one. War has finally come.


If you’re not very familiar with this series, there’s Eden, which is where the elites live. They feel that they are special. They are also very puritan in their thinking. Then there’s the different sectors. Each sector has something that they specialize in. This series mostly follows Sector Four which makes whiskey. There’s also Sector Five which makes drugs (both medicinal and recreational). Section Six has farms, Sector Two has brothels and so on.


This series takes place in Sector Four following Dallas O’Kane and his group of O’Kanes. They are a group of extremely loyal family, where family is more than blood. Dallas doesn’t want to lead. He just wants to drink, have sex and party, but he protects what’s his. To do that, he must lead.


Throughout this series, we’ve seen the addition of several new O’Kanes, many who’ve imported in from different sectors. Hawk is no different. He came from Six. He was raised on the farms with a mother who wasn’t much older than he was. He also saw himself as a protector for his many stepmothers and sisters. On the farms, men would take several wive and have as many children as possible to help on the farm.


Jeni had worked with Gia at the brothel for a while. She’s originally from Eden. Then she ends up working for Dallas as a dancer. I love how she becomes so much more than just a dancer. She works with Noelle to help with the war.


This romance was a very sweet one. Probably the sweetest one of the series. Hawk is a sweetheart and very protective. That isn’t to say that the other O’Kanes aren’t protective, they are. He is just protective in a different way. He is less alpha dog and more sweet about it. You can see it in the way he cares for Jeni’s needs and the way he cares for his mother and sisters. I also love how Jeni turns him down for all the right reasons. She wants to get to know him better before she takes his collar. She wants things her way. I love her strength to say no, even though you want him because it wasn’t right at the time. Especially with the war brewing.


While I enjoyed the romance of this story, it was the overall story arc that has been building for throughout the series that really has been chomping at the bit for this series. War with Eden is no longer on the horizon, it is here. This is something that everyone knew was coming. For some, they are glad the wait is over. For others, there are some really tough losses. This book had my eyes tearing up more than once, even for one character I never would’ve guessed that I would be upset to see dead.


This is a wonderful series that has amazing characters.The characters are really what makes this series one of my favorite series right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love the world that Kit Rocha built, but it is the characters that keep bringing me back. All of the O’Kanes and their strength and loyalty.


If you haven’t tried this series, I highly recommend it. You can pick up the first three books in the series,Beyond Series Bundle (Books 1-3) at the time of this posting free in ebook format. The audiobooks are wonderfully done too. I’ve listened to a few of them and I really like the narrator.


The O’Kane’s didn’t just believe in the pleasure that came with power. They believed in the responsibility, too. For that, Hawk would follow them to hell. Maybe literally.

This was the part no one outside these walls could ever understand. O’Kane’s didn’t bend, didn’t break. They were stronger than steel because they held one another up. If one of them needed help, their brothers and sisters would step in and shoulder some of the load.

**Book was provided to me by the author. This review is my opinion and was not requested or provoked in anyway by the author.


Beyond Series

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Source: rabidreads.ca/2016/06/review-beyond-ecstasy-by-kit-rocha-mlsimmons-kitrocha.html
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review 2016-06-04 01:52
Beyond Ecstasy (Beyond, Book 8) - Kit Rocha

I absolutely adore the Beyond series from Kit Rocha. Beyond Ecstasy is the 8th book in the Beyond series and this series really needs to be read in order as the world builds and changes with each new book. Beyond Ecstasy picks up right where Beyond Ruin left off.


Eden has lobbed the first shot in the upcoming war by cutting power to the sectors and keeping everyone on pins and needles as to when the war will actually begin. I loved that in the midst of what will be an all out war, the O'Kanes are still for the most part business as usual. I adored we got to see glimpses of all my favorite couples...groups while still getting a new story for Hawk and Jeni. I will say I felt because of the impending war, Hawk and Jeni jumped in way too fast to their relationship, without really understanding what the other really needed. I knew they would have trouble before it was all said and done, as I didn't totally see them on the same page. I will say when their issues came to a head; I was way more emotionally involved that I felt I would be. I liked Hawk and Jeni as a couple, but didn't feel I connected as well to them as I had to others in the past. I did love they are both such strong characters and found their chemistry was hot, and actually felt like it got much better once they were finally honest about everything with each other.


Beyond Ecstasy also gave me more insight into each of the other sectors and how the sectors would work together in the war against Eden. I seriously was on the edge of my seat reading with each new shot. While I hate to see the Beyond series end, I absolutely can't wait to read how the war will play out between Eden and all my favorite characters. 


Review copy provided by publisher

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