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review 2017-12-08 02:33
Review: Owl and the Electric Samurai
Owl and the Electric Samurai (The Owl Series) - Kristi Charish

Serious love/hate relationship with this book. I adore Owl being so very much herself, but some of her decisions in this one make zero sense:


Like, she's being followed everywhere, but her master plan is to find the people everyone is looking for to "help" keep them from being found? Yeah, no way that could go wrong. And yet that's the fucking plan even after she keeps being surprised that people find her anywhere she goes?

(spoiler show)


The last act is better, though. I'm sold on the ending. I laughed my way through the last few chapters because I am a terrible person who wants bad things to happen purely for my own amusement. Bravo.

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review 2017-06-26 12:50
#Audiobook Review: Owl and the Japanese Circus
Owl and the Japanese Circus - Audible Studios,Kristi Charish,Christy Carlson Romano

Owl (former archeology student Alix), is a well-paid antiquities thief. A year ago, she stumbled into the hidden world of supernatural creatures, accidentally killing a vampire in the process. Now she’s on the run, and it looks like her only way out of the mess is to make a bargain with a powerful dragon. Trusting only her best friend, Nadya, and a man who could break her heart, Ryan, she sets off on a dangerous journey, one that most likely will leave her dead.


Follow review teammate, Una, raves about this unique and interesting urban fantasy series, so I decided to give it a try on audio. Overall, I enjoy the mythology and storyline behind The Adventures of Owl series. I appreciate that Owl is a flawed human and makes mistakes. She is intelligent, but not always smart, which makes her a more realistic heroine. 


However, the very things I like about Owl also caused problems for me. She can be reckless and juvenile at times. Her character is inconsistent: at times smart and others not as much. She doesn’t seem to learn from her missteps. For example, the fact that she doesn’t walk away and hide from an online “friend” makes NO SENSE. She’s super careful, private, and protective, yet keeps going back to him, even though he is stalking her. Also, knowing how concerned she is with privacy, how can she NOT have any security lock on her phone? Again, an inconsistency of character.


The narration by Christy Romano was a mixed bag for me. I enjoyed her narrator voice, which is fitting for the first person heroine. I started listening at 1.25x speed, but upped it to 1.5x after about five chapters. Ms. Romano does well with accents, however, at times they seems to drop. So when the dialogue is quick and clipped, both Nadya and Ryan’s voices sound very much the same. Also, Ryan loses his masculine sound at times, and it sounds like Owl is talking to herself. Overall, I like most voices, but the only voice I'm not fond of is the Red Dragon. It's described as perfect Western with no hints of Japanese. But it's too feminine. It doesn't suit a bad ass dragon.


Overall, I liked Owl and the Japanese Circus and the premise behind the series enough that I want to listen to the second book. I’m hoping Owl will begin to mature and develop into a more solid character, which seemed to be lacking in this first title.


My Rating: C+

Narration: B-

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review 2017-05-22 00:00
The Voodoo Killings: A Kincaid Strange Novel
The Voodoo Killings: A Kincaid Strange N... The Voodoo Killings: A Kincaid Strange Novel - Kristi Charish,Susannah Jones Absolutely loved it- 10* fave!
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url 2017-05-09 19:50
43 Books in series releasing today
The Thirst: A Harry Hole Novel - Jo Nesbø
The Vinyl Detective - The Run-Out Groove: Vinyl Detective 2 - Andrew Cartmel
Skitter - Ezekiel Boone
In/Spectre 4 - Chasiba Katase,Kyo Shirodaira
Owl and the Electric Samurai (The Owl Series) - Kristi Charish

See full list at https://www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar 

Source: www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-05-27 09:50
The Voodoo Killings (Kristi Charish)
The Voodoo Killings: A Kincaid Strange Novel - Kristi Charish

2.75 stars rounded up

It just didn't grab me much. I ended up putting it down several times over, being distracted with Youtube videos or doing online shopping ... I couldn't really explain why it didn't. The characters were okay; I couldn't find faults in them. But it just lacked something to make me emotionally root for either one of them *shrugs*.

Although I did kind of wanting to know more about Cameron except the ending took care of that for me *sad face*. With him gone, and Nate taking his body instead. I liked Nate okay and wished they were both still available.

I am not saying that I dislike it; I just don't really care enough, which is why I'm not categorizing this as 2* read. It is one of those unexplained -- blame it on writing or story chemistry -- factors I guess. I'm not going to bother with the next book.

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