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review 2018-04-07 05:10
Good Characters and story
The Good Liar - Catherine McKenzie

Cecily had been late trying to get the kids out of the door but when she finally got off the train and was trying to get to the building she noticed it was in flames. After that Cecely only remembered bits and pieces. People running, the awful stench of burnt plastic , the crushing heat, the ringing in Ceciy’s ears, paper, debris and things she couldn’t think about raining down on her and burning holes in the belted jacket she had worn. Then she lost time again. Through it all she couldn’t move, stuck. As the fire licked the building clean . then a man pulled her hand and told her to run and they did.Now it’s one year later only now when Cecily  is late her body starts to prickle with anxiety that she can’t shake without medication. Now more often than not Cecily is early Today was the first anniversary of the death of her husband Tom and Kaitlin- her best friend’s death who had both been in the building when it exploded from a gas leak Cecily would have been in there also if she had been on time. 513 people killed and more than 2000 injured. Tep greeted Cecily and he had been the man that have saved her life by grabbing her hand. Now he was doing a document on three people and how they had been affected by the tragic disaster. Three families- hers, the Ringos and Franny had been adopted and from the age of eight wanted to and tried to find her birth mother. She didn’t seem to really care about her adopted family. Her adopted parents had died in a car accident. ranny Maycombe.A  year ago Teo had been scouting locations for a commercial with his assistant and then Teo had been taking pictures of some of the homeless when the building exploded and he started snapping pictures as Chicago changed forever. But once he seen the fore coming up Adams street he knew he had to leave, but he took one last picture of Cecily in a world wind of dris. Her clothes were covered in grime but her face was unmarked and Cecily was staring at the building. Teo uploaded that picture to a website and it became the shot of the day and somehow Cecily became the poster child for that tragedy. Cecily didn’t want the recognition , notoriety , the fame. Cecily told Teo she wasn’t sure she wanted to do the documentary and teo said : you have to as you are the heart of this story” . Cecily had major issues besides Tom’s death to get through. Cecily is raising two teenagers now cassie is fifteen and henry is thirteen and she doesn’t know how to fill the black hole Tom’s death had left in their lives. Cecily knew tom was cheating on her before he had died as he had mistakenly sent a text to her meant for the other woman. Cecily had hated Tom for that but she was honest with her therapist even if she ahd to lie to Tao for the documentary.   Kate is living in Montreal but she has a deep connection to the explosion. Franny had just been reunited with her birth mother and then such a short time later lost her in the explosion. As the documentary crew digs deeper lies and secrets start coming to the surface as all the women to be in this documentary are hiding secrets. They all will lie some to protect loved ones and some for their own gain. Franny and cecily had become friends over the last year as the both were on the compensation board for the families of the victims that were turned down adn wanted a second chance to compensated. The more the interviews go on the more mysterious Franny seems to become. Kate is a nanny of three year old twin boys in Montreal and can’t stand to watch tv about the tragedy in Chicago that happened a year ago. But her employer -Andrea is totally into the features. Kate had escaped the explosion and Franny was her adult daughter she had given up. Cecily realizes Franny was her best friends grown daughter and she wondered why Kaitlin had not told her about Franny.

I liked the book. I really enjoyed the face past as well as the plot. I was guessing throughout the whole book so that was a plus in this type of book. Sometimes I got lost and confused trying to follow everything going on. This was like a puzzle you had to piece together. I loved the ending. I loved that there was a lot of twists and turns. Reading this was like being on a roller coaster. I would have liked to see what was really going on in Franny’s mind and not just through the interviews. There was a lot to this book: grief, adultery, anger, marriage, loss, betrayal, lies, secrets, running away, depression, anxiety, friendship, mental illness, fraud and so much more. This did drag a little for me at times. I did love the twists and turns and i am glad i read this and I recommend.

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review 2018-03-31 15:34
"The Good Liar", by Catherine McKenzie
The Good Liar - Catherine McKenzie

This is a thought-provoking psychological thriller that will stay with you long after it is finished. Told in a mix of first person, third person and interview transcripts this is one engaging novel filled with complexity and depth. Unpredictability is one of this book’s qualities, hard to see some of the twists and turns coming. 

The story alternates between the perspectives of three women: Cecily, Kate and Franny whose lives were impacted by tragedy. In downtown Chicago a building exploded killing 513 people and injuring many more. In the aftermath, Cecily became an iconic symbol when someone took a picture of her on the scene. Fast forward a year, Cecily’s story intertwines with those of Kate and Franny and they find themselves confronting their sins of the past as the memorial approaches. The fast moving plot reveals more dramatic secrets and more lies you can imagine. With a handful of well-crafted secondary characters, these three women, who could not be more different, are the driving force that propels the story forward. 

This engaging story is definitely an amalgamation of lies, deceit and regret. Once into its gripping pages it is one book hard to put aside. Ms. McKenzie can always be counted on to spin a good tale, this latest is no exception. 

I received this ARC for review from the Simon & Schuster Canada via NetGalleys

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review 2018-02-25 02:29
The Liar's Girl
The Liar's Girl - Catherine Ryan Howard

After reading the blurb for this one, I was hoping for an edge of your seat thriller, but to say that the story moves at a snail's pace is an understatement. As if that weren't enough, the switches from past to present and back again, as well as those moving from Alison to the killer were abrupt enough to be distracting. Other than a couple of mildly creepy scenes with the killer, there's little in the way of  action until the end when we do get a couple of pages of what I would consider gripping and fast-paced. By that time, we have our big reveal on the killer's identity, and while they weren't completely new to the story, they were darn close. Enough so that it was next to impossible to make an accurate guess, which is one of the things that draws me to a mystery/thriller. In my opinion, the best part of the whole book was the last couple of pages where we do get an interesting twist in the story, but since that twist is only revealed to the reader, it has zero impact on anything else that's happened. In the end, this was a disappointing story with an even more disappointing conclusion. 

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review 2018-02-10 17:38
The Liar's Girl - Catherine Ryan Howard
SHOCK FACE!!! Ten years ago, Alison Smith found out that her college boyfriend, Will Hurley (who she was madly in love with), was a serial killer. Okay, happens everyday, NOT! Present day, boyfriend is still in jail, no contact between either of them, and. . .the murders start up again. Was Will innocent or guilty?

Okay, this for me, was a pretty good book for the most part. The self talks Alison kept on......having were becoming a little tiring and annoying for me with their many appearances. But, I guess if your boyfriend had confessed to these murders a decade ago, and was now trying to get off, you would wonder constantly too.

However, for the most part, I enjoyed the book and was glad that I got the chance to read it.

I will say there was one especially "way super" creepy scene when someone was watching Amy ( a new victim). The last sentence of that chapter, while already tensed up at the situation, blew me the eff away. I had to stop reading, it was totally unexpected. Not giving you any spoilers at all, just letting you know it was majorly bone chilling.

Huge thanks to Blackstone Publishing and Net Galley for, yet again, allowing providing me with a free e-galley of the author's latest in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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review 2018-01-21 13:49
Great story!
Liar, Liar - Winter Austin
Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Finally, a story about the strong and independent Sheriff! This story was even better than the last but was full of surprises. I was impressed with the route that the Sheriff took with this story. I was quite pleased to see the return of certain characters as well.


This story was darker than I expected and was heartbreaking at the same time. The male lead and the female lead were both full of surprises and were both quite hard headed and independent.


As expected, there wasn’t a lack of detail or descriptions here. It held my attention from start to finish and sank its claws into me to keep me reading.


This story, I feel, had a little better suspense and the twists and turns were a little more sharp and it was nearly impossible to try to guess who was involved and who was the suspect. It made for a sitting on the edge of your seat read.


I have enjoyed every single story in this series. They are fun reads and are full of suspense. They keep you on your toes and make you keep reading. I’d most definitely recommend this series to you!

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
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