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text 2017-11-05 23:41
Finished it!
The Long Way Home - Louise Penny

Hmmm, this one definitely isn't my favourite in the series.


I mean the art stuff was very interesting and all, but please can Gamache come out of retirement. I want more police procedural and less relationship angst. Especially when it's Clara who's suffering.



and I never liked Peter Morrow anyway, so I can't say I was that upset about what happened to him.

(spoiler show)
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text 2017-11-03 00:06
Reading progress update: I've read 9%.
The Long Way Home - Louise Penny

I requested this from the library yesterday and was expecting to wait for a while before it became available. So it was a bit of a surprise when I got notification I could download it onto my Kindle tonight.


Not that I'm complaining mind you.

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review 2017-09-05 03:15
The Long Way Home
The Long Way Home - Kevin Bannister

Thomas and Murphy are slaves toiling away on a southern farm in the late 1700's.  Both want something more of their lives and itch for freedom.  However, they have vastly different personalities.  Thomas is mature, patient and a long-term thinker.  He was from a ruling family in his former land and held slaves of his own.  Murphy was born in the New World and is quick to act, ferociously strong and lives in the moment.  Together, they try several times to escape their bonds and fail.  That is, until unrest erupts between the colonists and the British.  and the British declare that any slave that can make it to British property is free.  Thomas and Murphy make it to a British ship and join up.  They make a ferocious team and move up through the ranks.  When the war is over, the British promised their soldiers benefits, but the former slaves still seem to get the short end of the stick.

This is an inspiring story of courage, determination and perseverance.  I was immediately intrigued by Thomas and Murphy's characters as well as the setting.  I have not read much at all about slavery before or during the War of Independence and have not read anything about the runaway slaves who fought for the British during the War.  The unique characters shed a different light on slaves for the time period; both men were educated and Thomas came from a family that had owned slaves, which gave him a shifting outlook on life.  I enjoyed learning about the real regiment that Thomas and Murphy originally joined, Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment, I had no idea that so many former slaves fought in the war of independence and had a major impact for the British.  The men's outlook on life was what impressed me the most, the entire story encompasses the struggle for freedom; even when Thomas and Murphy were fighting for the British, they knew that no matter what side won, they might still be slaves in the end, but, they were willing since it meant they were fighting as free men.  This also showed their willingness and inspiration, Thomas and Murphy knew they were fighting for the future; even if they still ended up slaves, their actions now might make things better for future generations. The writing presented an honest, gritty and realistic image and war and what people went through.  These men did not have easy lives, from slavery, to war and even after, when they were promised land in Canada. the realities of Thomas and Murphy's struggles and hopes are presented sensibly.  Overall, an eye-opening read about two amazing men during the War of Independence. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review. 

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-08-27 05:19
Buffy: S8
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home - Joss Whedon,Georges Jeanty,Paul Lee,Andy Owens,Dave Stewart,Richard Starkings

This'll be for all of S8, since I'm too lazy to shelve each volume individually. I read these as they were released and while there were a lot of things I liked about it and it started off promising, there were more things I didn't like. The wit was there in spades, and the artwork was great. There were a lot of individual issues that were great, but many of the overall story arcs were not my favorite, and a couple of them thoroughly pissed me off even before that craptastic ending. If this is what lack of special effects budget means for the Buffy-verse, give me cheesy foam-suited monsters and inventive lighting any day.


I did get the first issue of S9 but could never bring myself to read it. I'll stick to the TV show (which I'm currently rewatching for the 10th time).

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review 2017-03-20 18:30
The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home by Robin Furth, Peter David, & Jae Lee
The Dark Tower, Volume 2: The Long Road Home - Peter David,Stephen King,Richard Ianove,Jae Lee,Robin Furth

The second volume of The Dark Tower graphic novel series is as visually stunning as the first, but I felt the story quality was slightly below that of the first volume.



                               Our boy Sheemie, after his transformation:


It's a real treat to see the artist's renderings of these characters, but it's even better to see the settings and the Crimson King. There is so much detail in the art, that I could gaze at these images for hours and never get bored.


Sheemie is a badass now:





Based on the two volumes I've read of this series so far? I'm in love with Jae Lee and believe that he's a comic God.


That is all.


You can buy your copy by clinking the link below, or you can check your local libraries as I have. Either way I highly recommend this series!


Dark Tower: The Long Road Home

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