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review 2015-01-14 18:10
Love With a Perfect Cowboy - Lori Wilde (Avon - June 2014)
Love With a Perfect Cowboy: A Cupid, Texas Novel - Lori Wilde

Series: Cupid Texas (Book 4)

Melody Spencer had long-ago wiped the dust of Cupid, Texas, off her cute shoes . . . and done her best to forget the chiseled jaw and strong arms of cowboy Luke Spencer. Their families might be part of a long-time feud, but he was her very first love, even if it turned out they never wanted the same things.


But now Luke's come striding back into her life, tempting her with the memories of long, lazy evenings and hot, passionate kisses. And he has an ulterior motive -- as Mayor of Cupid, he knows Melody's business savvy can help save their beloved hometown. His smooth talking might get her to Texas, but that doesn't mean he'll get her in his bed. Still, people do say love can be more perfect the second time around . . .


Excellent conclusion to the Cupid, Texas series. In this one Cupid really has his work cut out for him. Fifteen years earlier Luke and Melody had snuck around behind their families' backs and enjoyed being young and in love. But tragedy followed when they were discovered, and the feud got even worse. Melody had gotten to the point where she couldn't wait to get away from Cupid and all the memories. Meanwhile, Luke was happiest where his roots went deep.


Now the town of Cupid is in trouble, thanks to the drought drying up the tourist trade. Luke is desperate for help to save the town and thinks that big city advertising exec Melody is just the person to help. All he needs to do is convince her to come home. So he heads off to New York to do his best.


Melody has been living the good life in the city. She has a job she likes and no one getting into her business. She has the feeling she has nowhere to go but up, as she's been putting in long hours hoping for a promotion. She hasn't thought (much) about Luke in the years she's been gone, until she spots him on her way into work. Avoiding him isn't easy, but she manages, and gets to work in time to be called to her boss's office. Thinking she's about to get the good news she's been hoping for, she's stunned to find out she's being fired instead - for being too honest, of all things. After spending some quiet time trying to think of her options, she heads for the apartment she shares with her boyfriend, only to discover that he's evicted her and left the country. Into this disaster of a day comes Luke, picking her up and taking her back to his hotel to recover.


That night, Luke and Melody discover that they are still wildly attracted to each other. Taking advantage of being away from Texas, they indulge in a night together knowing that nothing more can come of it. With nothing keeping her in New York, Melody goes to Cupid to see what she can do to help.


Some things never change and the feud is alive and well. Melody and Luke would like to spend time together, but their families would have a conniption. Both of them are disgusted with the whole thing, but each has a different idea on how to deal with it. Having stayed in Cupid, Luke has gotten very good at keeping a lid on everything. He believes that stirring things up will only create more trouble. Since he's sure that Melody would never stay in Texas, he can't see creating havoc for something that won't last. Melody, on the other hand, feels that nothing will change until the whole feud is brought out into the light where everyone can see just how stupid it is. She has some ideas on how to do it, and help the town at the same time, but Luke forbids it. When she takes matters into her own hands, it's sometimes hard to tell if it's working or not.


Luke and Melody manage to find ways to spend time together, and even though they claim it's just for sex, it's obvious that they are falling for each other all over again. But until they can get their families to give up on the grudges of the past, things look pretty hopeless for them. It takes Melody doing what she feels is the right thing, even against Luke's wishes, to get the ball rolling, and a near tragedy for the families to finally see the light.


There were quite a few fun moments, including the bachelor auction, where Luke gets purchased by the last person he'd ever want to get stuck with. There were also the sad times, such as Melody's first sight of Cupid under its drought conditions. And then there was the truly heartbreaking, when Melody put her love out there for everyone to see and Luke wouldn't even give her a chance. Fortunately, Cupid's streak remains unbroken and they get their happy ending after all.

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review 2014-06-17 03:33
A Perfect Summer Read
Love With a Perfect Cowboy: A Cupid, Texas Novel - Lori Wilde

I was provided a copy of this book by the author for the purpose of an honest review and was not compensated in any way. 


This is a book that I can picture reading over and over.  It’s the perfect summer read.  Maybe you’ll want to read around the 4th of July, maybe you’ll want to read it on a day where the weather is less than perfect and you’re looking for something to take you some place else, or maybe you’re looking for a great end to the summer read.  This book will fit perfectly for any of those situations.  And when the two main characters connect is when I came to the conclusion that I would love to listen to the audiobook.


The saddest part for me was when I finished the book.  I really enjoyed this latest in the series.  But the good news is that I can revisit Cupid at any time.  All I have to do is pick up one of the books and start reading.  It also makes me looking forward to what she has in store for her readers next – and I can’t wait.







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review 2014-05-28 00:00
Love With a Perfect Cowboy: A Cupid, Texas Novel
Love With a Perfect Cowboy: A Cupid, Texas Novel - Lori Wilde Love with a Perfect Cowboy by Lori Wilde
Have enjoyed the other books in this series and knew I'd love this one.
What I really like about this series/book is the new words I learn. I am continually jumping up to go to my pc and load up the dictionary to find out what the words mean.
I also do not want a book with 3/4 of it is back story. This book is all brand new things with just a touch of the older things that occurred.
Melody a big ad campaign job in NY City has just been fired and her world known famous photographer boyfriend has dumped her. On the way leaving the complex she runs into Luke from her hometown of Cupid, TX. What the heck is he doing in NYC?
They do share a meal and so much more later when he tells her of what's going on with the town and asks her for help. She confides in him what the latest in her life.
Hometown life and there are many secrets. The family feud that has lasted hundreds of years is in force still. You do not cross into enemy territory but stay true to your family.
She devises many projects that might help the town recover from it's financial loss due to lack of rain. Loved hearing of the different festivals they sound like SO much fun.
Luke, the mayor uncovers a secret that holds all the plans together and he confronts her about it. Nothing seems to be going right but their steamy sex scenes which nobody can ever find out about.
You wonder if the feud will ever end.... sad this is the last in the series, but i'm happy to learn it's not going to continue into 20 where 3/4 of each book is the back story-unlike Lori's books.
Also loved the travel, parts I may never see for myself in my lifetime and being able to catch up with the others in the community.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.
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review 2014-05-09 00:00
Love With a Perfect Cowboy: A Cupid, Texas Novel
Love With a Perfect Cowboy: A Cupid, Texas Novel - Lori Wilde Luke and Melody both fell in love in their teens, but their families that had a feud that could rival Romeo and Juliet's family feud. Even though Luke and Melody had strong feelings for each other, they couldn't risk the wrath of their families which they felt a portion of when Luke's brother ends up killed in a accident and they are blamed. So Melody leaves Cupid, and heads to New York to pursue her dreams. So she leaves and focuses on her career. Now years have passed, and Melody has set up a life for herself, but when her boss fires her for being too honest, and her boyfriend dumps her all in one day, she thinks it can't get any worse, until Luke strolls into her life asking for her help to save Cupid. Cupid, even though a small town, she stills cares about the quaint town, and the people that live there. So feeling that she has no other option, she decides to join Luke in trying to save the town, it doesn't help matters when he starts seducing her again, and her walls around her around start to come falling down, when she begins to dream of having a future with the only cowboy that ever held her heart, but will they be able to face the fires of fury from their families when the truth comes out?

Love With A Perfect Cowboy is a wonderful addition to the Cupid Texas Series by Lori Wilde. I do love romances with a twist, and this book has a big one. This story emulates Romeo and Juliet's family feud only, there is a HEA eventually. I really love the way this story was written. The Family Feud adds quite a bit intense conflict to the story. From the beginning in the story we see a connection between Luke and Melody, but Melody fears falling in love with him again, because their first time ended up in disaster. But she is determined to save her hometown at any cost.

Luke is one sexy cowboy, confident, likes control, mayor of the town, and set on seducing his first love. What is more romantic right? Melody is independent and willful, and passionate. I enjoyed seeing these two come together, and how fun they can be together. Their connection is instantaneous but because of their families, they don't let themselves accept their feelings until they are ready to risky all for love. I love how emotional this story got. My only complaint is the inconsistency of the plot. It feel like at times I was fully into it, and then at other times I couldn't put it down. One of my favorite aspects of the story was the setup of the story. I do love a conflict that just pulls you instantly into the story. And let me tell you if you adore conflicts just as I do, this story is packed with conflict from beginning to end. And the ending is Magnifique and mind blowing!! A beautiful story about true love that conquers all even a feuding family, where Luke and Melody may be the key to bringing peace to the families. A story full of passion, zest, and a sweet love story to bring tears to your eyes!!
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