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text 2018-06-18 00:00
Secret Life of Bots
Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 132 - Neil Clarke,A. Brym,Eric Schwitzgebel,Suzanne Palmer,Jess Barber,Sara Saab,Gu Shi,Tom Purdom,Geoff Ryman

I am, surprisingly, not enjoying this much. 


So far, the Series of Steaks has been my favorite - but I'm leaving Yoon Ha Lee's story about Jedao for last as I suspect it'll be #1 in the end. 


I'm exhausted, so I'm going to nap for ten minutes.

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text 2018-06-07 21:47
Finished And Then There Were (N-one) by Sarah Pinsker
Uncanny Magazine, Issue 15: March/April 2017 - Lynne M. Thomas,Michael Damian Thomas,J.Y. Yang,Stephen Graham Jones,Beth Cato,Kameron Hurley,S. Qiouyi Lu,Sarah Pinsker,Elsa Sjunneson-Henry,Sam J. Miller,Paul Booth,Dawn Xiana Moon,Shveta Thakrar,Brandon O’Brien,Cassandra Khaw,Bogi Takács,Lisa M. Bradl

So far, this is three in the novella category for the Hugos.   Need to finish Provenance and the second in Lee's series for novels, although I want to read the first book in Lee's series - which I have signed - before I read the second, because things went down in book one, that much is clear. 

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review 2018-05-14 14:37
GREAT book, good narration
The Supers - Sean Michael The Supers - Sean Michael
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO file of this book. Flynn joins Blaine's paranormal research group, and they visit an abandoned hospital. Things get real creepy and the guys are faced with a possession, a haunting a tragic love story and a twist I did not see coming! Another one of those books that kinda creeps up on ya and you have no idea, not a single clue about how its all gonna go down! While there is immediate attraction between Blaine and Flynn, it takes a while for them to act on it. The story of Room 204 builds at an even pace and there were points where I had to rewind, and double check that Blaine had in fact, called Flynn David. The story of Room 204 (that's how I heard it, with a capital R, if that makes sense!) did not play out how I was expecting it to! It's a little . . . fluffier. . . than other books I've read of Michael (Three Wishes) but it is a DreamSpun Beyond and they are generally so. Just enough heat and passion between Blaine and Flynn to keep the heat level high, but not scorching. Right for this book. Kenneth Obi narrates. Mostly, I enjoyed Obi's narration. His reading voice is clear and deep and he got over the emotions of Blaine and Flynn in all the right ways, in all the right places. His voice for the 204 ghost comes across as really REALLY nasty in some places, though, and that is probably why I did not see that ending coming at me.I thought the ghost was going to be a bit more vengeful. And the voices Obi gives to Blaine and Flynn are far too similar for my crappy hearing to make out the difference between them, so I struggled a bit keeping up with conversations between them BUT!!! I will give Obi another go, as this is the first of his work I listened to. 5 stars for the book 4 stars for the narration 4.5 (rounded down to 4) overall **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2018-05-14 13:55
excellent narration of a great book!
Unlikely Hero - Sean Michael
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the audio version of this book. Brock never got over Eric leaving him, but he understood why Eric needed to go. When Eric calls, 9 years later, Brock drops everything and calls upon his considerable resources to find Eric's 3 year old daughter , who has been kidnapped. But having Eric and Josie under his roof, to keep them safe, has Brock thinking about all the things he missed out on. I loved this!! Brock loved Eric, never stopped so of course he's gonna help him find his daughter! I loved that, right from Eric turning up at his office, Brock is calling him baby. I don;'t usually, so it surprised me here that I did love it! I think it surprised Brock too, the first time he did it! Brock makes no apologies for his wealth and power and he pulls no punches in using both to keep Eric and Josie safe, and in finding out who is doing this. But we don't get Eric, at all. This is told entirely from Brock's POV in the third person. And I really REALLY needed to hear from Eric at key points along the way: when Josie is first discovered gone; when he walks into Brock's office and when he finds out just who is behind it all. This is the only reason I gave the book 4 stars, because Eric is not given a voice, and he needed one. I loved the supporting cast, especially Max and Gordon. They have a tale to tell, not least because of what goes down here! Jeff Gelder narrates. This is the first, as far as I can see, that I have listened to of his work and I was very impressed. His reading voice is deep and even, and his voices consistent and easily identifiable in multi person conversations. Loved his voice for Josie, who sounded just like a 3 year old should, with all the funny things they say. Gelder gets over all of Brock's emotions in all the right places. I cannot fault the narration. Gelder is firmly on my to listen list! 4 stars for the book 5 stars for the narration. 4.5 (rounded down to 4) overall. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2018-02-06 14:07
loved this one!
When the Devil Wants In - Cate Ashwood,J... When the Devil Wants In - Cate Ashwood,J.H. Knight
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. When faced with a murder charge, John has to choose between his freedom, and his heart. You know how sometimes, you read a blurb for a book, and your mind writes the plot out and its all wrapped up in a nice pink bow?? And then you read the BOOK, and your version is so very wrong but you have no idea why?? This book totally surprised me, and I cannot put my finger on WHY it did! I loved it!! John is hiding in plain sight, driving 90 minutes to get his hook ups. Matt moves to Magnolia Ridge from San Fransisco, out and proud. But Matt knows he needs to reign it in. A hook up between the guys has both of them shocked and wanting more, so much more. A shocking discovery causes John to question what he really wants. I loved both these guys. John, so far in the closet he's in the next room, and Matt who just knows when to say what about his sexuality. They both have their say, so we get every little bit that these guys feel, together and apart. I loved that Matt took to John's closed off-ness quickly, and without question. The murder has you crying for John, it really does. And I was WAY off base with whodunnit, let me tell ya!! Did NOT see that one coming! I really love being proven wrong. And I need to say something about that gorgeous cover. When I saw the cover FIRST, I thought its pretty, it nice, but somehow it doesn't fit. I had the blurb before I saw the cover. And I couldn't put my finger on WHY it didn't fit, still can't, truth be told, but that's what I felt, and ya'll know I gotta tell you what I'm feeling. And I'm reading the book, my brain is registering that they are in Magnolia Ridge, that there are magnolia blossom on the cover, I swear I knew that, but still it did not make any sense WHY they were on the cover! Then! One word, one single word was all it took, and my brain exploded! Light bulb moment does not quite cover what went through my brain at that point! It was like a nuclear bomb going off, and that cover makes TOTAL sense now! Totally the right cover for THIS book. Is there another book after this?? I feel with what John did for Matt's birthday, and the subsequent scenes kinda left me wanting more of a certain fellow! Anyways, loved the book, loved the cover and read it in one single sitting, so... 5 full stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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