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text 2020-04-24 14:12
Hosting a Mentalist Corporate Event - Here are the Benefits!
Are you planning to host a corporate event? Would you like to make it unique? Sure, you will. Every corporate event has some objectives, and one of those objectives is to make it a success for your business. There are factors that determine the success of your event. The attendees must be engaged in the event all the way. Your business objectives should be met (the reason why you are hosting the event), and the event becomes a talk of the town. To achieve these goals, host a Mentalist Corporate Event. Hire a magician for your upcoming event and make it an unforgettable event. Chris Michael is a Mentalist for Corporate Events who is renowned for his ability to make corporate events memorable; thanks to his stunning magic and comedy. So, hiring him is a perfect move; expect the following benefits:

Give Your Guests a Unique Experience

Most corporate events are pretty much the same. There are business people who come on stage, give some presentations about their businesses and there’s almost nothing entertaining for the crowds. Remember the audience at a corporate event does not only include clients and employees, there are kids and families of your stakeholders. To make your event unique, it is essential to entertain them, and for this purpose, Chris Michael, the Mentalist Corporate Event should be on the stage. He can entertain the entire crowd with his ability to create laughter and execute amazing magic tricks.

Keep the Audience Engaged

Another feat you would love to achieve on your corporate event is to keep the audience engaged. People staring at each other, not bothering about what you are presenting, and enjoying nothing else than food are signs that they are not interested at all in your event. Hosting a Mentalist Corporate Event means you are able to engage them. Chris Michael performs close up magic, stage magic, mentalism, mind reading, and walk-around magic to make sure everyone is well involved!

Deliver Your Brand Message/Sales Message in a Magical Way

Since your Mentalist Corporate Event has to be a unique experience, Chris Michael helps achieve this goal. The ideal scenario is that you deliver your brand message to your audience while keeping them entertained. Chris can make it fun! He has the ability to promote your brand in a magical way. He will involve your products and services in his magic and make funny jokes relevant to your products. This is an exciting and perfect way to promote your business.

Make People Talk About Your Event for Time to Come!

Another benefit of hiring Chris Michael, the Mentalist for Corporate Event is to make your event special. It will be a memorable event that keeps people talking about it for a long time. When people find themselves involved in a magic trick, they will remember that event, and ultimately remember your company. This gives your company a business advantage and a positive reputation among your clients!

How to Hire Chris Michael for Your Corporate Events?

So, if you are keen to achieve all these benefits, host a Corporate Magician DC. Hire Chris Micahel for your upcoming event and make it a huge success for your business and your organization. Give us a call and determine your business and event goals. Schedule a meeting with Chris if you like. Also, you can contact us via email and book an appointment! 


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text 2020-04-22 13:48
Tradeshow magician will ensure that your booth receives the most traffic at a tradeshow
If you are planning to take part in a trade show or have already signed up for an exhibition, it is most likely that you are wondering what is the best way to get the attention of the trade show attendees and how to persuade them of your business. One of the most effective methods is to employ tradeshow magician who can skillfully incorporate entertainment into the brand and message of your business. They have successfully helped a number of well-known businesses around the world and helped them to make their way to success. Their abilities shall include:

The tradeshow magician can impress the guests at the event 

There will be a lot of companies vying for the attention of the trade show attendees. There may be hundreds and thousands of companies presenting, and many from the same industry. Any of them will be direct rivals, making it even more necessary for your booth to stand out in front of the crowd. But it's because the tradeshow magician is an expert at cultivating feelings of wonder and excitement at their viewers, and when these emotions are linked to the brand's message, they appear to have a greater effect on the audience's minds.

Stand out in the crowd

An exhibition tradeshow magician is the best way to stand out from your competitors. It has been proven time and again that the audience is still drawn to live entertainment shows, as the mind of a human being needs to have fun and enjoyment even though they're working. When your magician's unpredictable performance is mixed with your smart marketing abilities, you're sure to have a thick audience at hand. You can quickly steer much of the footfall to your booth without making too much effort.

Help in creating higher retention rate

When a person is having fun, their mind is more open to learning and their memory is more active. That's because when you're having fun, different parts of your brain light up. It creates a learning state of mind that helps you to understand and remember more about the topic of discussion compared to a boring, run-of-the-mill kind of presentation that is easily forgotten. Tradeshow magician aims to make the thinking part of the brain more involved, and your marketing message and your brand name will be emphasized in the observer's mind relative to other firms.

Chris Mike the comedy tradeshow magician

Chris Mike is one of America's most experienced hire corporate magician DC
. The main reason for his success is his professional attitude, charming personality, and imaginative entertainment concepts, tailored specifically to the needs and desires of his clients. Chris Mike is perfectly suited to any kind of corporate entertainment show, as his sleight of hand tricks, illusion tricks, and mental tricks can leave even the brightest minds stunned. So if you ever wonder which magician to hire for a successful trade show, Chris Mike is the best choice.


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text 2020-04-21 07:01
Hire a magician Washington corporate to perform at the event and win the hearts of your attendees
Most business owners typically have a regular and, most of the time, annual corporate features. Such activities are seen as a means of fostering the bond between employees in order to create a stronger corporate culture. This also provides a break for workers and shows that you value them and their position as employers. Yet it's also a challenge for event organizers to find a way to make the event fun, unforgettable and inspiring. But the answer to the question of what kind of entertainment is best is to hire a magician Washington corporate to perform at the event.
Magician Washington corporate can bring you one of the most fun and enjoyable types of entertainment that people can imagine. The fun magic of the corporate magician and his dazzling illusion and mental exercises make them interesting and unforgettable. That's why hiring a professional corporate magician for a business event is a popular trend these days with all the excitement that a magician can offer. So there's a need to hire a magician to get the excitement back in the atmosphere of a corporate party night.

Enjoy memorable moments as a courtesy of the corporate magician

Magicians are experts at catching people's attention. Amazing magic on stage typically induces an everlasting interest in the minds of the audience. It is particularly the case when the audience is part of the magic tricks performed on the stage by the magician. The interaction between the corporate magician and the viewer in a friendly display of corporate magic is also a sign of the success of the series. It is also necessary to employ a magician Washington corporate, a mentalist who respects the audience's commitment.

Incite enthusiasm and excitement in his audience 

Professional magician Washington corporate is great for uplifting visitors and their moods with their excitement and energy during a fun corporate magic show. They are amused and excited as people engage and connect with each other in a magic show. This makes viewers feel like they are part of the highlight of the event and that they feel significant, making success memorable for viewers. Recruiting a corporate magician and party entertainer is also in your favor.

A fun experience for everyone

Hiring a corporate magician to perform corporate magic on corporate events is like providing people with the most effective icebreaker for conversations, particularly after a serious lecture or presentation. It's like having a corporate party entertainer and a magician in it. Magic shows are good when it comes to bringing fun to the atmosphere, as they are built to entertain and make people laugh.

Chris Mike the brilliant comedy magician

Chris Mike is one of the most popular corporate magician and party entertainers known for his amusing manners and shows of wonderful magic. Chris' skill lies in adjusting to the requirements and atmosphere of the event and the mood of the participants and improvising on the spot, according to his observations. There's no break in entertainment when Chris takes the stage, and his engaging personality wins everyone's heart.


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text 2020-03-10 13:22
Why Booking Chris Micahel for Your Next Corporate Event is a Perfect Idea?


Are you planning a corporate event? Well, you must have been considering how to entertain your attendees. Would you want something extraordinary at your event? Would you want every guest to have fun? Book a Corporate Magician, Chris Micahel for your corporate event to achieve your desired goals. Chris is a Corporate Event Magician, entertainer, and mentalist who can bring valuable magical entertainment at your event in a unique way. Here is how he can make your event exceptional and memorable:

The Element Of Surprise

Magic brings an element of surprise to corporate events. If you have watched a Corporate Magician performing live, you know it is a rare and unique entertainment. More importantly, at such business events, the attendees don’t commonly enjoy the magical performance. Hence, this comes up as an exceptional and surprising art for them. You would eagerly want your audience to be amazed at the end of the event. Chris Michael will make sure your attendees don’t witness the same old thing. He will provide a magical experience, and make your visitors remember how unusual the event was. He prepares a customized routine; so, don’t think you would see repetitive magic tricks. He comes up with a blend of never seen before magic and superb comedy to entertain and surprise the crowd.

Fun Guaranteed!


Employees and clients at corporate events love delightful surprises. As a Corporate Event Magician and magical entertainer, Chris is able to provide several surprising moments. He is more than just a Corporate Magician. He is a mentalist as well; expect some stunning mind reading at the event. Moreover, he will offer moments of wonder and laughter throughout his performance. This is your desired objective at any event. No matter how many people attend your event, Chris knows how to keep a great number of people engaged. He makes sure they don’t stare here and there; they will have continuous fun, and that’s a guarantee. Do you want your attendees to scream in amazement, laugh in surprise, clap spontaneously, and mummer in puzzlement? Hire Chris Micahel for your corporate event!

Direct Audience Participation


Chris Micahel’s magical acts are all about directly engaging with the audience. There are other arts that are performed for the audience, Chris believes that magic is performed directly with the audience. As an expert Corporate Event Magician, Chris knows to acknowledge the guests and consistently communicates with them. For instance, a Corporate Event Magician, such as would always ask the audience to think of any information and he would then reveal it. After all, he is a specialist mentalist too. And in any case, he makes sure your guests are involved; thanks to the magical effect. With such a great level of audience participation; your corporate event is destined to achieve significant success. It brings excellent benefits to your business and industry. So, book him for your next event, and feel the sense of memorability and engagement!

Get People Talking About Your Event!


The clients who have worked with Chris Michael for their corporate events revealed that the ultimate goal of their event is to get people to share their stunning experience with others. As a Corporate Magician, Chris partners with his clients to throw a remarkable event. People gather stunning moments and remark about them for years to come. They disclose the amazing magic they experienced and endless laughter and fun they had. So, get people talking about your corporate event for years after it is over, hire Chris Michael. A perfect idea!




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review 2019-10-21 03:24
The Magicians and Mrs. Quent by Galen Beckett
The Magicians and Mrs. Quent - Galen Beckett

I like historical fantasy novels a lot, and so this one – drawing heavily on various 19th century novels, including the works of Jane Austen, The Turn of the Screw, and Jane Eyre – seemed an ideal fit, especially given a rather charming writing style that draws on the style of works from the period, while still moving fairly quickly for the modern reader. Unlike other reviewers, I don’t take issue with how heavily this novel draws from its sources, which are at least varied, and it seems to me there’s plenty from the author’s own imagination here. (Any claim that any of the male characters resemble Mr. Darcy, in personality or situation or plot function, is absurd.) Unfortunately, too many plot elements are contrived or stupid or rely on characters being stupid, and there’s some serious dissonance between where the book seems to think our sympathies ought to go, and where mine actually went.

Warning: spoilers below, so read at your own risk!

The book follows three protagonists. Ivy, the most prominent, is clearly based on a combination of Elizabeth Bennet and Elinor Dashwood; she’s the sensible young woman who keeps her household running in spite of her silly mother, unworldly younger sisters, and a father who seems to have gone insane from magical causes and spends his days in the attic muttering to himself. Rafferdy is the frivolous elder son of a lord, who does his best to bury any sense of responsibility he may have in fashion and parties. Eldyn, Rafferdy’s friend, is a young man who has fallen into poverty and wants to restore his family’s fortunes. Eldyn doesn’t have much to do with the rest of the story, which is perhaps fortunate because he’s both an idiot who falls for obvious scams and refuses for no apparent reason to consider using the magical talent he clearly has, and an asshole who leaves his younger sister locked up alone all day, then when he returns and she begs him to take her out, leaves to go carousing by himself instead. And yet it appears we’re supposed to sympathize with him.

The plot moves somewhat slowly, as you’d expect for period fantasy. The first third sets up some magical troubles while following the characters through the not!London social scene. The second part switches to the first person and follows Ivy’s adventures as a governess at a remote estate; this part is a bit creepy, the influence of The Turn of the Screw obvious even to me (who hasn’t read it), with shades of Jane Eyre and Rebecca. The third part returns to sharing time between the three protagonists and builds up to a magical confrontation. I did find the book to be entertaining reading throughout, with a polished style and a well-developed and varied setting. Its fictional country is clearly based on England, and the author has clearly done some research, touching on issues like the policy of enclosure that I wasn’t even aware of.

That said, it’s riddled with plot holes. The whole existence of Part 2 depends on Ivy apparently forgetting a major revelation in Part 1: on visiting her father’s house, she learns that it can’t be opened, despite the fact that numerous magicians have tried, and not only that, when she tries a mysterious masked man appears, temporarily paralyzes her, and warns her that opening the house would bring great evil into the world. Then on a change in the family fortunes, she blithely sets out to work a few months as a governess to save up for the family’s moving costs to that very house. Um…? Some never-mentioned memory charm must have been worked on the girl, since she then proceeds to learn that she’s adopted, but never mentions or thinks of it again once reunited with her (now known to be adoptive) family.

Also really dumb: Ivy’s marrying a man who has consistently manipulated and withheld information from her for his own gain, despite her being warned by multiple people. The masked man providing Ivy with only the most cryptic possible information despite the fate of the world supposedly being at stake. At a crucial moment, when time is of the essence, he appears only to tell Ivy to go home, causing her to lose precious time as she rushes off to read a conveniently-timed letter informing her of a certain person’s villainy – if the masked man cares about the fate of the world, why didn’t he just tell her? The character who’s revealed to be a villain showing up for no reason but to helpfully confirm that he in fact is villainous, then promptly leaving. Ivy not having the sense to ask her two young charges alone and with any modicum of patience about the disturbing things they’ve been seeing and clearly want to talk about.

Then there’s the weirdness about whom we’re supposed to be rooting for. Eldyn is presented as a victim but acts like a douche. Mr. Quent is presented as a Mr. Rochester, while exposing the unconsenting Ivy to dangers far more serious than a hidden first wife – and all while Ivy has a better romantic alternative. You can tell from the title who she marries anyway. In the macro plot, we’re first presented with a world in which the rich and powerful are perpetrating great injustice… only to see the rebels demonized and our heroes inexplicably siding with the status quo. I felt more sympathy for the rebels.

So, although I had high hopes for this at the beginning, I doubt I’ll read the sequels. It’s good mindless fun, though, if you’re looking for a fantasy beach read.

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