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review 2018-09-18 07:46
Rejuvenate Your Skin with Facials in The Central Coast

You cannot achieve healthy skin at home; many people go to skincare professionals. One such treatment is the facials in the Central Coast. This treatment provides benefits to the skin. The facials are designed according to your skin type.


The facial is a skin treatment that treats common skin problems, cleanses pores and exfoliates dead skin. This is a multiple step procedure that nourishes and rejuvenates your face. It makes your skin younger and healthier. It is one of the best ways to relax and pamper you with a massage.


You must take the facial under a consultation of a specialist. He/she determines the right products according to your skin type. Various steps that are involved in facials in Central coast are:

  • Cleansing

A specialist applies a cleansing cream or gel on your face and neck for removing traces of dirt and make-up. The warm water paired with a cotton pad, cloth and facial sponge is used to remove the cleanser. This step helps to evaluate your skin type and texture.

  • Exfoliation

This step removes dead skin with the help of exfoliating scrub or cream. It helps to open pores.

  • Extractions

Extraction is the process to clear pores that are clogged with dead skin or excess oil leading to acne and blackheads. It can be done with the help of a metal tool or hand.

  • Massage

It involves the massage of face and upper body. Massage improves lymphatic drainage of your body.

  • Masks

The specialist applies the mask as per your skin type. Masks are applied to treat oiliness of your skin. It can also be used to hydrate skin to fight with dryness. The facials are concluded with moisturizer, serum and sunscreen.


Important facts about facial

  • Duration of the facial is 60 minutes
  • Facials help to fight skin problems like dryness and acne. It makes your skin clean. The facials in Central coast leave your face glowing. They are very relaxing as they comprise massage.
  • The facials also improve the texture of the skin. They are not used to remove wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. They can only treat mild acne.
  • Men’s facials are designed to address the requirement of men’s skin. Men’s facials treat skin problems like in growth hairs, razor burn and sensitivity.


  • Reduce stress

Facials activate the sympathetic nervous system, reduce anxiety and boost your mood. Your face has many pressure points and when these pressure points are massaged, and then the body gets relaxed.

  • Deep Cleansing and increase blood circulation

Facials open your pores and cleanse skin. Also, massage improves blood circulation and your cells receive oxygen and nutrients. Thus, you get a healthy and glowing skin.

  • Rejuvenate skin

With every passing day, skin loses its luster. Facials help to rejuvenate your skin.

  • Detoxify your skin

Facials help your skin to get rid of toxins and waste that is accumulated on daily basis.


Get a healthy skin with facials in the Central coast. Your skin will thank you!

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review 2018-09-17 08:17
Relax and Heal Yourself with the Right Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy is a clinically proven healthcare alternative that eases discomfort associated with chronic pain, occupational stresses, and muscular over-use. Massage therapy must be given by a registered massage therapist only. It treats both chronic and acute conditions. It is very useful to improve the condition of disability, illness and injury rehabilitation.


There are many health benefits that can be achieved through the trained Massage therapist in Central Coast. You can opt for services to get relief from chronic pain, reduce muscle tension, and relax. It increases the overall sense of physical and mental well-being.


Common benefits that can be obtained from massage therapy are as follows:


  • Reduce stress and pain

A relaxing massage helps to destress.  It is also good for chronic stiffness and lower back pain. A professional massage therapist in Central Coast target source of the pain and achieve the required massage regimen.


  • Eliminate toxins and improve flexibility

Massage stimulates soft body tissues that release toxins from lymphatic system and blood. Massage helps to loosen and relax your muscles, thus making your body more flexible.


  • Improved circulation

The tendons and muscles get lose during the massage. It improves blood flow throughout the body. Increased circulation poses many positive health effects on the body like reducing pain and fatigue.


  • Better sleep

A massage by the massage therapist in Central Coast boost your mood and relaxes your body, mind and soul. Going to bed during the night with loosened and relaxed muscles promotes sound sleep and feeling of less tiredness in the morning.


  • Reduces fatigue

Massage techniques boost mood and encourage good night sleep. It makes you feel relaxed, fresh and less worn out the entire day.


  • Increased immunity

Massage stimulates lymph nodes that recharges the body’s own defense system and thus, leads to increased immunity. It helps to fight against infections.


  • Eases anxiety and depression

Massage helps to release endorphins that provide you with a feeling of happiness. It keeps you energized and relaxed.


  • Reduce post-injury and post-surgery swelling

A professional massage by the massage therapist in Central Coast is the best way to manage swelling after surgery or injury.


Importance of massage therapy


Massage therapists in Central Coast uses their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to combine modern massage therapy techniques with other treatment methods to treat their patients. Various scientific studies and researches have proved the benefits and advantages of massage therapy in various conditions.


Massage is often used as a preventive care program for prevention of injury, sports training, stress management and more. You and the therapist can design a treatment plan according to your requirements and needs. The treatment plan is flexible and can be changed after proper analysis.


If you are looking for the massage therapist in Avoca Beach, Central Coast; your search is over! The Natural Health Sanctuary; best massage therapist, Reiki healer, Meditation Teacher will provide you with the best massage therapies. Don’t think too much, just book your appointment and enjoy the massage therapies.

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review 2018-09-14 07:28
Heal Yourself with Reiki Healer in Central Coast

Reiki is a form of an alternative therapy that is also known as energy healing. It was developed in Japan that transfer universal energy from the healer’s hand to the patient. It can treat many emotional states and conditions. The scientific evidence demonstrated that Reiki reduces pain.


According to therapists, energy gets stagnate in the part of the body where there is a physical injury or emotional pain. So, these energy blocks cause illness. Reiki, an energy medicine removes blocks and allow the flow of energy in the body. It results in healing, relaxation, reducing pain and reduces symptoms of illness.


Reiki session


Reiki is done in a peaceful setting and can be carried anywhere. The patient sits or lies down. The Reiki healer puts his hands on specific areas of limbs, torso and hand with different hand shapes for duration of 2 to 5 minutes. Therapist keeps its hands on 20 different areas. In case of the injury like a burn, the hands are held above the wound. As the Reiki healer holds hands on the body, there occurs a transfer of energy. The hand is kept over the body part until the healer senses that energy has stopped flowing.


The Reiki sessions can last between 15 to 90 minutes. The number of Reiki sessions depends on the client’s goal and targets. Some patients prefer to take one session while others want to take multiple sessions depending on the severance of the issue.


Reiki techniques


Some of the techniques involved by Reiki healer are as follows:

  • Clearing
  • Beaming
  • Centering
  • Infusing
  • Extraction of harmful energies

Health benefits of Reiki


According to the experts, healing effects are facilitated by channeling universal energy, qi. It is believed that we are surrounded by this energy. This energy permeates the body and can be felt by many of us. It enables the body to heal naturally, relax and develop mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Reiki help people to tackle difficulties, induce deep relaxation. It improves overall well-being and emotional stress. Reiki promotes balance and harmony of body, mind and spirit. It also supports the body to get rid of toxins and strengths immune system. It aids better sleep.


Reiki Healer in Central Coast helps your body to return to the normal state by improving heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. Various conditions such as depression, chronic pain, anxiety, heart disease, and fatigue can be treated with Reiki.


It decreases your stress level and brings focus and clarity. It also helps you to clear your negative energy and reconnect with yourself.


Thus, Reiki provides a healing touch and improve the quality of life. So, if you feel stressed or find hard to calm your mind, then Reiki is the solution. Reiki has many health benefits that help you to lead a healthy life with healthy mind. This technique of relaxation, stress reduction and easing pain is practiced around the world. So, if you are feeling stressed out, take Reiki & Meditation sessions to heal yourself.

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review 2018-09-12 09:08
Heal Your Mind and Body with Meditation

Meditation is gaining popularity as many people are realizing its benefits. It is a mindful and focused activity where the focus is made on a specific thing. You can focus on a particular sensation in your body, breathing and an outside object. People, who practice meditation on a regular basis, experience various health benefits. Some of them are discussed below:


  • Increased sense of self-awareness

Meditation helps to create a strong connection between body and mind. It cultivates a sense of awareness for the present moment that motivates us to remain focused and grounded in every aspect of our lives.


  • Reduces anxiety and stress

You usually feel obsessed about future and past that lead to unhappiness. But when you are living the life in the present moment, you tend to remain content. Meditation helps to stay in the present. Thus, it controls anxiety, reduces stress and encourages leading a happy and stress-free life.


  • Enhances focus and mental clarity

If you are focused and mindful in the present, then you would not be caught up in the clutter of mind. You will not be impulsive. Meditation unplugs and tunes your thoughts. Practicing meditation on a regular basis increases focus, memory, mental acuity and clarity.


  • Activate the brain’s relaxation response

Mediation triggers relaxation response of the brain. It brings positive changes in metabolism, heart rate, and brain chemistry. All these components increase the relaxation state of the brain. This relaxation results in better sleep, reduced anxiety, and stress management. It also helps to achieve a better emotional balance.


  • Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence has a great impact on your relations and state of mind. When you meditate, you get more time to concentrate on emotions. In this way, you can understand the root cause of worry and unrest. It helps to recognize your emotions and allow you to sit and face your emotions. While concentrating on your thoughts, you can manage emotions that deepen your emotional intelligence.


  • Healthy lifestyle

Meditation helps to lead a healthy and balanced life. It encourages consuming more fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. The person gets motivated to quit smoking and alcohol.


  • Slows the process of aging

Studies have shown that mediation delays the process of aging. The people who meditate daily have more brain cells and grey matter. It also increases the life expectancy by reducing overall stress on the body.


  • Help to fight addictions

Meditation increases mental discipline by increasing self-control and awareness of addictive behaviour. It enhances willpower, manage impulses and increase understanding of the causes of addictive behaviour.


  • Improve sleep

The people who mediate regularly fell to sleep quickly and stayed asleep for a longer time than people who did not meditate.


  • Manages pain

It helps to treat chronic pain as reduces the perception of the pain.


  • Manages blood pressure

Meditation reduces blood pressure and thus, reduces strain on the arteries and heart. Thus, it prevents you from heart disease.


Meditation yields many health benefits on the body and mind. So, just take deep breaths and meditate.

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review 2018-09-08 15:15
Energise Your Life with Massage Therapy

Do you often feel tired? When this tiredness becomes extreme, then is known as fatigue. Fatigue makes a person feel mentally and physically exhausted. It affects social relations, family life, and performance at work. In this case, massage therapists in Central Coast work on soft tissue and muscle to make you feel better. Therapists use deep circular movements, tapping, vibration and long strokes for massage. The massage releases chronic muscle tension.


The scientific research demonstrated the beneficial effects on symptoms associated with pain. The evidence shows that massage is effective for short- term and need to be continued for long-term benefits.


Various benefits of massage therapy are as follows:

  • Relaxing

When your body is under stress, it synthesis stress hormone, cortisol that leads to insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, and weight gain. Massage therapy reduces the level of cortisol and enables the body to recover. It also triggers the feeling of relaxation and improves mood.

  • Reduces stress

Massage therapy helps to relieve stress and increases energy level and reduces pain.

  • Lowers blood pressure

Regular massage reduces blood pressure. Long- term studies showed that consistent massage therapies reduce both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Persistent massage therapies decrease depression, anxiety, tension, and hostility. It also decreases the risk of stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure.

  • Muscle relaxation

The main purpose of therapy is to target the key areas of the body’s pain and to remove tense muscles, enhance flexibility and provide relaxation to muscles & body. It also increases circulation to the injured and affected muscles, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissues. This activity reduces swelling and stiffness in the joints and muscles. It helps to increase flexibility and reduce pain. The massage therapy helps to release pain- killing hormones which boost the production of serotonin and dopamine. It heals the body physically and emotionally by producing the feeling of euphoria, calming the nerves and managing pain.

  • Improves body posture

Many people experience neck, back and muscle pain due to poor posture. The chronic back pain is the most common cause of incorrect posture or disability.  Moreover, poor posture, obesity, and repetitive movements can result in strain on the back and other areas. The strain often leads to pain, spasms, and tense muscles. Thus, massage brings back the body into proper alignment. It improves posture and relaxes strained muscles.

  • Improve circulation

Massage increases blood circulation in stiff, damaged and tense muscles. Furthermore, pulling, twisting and squeezing massage actions remove lactic acid from the muscles. Thus, improving overall body function.

  • Strengthen the immune system

The person with stress is more vulnerable to injury and illness. When stress gets combined with poor nutrition and sleep, results in a week immune system. Studies have concluded that massage therapy reduces stress and boost the immune system.


Once upon a time massage therapy was considered an alternative approach but now it is a mainstream technique and is gaining popularity worldwide. Thus, massage therapy relieves tension or anxiety, improve sleep, circulation and promote relaxation in the entire body.


Visit The Natural Health Sanctuary for best relaxation Massage Therapists, Reiki Healer, Meditation treatment on Avoca Beach, Central Coast.

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