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review 2017-09-14 19:43
Day Shift
Day Shift: A Novel of Midnight, Texas - Charlaine Harris

This opens up with the renovation of the old hotel. One of Manfred's client dies, in front of him, and he is accused of jewelry theft. Olivia, also in Dallas at the same time, gets enlisted by the Rev to fix it. 
Told in alternating points of view, this one mainly has Olivia and Manfred, with a little bit of Joe and Fiji. Some new characters, although I don't know how long they will stay around. What the Rev, Joe and Chuy are, are confirmed. I learned more about Olivia (she still has many secrets), mainly her past. This is a better book than book 1. Less dry, faster paced. I did think the resolution of the stolen jewelry and murder was too quick and just eh. I was disappointed in that. I still wonder about the hotel and the owner of it; does it mean anything? (Mainly because of the elderly residents they picked up that didn't have family/money. Then, later, paying for them to live in an assisted living facility. At least I'm assuming the owner is doing that. There wasn't an explanation.)
From the Sookie books: Quinn and Barry make appearances.

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review 2017-09-11 22:07
MIDNIGHT by Erin Hunter
Midnight by Hunter, Erin [HarperCollins, 2005] Hardcover [Hardcover] - Hunter

A new series in the Warriors series has Brambleclaw receiving a dream from Star Clan.  He along with 3 other cats have received the dream.  What does it mean?  Why are the medicine cats not receiving the dreams?


I liked this story.  It starts off about a year after the first series ends.  We are now just about on the second generation since Firestar has become the leader of Thunder Clan.  Brambleclaw has to determine what his dream means and how the other cats fit in.  They must work together and travel to Midnight.  I like this group of cats.  We still have Firestar and his generation as well as a few elders but this next generation looks like it might change things up in the status quo.  I liked the Yoda-like character that appears.  I am anxiously waiting to see me niece to get the second book in this series.

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review 2017-09-04 21:39
Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch (audiobook)
Midnight Riot - Ben Aaronovitch,Kobna Holdbrook-Smith

Series: Rivers of London #1


This is not only not the first time that I've read this book but it's not the first time I've listened to the audiobook. Kobna Holdbrook-Smith does an excellent job as narrator and Ben Aaronovitch succeeds at writing first-person novel with a distinct voice. Peter himself (the main character) is pretty awesome, and I'm always amused at how he gets "distracted". This reread was interesting in part because I was able to apply what I know about how magic works in this world to the events that take place. On a first read, you're as clueless as Peter about how the magic works. Part of the fun is how he tries to take a scientific approach to magic and measuring its effects. I also now have a theory about the void he feels in the Folly near the end.


I read this for the "Ghost" square in the 2017 Halloween Bingo. Peter meets a ghost within the first few pages and the story takes off from there. It could also be used for the "Murder most foul", "Serial/spree killer" (a bit of a stretch but it would probably pass), "Vampires" (they're unusual vampires but they're called vampires), "Supernatural", and "Darkest London" squares.


Also, any cover that shows a character carrying a gun in this series is wrong because Peter doesn't carry a gun. The closest he gets is a taser later in the series.

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review 2017-09-03 02:11
Night Shift
Night Shift (A Novel of Midnight, Texas) - Charlaine Harris

The third in this trilogy wrapped things up nicely, but left enough open ended that should the author want to revisit Midnight in the future she could.


This one earned a full four stars for all the background we (finally) got on the various characters.


I didn't know it before beginning, but this book would also fit on the demon square as well. However, I did decide to go with the "witches" square, because (1) Fiji was one of my favorite characters, and (2) she ended up being central to the plot of this book.


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text 2017-09-03 01:57
Reading progress update: I've read 400 out of 400 pages.
Night Shift (A Novel of Midnight, Texas) - Charlaine Harris
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