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review 2018-07-17 00:19
Macarons at Midnight (Just Desserts, #1) by M.J. O'Shea and Anna Martin Review
Macarons at Midnight - M.J. O'Shea,Anna Martin

Tristan Green left his small English town for Manhattan and a job at a high profile ad agency, but can’t seem to find his bearings. He spends a lot of time working late at night, eating and sleeping alone, and even more time meandering around his neighborhood staring into the darkened windows of shops. One night when he’s feeling really low, he wanders by a beautiful little bakery with the lights still on. The baker invites him in, and some time during that night Tristan realizes it’s the first time he’s really smiled in months.

Henry Livingston has always been the odd duck, the black sheep, the baker in an old money family where pedigree is everything and quirky personalities are hidden behind dry martinis and thick upper east side townhouse facades. Henry is drawn to Tristan’s easy country charm, dry English wit, and everything that is so different from Henry’s world.

Their new romance is all buttercream frosting and sugared violets until Tristan's need to fit in at work makes him do something he desperately wishes he could undo. Tristan has to prove to Henry that he can be trusted again before they can indulge in the sweet stuff they're both craving.




The baking in this romance was amazing and comes with recipes. 

The book also showcases New York City. 

The love story between Tristen is sweet and tender. The loneliness Tristen feels so far from England and Henry's choice to not be part of the New York elite is nicely detailed.

Because the connection between the heroes charms, the conflicts in the book between Tristen and his awful work environment and then the over reaction of Henry of something that happens feels too heavy handed and made me want to skip around and took away from the pleasure of the book.

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review 2018-07-16 02:17
What Happened at Midnight, Hardy Boys #10 by Franklin W. Dixon
What Happened at Midnight (Hardy Boys, #10) - Franklin W. Dixon,Walter S. Rogers

Bayport has entered the modern age: the automat has come to town! The boys are excited to have their good chum Chet Morton show them how to operate the automat, put a coin in the slot next to the desired food and presto you can open the cubbie and feast. The gang is having a great time and even start playing shovin' buddies, when Joe is pushed into a blonde man and jostles him. The man has an overblown reaction, but the boys don't think too much of it. Later, Joe is shoved into the same man, making him drop a package this time. The man, perhaps justifiably, is even more pissed off and thinks they're out to get him. Again, the situation is laughed off and the gang agrees to meet up later at Chet's for a party.

Then...at midnight...it happened.

'Midnight' has a dramatically different opening here then in the revised edition, which has the Hardy Boys breaking into a scientists house at the behest of their father to safeguard an invention. Were automats not cool anymore by the 1960s?

I'm given to understand the rest of the plot is similar with electronic gizmos replacing some of the loot being kicked around. I never read the revised edition of this, but the leisurely pace the narrative takes while Frank and Joe travel to New York City to follow a clue and then are forced to hitch-hike back home to Bayport over a couple days doesn't seem like something that would have been allowed.

I cannot stress enough how cool these early editions of the Hardy Boys are. Also, Aunt Gertrude was delightful in a crisis. Other than some basic safety concerns for two teens spending several nights out of doors and hitch-hiking, I didn't see any reason to butcher this work for 'modern' audiences. 1920s slang has more appeal to me than that of the 1950s.

Next: 'While the Clock Ticked'

Previous: 'The Great Airport Mystery'

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review 2018-07-10 16:07
Midnight Wolf - Jennifer Ashley

The story line was good. The characters were interesting and well developed. The conflict was strong and I liked the surprises along the way. It was slow at times, but I liked it better than Red Wolf. It is set in New Orleans so Jasmine’s haunted house plays a brief roll (YAY!) and Ben is in it, as well as Lady Aisley. I definitely want Ben’s book, it is high time he got his happily ever after. Overall I enjoyed it, but I didn’t devour it like others.

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review 2018-07-08 19:49
Midnight - Elisa Adams

Amara is a B-movie actress who's in a popular paranormal movie series. But when her youth passes and her popularity wanes, it seems like everything is coming down around her. 


Amara's co-star and fiance turns out to be a lying, cheating scoundrel and Amara quickly finds herself out of a job when her producers tell her they want to turn her campy vampire movie series into a triple-x feature instead. 


Just as Amara tries to start again from zero, a crazed fan abducts her, claiming he's a vampire and he's tired of her incorrect portrayal of vampires. Meaning to set her straight, vampire Marcos, who's been alive for hundreds of years, quickly finds his plan unraveling before his eyes. 


Marcos can't seem to fight his attraction to Amara and it seems like Amara feels the same for him. Can they both make it work for eternity or will things quickly fizzle out? 


Midnight features: 


oral sex

paranormal romance




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review 2018-07-08 13:52
Midnight Hour: A Shadow Falls Novel - C. C. Hunter

For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

I received this book through The Reading Room/Bookstr in exchange for an honest review. 

I requested this book because I liked the cover and the idea of a witch who is dyslexic. I was blown away when I finally read it.

This is the first book I have read in either of the Shadow Falls book series, but after reading it, I am thinking of going back and reading the other books.

I'm not a huge fans of romantic books or love triangles and while those elements are incorporated into this novel, there is tons of other stuff going on, which make it a great read. The book flows through various struggles from the everyday (test-taking, studying, romance, friendship, fights with parents) to the extreme (kidnapping, crazy warlock conspiracies, being wrongfully accused, undercover work, evil family members). This book basically has it all. It combines romance with the paranormal and criminal investigations. And it is so entertaining.

The thing that really interested me about this book initially was that Miranda is dyslexic. At the beginning of the novel, Miranda views it as "a curse" and struggles with it. But by the end, she realizes it is "a gift". I think Hunter did a pretty fair job of showing how dyslexia can make some things harder, but it also helps people see things in a different way than non-dyslexic people. The narration doesn't go into too much detail about what it is like to have dyslexia, but it expresses an overall attitude about accepting it. 

My only critique is that this is a huge book. It's a little over 400 pages long. It only took me about two weeks to read because I was so engrossed in it, but my thumb is killing me after holding is open for so long during binge-reads. There are a few slow moments that didn't seem necessary and could have made the book more concise if they'd been cut. It kind of drags on at times. But overall, I found it fascinating and really enjoyed the writing and the characters. This seems like one of those series you can just lose yourself in. 

Thanks a lot, C.C. Hunter. Now I have to go back and read the other eight books (and short stories). You have found yourself a new fan.

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