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review 2017-11-15 14:11
Somewhat good, but fails with the tropes
Karneval, Vol. 4 - Touya Mikanagi

So we start off pretty good with Gareki going to school and Karoku and then we fall into the the trope of Gareki having to be better than Tsubame in just days, because man. Then we have Tsukumo and her partner needing saving by a man for what happens to them.


Overall the story is brought down by it's misogyny.

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review 2017-11-13 21:48
Can be found from other sources.
Wolf Whistle Politics: The New Misogyny ... Wolf Whistle Politics: The New Misogyny in America Today - Dr. Naomi Wolf,Diane Wachtell

This sounded like an interesting book and the idea of reading up specifically on misogyny in politics seems like a highly topical issue to read. It's a collection of essays from various women whose names you've probably heard of or whose bylines you've read in various publications and their thoughts about running for office, the role of women in politics, the battle women have in the media when running, what it can be like governing, what needs to be improved upon, etc. 


And that's about it. I can't lie and I have to admit I'm pretty disappointed. I didn't realize it was a collection of essays (perhaps I should have noticed how slim the volume is) which is not a reading preference for me. Initially I thought it might be something like an academic study of women in politics or a study of sexism and misogyny and how that affects women candidates and office-holders, etc. No, no such luck.


And aside from that, it appears that most, if not all of these pieces were originally published elsewhere. So therefore there's a pretty good chance you've read one or many or maybe even all of these at some place at some time. So, coupled with the fact that it was published in May of 2017 I couldn't help but feel that this didn't really give the reader anything new if they've been following the election and the current administration.


I think it does have value: if you're someone who's relatively new to politics or genuinely doesn't understand the frustration and struggles of women in office or aiming for office this could be a good resource. If you need a reference regarding women in the 2016 election and all the issues surrounding that topic this could also be a good book to keep on hand. But it should not be your only source and I could see an argument being made for skipping this entirely if you've already read many of these pieces or have access to the publications where these essays were initially published, etc. Library or bargain book.

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review 2017-11-02 18:59
All downhill from here.
Rhysmyth: Volume 2 - Lincy Chan,Anthony Andora

The thing I hate most about this is that there is a lot of forced characterization in this one, probably because this was going to be a three book series and then was cut short to two, because that's the way TokyoPop did things.

Another thing is all the panty shots. However seeing as the writer is a dude, it explains a lot. That being said the ending is very lackluster and had this been part of a bigger series it would have been good however being only two books long, it's very unsatisfying.

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text 2017-10-17 20:15
Just ordered this. A book I absolutely MUST have
To Write Like a Woman: Essays in Feminism and Science Fiction - Joanna Russ

The collection contains her wonderful essay on gothic romances, "Someone is trying to kill me and I think it's my husband."


I have a couple of her other non-fiction books, but oddly have never read any of her fiction.  I suppose that's another gap in my reading experience I need to fill!

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review 2017-10-16 21:23
Return of terrible tropes
Broken Angels, Volume 2 - Setsuri Tsuzui,Setsuri Tsuzuki

So with this book we have the return of the predatory lesbian trope as well as the "gay men are crazy" AS WELL as the "bury your gays".

Really this one just felt forced, we have what we assume to be a man that was just really in love with his wife, so when she killed herself he got a bit obsessed. However it turns out he love Sakura his assistant and he murdered his wife. Where then he kills himself. In the middle of all this are some dolls added for a supernatural element.

We also have a story where Sunao plays the part of an angel to force two people to get together. It's not a very good story.

The final story is a one shot original where a girl has to battle some youkai. It's honestly a more compelling story than what is going on with the rest of the plot.

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