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review 2017-05-06 00:00
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken - Free Comic Book Day 2017
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror B... Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken - Free Comic Book Day 2017 - David Tipton,Scott Tipton Love Star Trek The Next Generation, but this comic seemed a bit weird.
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review 2016-11-11 11:05
$7.99 for less than 100 pages for each installment?
Star Trek The Next Generation: Slings and Arrows, Book 1: A Sea of Troubles - J. Steven York,Christina F. York

I got this for $1.99 on sale hoping to buy the others as well after reading it. The rest of the series has gone back to normal price at $7.99 per short story! At under 100 pages each, there is no way to justify the price... Very disappointing.


The story was interesting and well worth $1.99 but I will not continue reading the other installments and $7.99. There is no way to justify this price.

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review 2016-11-04 14:49
REVIEW BY MERISSA - FALCON: Resistance (KBS Next Generation #1) by Victoria Danann
FALCON: Resistance (KBS Next Generation Book 1) - Victoria Danann
Falcon: Resistance is the first book in the KBS Next Generation series. We have previously met Falcon and the rest, as they helped Elora defend Jefferson Unit. Unfortunately for me (and this is nothing to do with Victoria Danann's writing), I still felt like I was reading about them as young boys, rather than grown men! I guess I need to bring my brain up to gear with their ages.
There is a LOT that goes on this book, and I do mean a LOT! We meet a new brand of vampire who decides to try and help the Knights. Jax is an amazing character and I can't wait to read more of him. Falcon and Gretchen are the main characters in the romance part of the story. B Unit is also back in town, along with U Unit. Sin is having problems. Spaz gets concussion. Wakey is his usual charming self, but seems to be hiding a secret. Like I said, a LOT.
Although the story flowed incredibly well, it is for the amount that goes on that I just can't quite give 5-stars. Let me just say though, this is MY opinion. I like to submerge myself into the romance, and in the previous books, although there is overall story arc, the romance still got the main story. In this, it almost feels like an add-on. Falcon and Gretchen move incredibly fast once she agrees to go on a date with him. 
Even saying this, I was still incredibly invested in this story. So much so that when I got clipped by a left hook, hit by a curve-ball that came out of nowhere, I was a complete mess! We're talking f'ugly crying, so consider yourself warned! Reading the page before, as it built up, I could tell what was going to happen, and I was in complete denial. I refused to admit what it was leading up to. 
Victoria Danann has once again treated me to an amazing story, with well known characters that I love, as well as introducing new ones to me that I can't wait to get to know more. I fell in love with the Knights of the Black Swan series, and I already know that I am feeling the same way about KBS Next Generation.
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
Source: archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2016/11/review-by-merissa-falcon-resistance-kbs.html
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review 2016-10-14 15:50
Exploring a new universe
First Contact - J.M. Dillard,Ronald D. Moore,Brannon Braga

Until quite recently, I was very much a Star Trek: The Original Series kinda gal. I never investigated the other realms of the Trek universe and I had no real desire to...and then Netflix recommended I watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. After that it was kind of a given that I was going to fall head over heels in love with that particular cast of characters. (If you're wondering, I'm torn between Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Data as my favorite.) This of course meant that I had never really explored the literature of ST unless it revolved around my boys Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. My first foray into worlds unknown was the movie tie-in for First Contact by J.M. Dillard. I'm going to be up front and tell you that I still haven't seen this film but I'm going to be rectifying this at my earliest opportunity. This book features the ST:TNG cast as they come face-to-face with their old enemies the Borg Collective. dun dun DUN There's a time travel element to this book which I found a bit squidgy but honestly anytime Trek goes down the time travel route it's questionably done. They're not going back to just any era, however. They end up going back to the time of Zefram Cochrane and to Earth's first glimpse of another planet's inhabitants. The Borg aren't just going back to witness history in the making. (Wouldn't that be a funny concept for a movie? And here's the Borg kicking back in recliners with buckets of popcorn to watch the human race exploring the vast unknown for the first time.) So the crew of the Enterprise must pull out all of the stops to try and defeat this formidable foe. This is a Picard/Data heavy storyline so I was definitely on board with it. It wasn't the most fantastically written Trek novel that I've ever read but it was probably the quickest. I read it in between panels at Star Trek: Mission New York to give you an idea of its length (276 pages). If you're a fan of ST:TNG then you've most likely read this before but if you're a Trek noob then you'll most likely find this an interesting tie-in to the film version. If you're not a Trekkie then you're probably going to pass on this one although honestly why isn't everyone a Trekkie at this point? ;-)

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2016-09-19 02:51
Star Trek: The Next Generation The Stuff of Dreams
The Stuff of Dreams (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - James Swallow


I'd originally gotten a copy of this a few years ago, and promptly forgot about it. With the changes to Net Galley, it came to my attention that I had never read or reviewed this title, so I set about correcting that error.

If you are unfamiliar with the events of Star Trek: Generations, I highly recommend you investigate that movie/movie novelization before attempting to read this book. I was slightly lost, due to some new races/alliances that had been discussed in other books, but it was easily overcome, as most of this story focuses on the Nexus phenomenon and not those events. I was pleased to see that this was a worthy conclusion, for now, of the Nexus story, and the events that led up to that conclusion. It was especially interesting to see the revelations as well as the realizations that Picard came to while in the Nexus a second time. It made me pause and think about my own choices and life, which is always a good thing for a book to do.

However, I thought it could be so much more than it was! Things felt rushed, and not well explained, and it just felt like there were large chunks of it missing for the sake of brevity. I would have much preferred to see this as a full fledged novel, rather than a short novella, but I am glad that I took the time to read it nonetheless.

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