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review 2018-01-02 02:18
Phoebe and Her Unicorn, Heavenly Nostrils #1 by Dana Simpson
Phoebe and Her Unicorn - Dana Simpson

When I was growing up there was no comic strip I loved more than Calvin & Hobbes. On a basic level it spoke to me as a young, over-imaginative kid who dragged his stuffed bear around with him for perhaps too long. I loved the sight gags, the dream sequences, the perplexed adults, the other skeptical children. Long after it was cancelled I still returned, time after time, to my old collections and picked up more until I had the whole series.

With Phoebe and Her Unicorn I finally see a successor. Phoebe is out entertaining herself in the woods when she accidentally skips a stone over the water into a unicorn's head. The unicorn is snapped out of a trance - she'd been mesmerized by her own reflection - and grants Phoebe a wish. She wishes for the unicorn, one Heavenly Nostrils, to be her best friend.

What follows are very sweet, but also sly, strips about modern pre-adolescence, school, parents, holidays and weird food. Its perfect. I would be offering it to every kid that comes into the shop if it weren't for the instant rejection of a pink cover with lady names on. Oh well, little girls love it.

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text 2017-12-08 20:50
Aliens: Rogue - Ian Edginton,Will Simpso... Aliens: Rogue - Ian Edginton,Will Simpson
Aliens: Labyrinth - Jim Woodring
Aliens: Nightmare Asylum - Steve Perry
Aliens: Genocide - Karl Story,Damon Willis,John Arcudi
Avengers: Vision and the Scarlet Witch: A Year in the Life - Steve Englehart,Al Milgrom,Richard Howell
A Once Crowded Sky - Tom King

This is what I got.   


I also took part in a yankee swap and got this:  



It's lootcrate, er, loot that someone didn't want - but I kinda looove it.   The shirt might be a tad small for me, but I still looove it.   

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review 2017-10-02 00:00
Undead Worlds: A Reanimated Writers Anthology
Undead Worlds: A Reanimated Writers Anth... Undead Worlds: A Reanimated Writers Anthology - R. L. Blalock,David A. Simpson,Christopher Artinian,Adrienne Lecter,Valerie Lioudis,Grivante,E. E. Isherwood,Charles Ingersoll,Sylvester Barzey,Samie Sands,Justin Robinson,Christopher Mahood,Arthur Mongelli,Michael Whitehead,Jeremy Dyson,Derek Ailes,Micha Welcome to the Undead Worlds featuring zombies and their world. This time around I am giving a great big shout out to eight of the authors from the Undead Worlds.

This has been one amazing journey with all these zombies. I love me some zombies. I really liked reading all the stories rooting for all the people and following along with them on their journey through the undead worlds. If you love zombies then give this one a try you won’t regret it!

Defenseless: A Story of Death & Decay by R. L. Blalock

A six year old little boy, Dylan is left to face zombies all alone with the help of his best friend. Dylan is a very courageous little boy. I loved his story as well as all the stories in the Dead & Decay world.

Damaged Goods by Samie Sands

The life of a teenage girl as she is slowly turning into a zombie from the moment she is bit until the end. I loved the concept of this story you know getting the events as they occur from a real life “zombie”.

The Horror at Roswell Mills by Michael Peirce

A story of a teenage girl “Captain Alice” who has built her army of teenagers to help fight the undead. Captain Alice is a very strong and smart girl for one so young. Come join Alice as she leads the living in a fight against the undead. A great little story.

Morning of The Living Dead by Mark Cusco Ailes

A story about a man trying to keep his family safe after the animals from the zombie park have escaped and are now attacking humans. When I saw this little story from Zombie Park I had to read it as I have wanted to read Zombie Park Trilogy for a while now. As I do love me some zombies I think I will probably have to up Zombie Park on my TBR list.

Zombie Exterminators by Grivante

Zombie Exterminators is about two brothers who fight zombies in a lab. I really enjoyed this little gem and can’t wait to read more about these two brothers and zombies.

The Fort by Michael Whitehead

A group of soldiers return from a mission to find their fort has been overrun with zombies and must find a way to kill them all. A great read. Zombies and more zombies…

Jimmy by Arthur Mongelli

A story about a mom and a dad who are worried about their teenage son, Jimmy who has locked himself in his room and won’t open the door and let them in. They are worried about Jimmy being in trouble in some way but once they finally gain entrance to Jimmy’s room they may find more than they were bargaining for. Jimmy is a very thoughtful and loving son who tried to save his parents from the zombies.

Alone Together by David Simpson

Two people who have been fighting zombies meet each other for the first time and spend time pondering their lives fighting zombies and how they ended up where they are now. What would you do if the end was here?
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review 2017-05-15 00:08
Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror: Spine-Tingling Spooktacular - Matt Groening, Sergio Aragonés, Neil Alsip 
Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror: Spine-Tingling Spooktacular - Matt Groening,Sergio Aragonés,Neil Alsip

With an allusion to The Illustrated Man. Excellent timing.

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review 2017-04-06 07:05
Book Blitz w/Review - Broken Bastard
Broken Bastard by A.L. Simpson (Blitz Banner)


Title: Broken Bastard 
Series: Broken Series, Book 1 
Author: A.L. Simpson 
Publisher: A.L. Simpson 
Cover Artist: A.L. Simpson 
Release Date: February 26, 2017 
Romance Genre(s): Contemporary, M/M 
Pages: 176 


About the Book




Present Day My name is Tyler Maxwell Alexander. I'm twenty-eight years old. A few months ago, I had it all. An executive job in a prestigious investment firm owned by my father. Ha! Yeah, right - father. I'll explain about that later. I lived in a waterfront apartment overlooking the harbor and drove a Mercedes convertible. Then, in the blink of an eye, it was gone. All of it. Everything, except the clothes on my back. I was broken. A bastard. Did I mention, I'm gay? No? Oh well, I have now. This is the story of how my fairytale life turned to shit in the blink of an eye.....  



Joshua Alexander barges into my office, no polite knock at the door, no excuse me, how's your day? He glares at the files strewn on my desk before training his angry gaze onto me. "Pope file, now."
I rummage through the pile, locate the Pope investment file, and thrust it in my father's direction. He snatches it from me and turns to leave.
"They won't stay. We can't offer them the return the Phillips can. He said he would leave half with me but that's it."
Dad swings around and pins me with narrowed eyes. "Thinking like that will get you fucking nowhere in this business. Half is not good enough. Samuel won't take no for an answer, he'll demand they keep it all with us." He storms from my office and I can't resist giving him the bird behind his back. Yeah, real mature I know.
Samuel is my brother, three years younger than my twenty-six years and mom and dad's golden child. Literally. While I have hair as black as coal and pale gray eyes, my brother is surfie blonde with clear ice blue eyes. The image of my father. I'm tall at six feet seven inches, he is average at five feet eleven inches. My body is hard with washboard abs I work hard to keep. Samuels is soft with a little too much fat around the middle. In looks we are poles apart. In temperament, we are planets apart.
I'm easy going, slow to anger. A loner and a little on the shy side. Samuel is a mean motherfucker like our dad and has a deadly short fuse. Fuck, his temper could blow you into outer space. Brothers we might be, friends, we are not. Hell, we don't even like each other, can't even stand to be in the same room together most of the time.
We all work downtown at Alexander's Investment Corporation. It was my grandfather's business, handed down to my father. One day, being the eldest son, it will be mine.
When I finally take control, if there is a business left to take control of, changes will be made. We miss out on, and are losing, accounts because of dad's and Samuel's greed. Our commission is one of the highest in the city. As I said - greed. The only thing keeping most accounts with us, and the business afloat, is loyalty to my father. God only knows why! We also have a high success rate in recommendations. Or should I say, I have a high success rate. Not to blow my own trumpet but, Dad and Samuel are shit when it comes to selecting successful investments. They don't study the market and make snap decisions which usually backfire. Big time.



Buy Links:


My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Tyler starts out about to get everything he always wanted. He is in line to inherit the company, so he can make it better. He has a boyfriend. All seems really good. Then his father dies, and the truth comes out. So much goes wrong. He loses everything. He meets Bailey as he hits the bottom.


Bailey wants to help him learn to live again. Friendship is welcome, but maybe it can be more? This story has so much going on. Many phases of the main characters life.


A true story of support, friendship, and how to persevere when it all goes wrong. I was impressed with how the author handled some very awful subjects. Has a good pace and prepare for mild violence. Great start for the Broken series.


***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review. View all my reviews  


About A.L. Simpson


Author Bio:


I’m an Australian and live in Queensland. I have always loved to write and have a vivid and overactive imagination. In my spare time, when I’m not writing, I love to walk, read and shop. I believe no mountain is too hard to climb, no river is too wide to span and no journey is too difficult to complete. I follow my dreams and I urge and encourage others to do the same. With a positive attitude, the impossible can become possible.  


Connect with A.L.:




Three lucky winners will receive an e-copy of Broken Bastard, the latest contemporary m/m romance by A.L. Simpson. To be in with a chance, simply enter via the Rafflecopter below. The contest closes at midnight EST on April 15 and is open to entrants worldwide. Good luck!



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April 6

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