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review 2018-08-20 23:49
Rewrite the Stars by Julieann Dove
Rewrite the Stars - Julieann Dove


They were meant to be together, yet destined to be kept apart. Claire is the good girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Colin is the chosen one. His path has been determined by his last name. Thrown together for countless summers at a young age, it's only in adulthood that love takes hold of their hearts and disrupts their lives. Will they be able to survive the stones tossed their way? Rewrite the Stars is a modern twist on a classic plot. Despite the obviousness of the tale, Dove appeals to the heart with a serenity and sincerity that makes for a wonderfully sweet read.

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review 2018-08-20 19:32
Holding Hailey (Alaska Blizzard #2) by Kat Mizera
Holding Hailey - Kat Mizera


Life doesn't always go according to plan. Hailey and Kane are finding that out first hand. She went for the gold and scored on the ice, but in the real world, her life is no fairy tale. Achieving her dream cost her in ways she never dreamed possible. The one bright spot in her life is Kane. The hockey star trying to keep his head in the game is about to get an even bigger shock. When it comes to love, there's never a dull moment. Mizera keeps her heroes on their toes and her readers guessing with heroines that beat the odds and fight their way into the heart. The Blizzards are a hot bed of temptation that keeps getting better.

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review 2018-08-20 16:59
The Left Side of Perfect by Meghan Quinn
The Left Side of Perfect - Meghan Quinn


Whether you laugh, cry or scream, you will never forget a Meghan Quinn novel. She looks at life from ever angle and finds the bright side in the darkest moments. The Left Side of Perfect is the beginning. Flying blind has never been such a treat. I love kooky characters like Ryan. She was an ice breaker for the drama that lies ahead. Colby needed his feathers ruffled a bit. A great starter to the main course.

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review 2018-08-20 16:52
The Right Side of Forever by Meghan Quinn
The Right Side of Forever - Meghan Quinn


Now I can breathe. The Right Side of Forever should be called the The Right Side of Drama. At the heart is love. Undying, heartbreaking, toxic, inspiring and all consuming love. There were many times I felt like my heart was being ripped apart. Each time Quinn knocks you down, she lifts you up with moments of optimism and the presence of hope. It's a long road to the happy ending, but one that was well worth the wait.

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text 2018-08-20 12:35
Blog Tour: Fireweed by M.J. Vieiran with Excerpt and Giveaway


Today’s stop is for MJ Vieira’s Fireweed. We will have info about the book and author, a great excerpt from the book, plus a great giveaway. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaway.

Happy Reading :)

Fire cleanses and brings new life

In the far off land of Manji, two tribes live in a strained peace- the magic wielding Manjians and the supernatural Vampires. A delicate balance is kept between the two races who depend on one another for survival. This peace is broken however when the fireweed, or Io as it’s called, a mythical plant, grows once again within the cursed land called the Barron. Named in aprophecy that speaks doom for both races, the beautiful plant causes panic within the Vampire community. But the bigger mystery comes when a prisoner, thought dead, is found to be alive and has escaped into the forbidden lands beyond the Vampire’s border. Prince Jarek is sent to retrieve her, only to find his life set on a new course when the true Io reveals herself as both a worthy adversary and lover. Will the species survive her wrath? How much will the fire cleanse?

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The field had once been full of life. Vegetation filled the base with leafy greens and was adorned by soft heathers and vibrant yellows. Trees reached for the sky, their tops nearly playing with the clouds that drifted in the atmosphere above. Animals moved in and out of the worn game trails drinking from the nearby stream or feasting on the nutrients the earth gave up. The area was at peace. That was before the war. Before the Cleanse. Before the Royals, the Zheng clashed with the People, the Koa. After the battle, the bodies were left strewn about the field carelessly. The sun rose and they burst into flames. The Vampires’ corpses were consumed by fire, erasing all memory of who they were and who they would be. They burned for days before their ashes were consumed by the ground. No one knew how many spirits lay within the field. But it was no secret the spirits of the warriors who were slain there haunted the ground and contaminated the air. It was said the leader of the Dragons laid a curse on the land, allowing those violent and restless spirits to attack any who dared cross the barren land. Superstitions ran rampant across and kept the Vampires away. Superstitions aside, this was truth: where life once sprang, death now reigned. All that was left of the plants were gnarled, charred roots of the towering trees which now stuck out from the ground like skeletal hands seeking refuge in the light of day. A prophecy lay amongst the memories of the few who managed to live beyond the day the field burned. It is said that nothing would grow on the scarred land until a chosen warrior of the People came forth from the ashes. This time would be signaled by the growth of the Io, a flowering plant that represented fire and rebirth. It was rare and called Fireweed in the common tongue. The Io signaled the cleansing of the psyche, a changing of the times when the head blind Vampires would reclaim their magic and make amends for their genocide. Any unworthy who touched it would be burned and those who came with pure spirits would be healed.


MJ Vieira resides in Southern Maine with her husband, Alan, son, AJ, and their St. Bernard, Roxy. As a child, she traveled around the state with her parents, seeing the vast history the New England state had to offer as well as touring the nation while showing her American Quarter Horse. While traveling, she read many of the great authors of the time including JRR Tolkien, Stephen King, CS Lewis and Ann Rice. It is these writers combined with power of music, mainly hard rock and folk, MJ draws her inspiration.

In between writing, MJ enjoys reading, collecting music and attending concerts. Lux is the first installment in the Veritas series which is MJ's first published work.



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Source: snoopydoosbookreviews.com/index.php/2018/08/20/blog-tour-fireweed-by-m-j-vieiran-with-excerpt-and-giveaway
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