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url 2020-02-17 12:43
How to Choose the Right Typography for your Product Packaging

5 tips to understand how to use typography rightly on product packaging boxes. Why beautiful packaging boxes are not enough to attract the customers.


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url 2019-12-09 11:08
Logo Design Services


A simple change in the product design could boost otherwise drop your product’s sale. Let us dive deep on this point. For example – Desktops and Laptops are two diverse product designs of similar product-personal PCs. Though we have viewed in the current years, the sale of desktops has decayed majorly while laptops are relishing additional market share. This all is the outcome of a simple variation in the product design.


Having dismal content can simply translate toward having a dull product. Trust me, customers are scrolling correct past that boring, unpleasant, least call-to-actiony praise you threw together on your pirated form of photoshop. It’s tough for customers to “click here” or “buy now” when what they are looking at does not even grip their courtesy for longer than the quantity of time it takes for their pointer to x-out of your advertisement. See more graphic design company.




Your designs requisite to be fascinating sufficient for them to want to take action over and over again. And not merely will well design inspire customers to buy your product, it upsurges your shareability. When customers share your content through social media or word of mouth that means they care around what they are purchasing. That is FREE advertising! And while they care about what they’re purchasing their friends plus followers would be influenced to do the same.



Source: www.pixibitdesign.com
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text 2014-08-11 08:15

LabelDesign.com is a graphic design studio that focuses on label design for consumer products worldwide. Our Internet-based approach makes label design an easy, fast and affordable process with world-class results.LabelDesign.com can also design corporate identities, logos, brochures, websites and other design pieces for your brand or company.


Source: www.labeldesign.com
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review 2013-09-07 14:51
Desiging Virtual Worlds Should Be On Every Coder's Bookself

Published in 2004, Richard A. Bartle's Designing Virtual Worlds, is a great resource for the modern software designer. The lessons learned from the early days of Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs) can be directly applied to help make any Internet or mobile application more fun and successful. Gamification is an important tool in today's world of social networks and smart phones. With Bartle's book you're getting advice from one of the main inventors of addictive software.


Bartle was one of the co-creators of MUD1, a pioneering text adventure game that enable people across the early Internet (the Internet of dialup modems) to play in a collaborative fashion. His book, Designing Virtual Worlds (DVW), contains everything a product designer needs to know about where virtual worlds came from, their core elements, how they are produced, who plays them, their problems and pitfalls, and where they are going. When you take into consideration how greatly technology has changed between 2004 and 2013, the fact that DVW is still relevant is an amazing accomplishment.


There are two reasons for DVW's success as a book...


It doesn't contain code. Software tools age rapidly. Almost none of the operating systems and platforms consumers use today existed in 2004. Bartle explains core concepts which can be applied in any technical paradigm. The savvy young coder writing a modern virtual world or social application in Node.js and MongoDB will get plenty of value out of DVW without having to wade through C++ code.


The other reason is more profound: Human beings are natural gamers. One of our main distinguishing characteristics is that we play well after childhood. Bartle is a an astute observer of human behavior and MUD1 was designed with humans in mind. Bartle's chapters on translating motivation, narrative, and psychology into the design of a virtual world are priceless.


If you think about it, we live in several "virtual worlds" simultaneously.  Facebook and Twitter are virtual worlds. Tumblr and even the Huffington Post are virtual worlds. They each have their own physics, characters, events, shared resources, and persistence. That's because they are all gamified in someway. If you want to design a product that is as successful as any of those you should read Bartle.

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