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review 2018-04-08 13:36
The Man Flu: "Five to Twelve" by Edmund Cooper
Five to Twelve (Coronet Books) - EDMUND COOPER

There are undoubtedly many factors that influence the trends revealed by some statistics - social roles, required sustenance levels, lifestyle, physical conflict, sacrifice, etc, as well as the fact that we already know that men have lower life expectancy. Men and women are different, but equal. It's a sad state of affairs when the idea that men die younger is wheeled out with smugness as some kind of victory, complete with a picture of a jubilant old woman (are we supposed to assume that she is specifically laughing about the death of her husband or a close male relative?). I fully and completely acknowledge that women have been, and are being, subjected to terrible treatment due simply to their gender - however I don't think the way to address that issue is to put the boot on the other foot and start kicking the other way instead. (Is the notion that your own husbands, brothers, sons, are going to die statistically younger really something to be triumphalist about? Does that make them weak?) As nice as it may be to get some payback, and I'm not saying that towards a lot of men it isn't deserved, the real problem in our society is that men and women are taught to be opposing sides and are pitted against each other; we are stuck in a conflict of men vs women. It's true that men have traditionally had the upper hand, but (some variants of) feminism seeks only to level the scores, or to give women the upper hand. What really needs to happen is that we end the ridiculous rivalry and work together to make life better for everyone. Let's end the gender pay gap, stop women being treated like objects, end the shaming of women, have women properly represented in our legislature. 



If you're into Vintage SF, read on.

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review 2018-03-29 06:40
Captain Seadog by Jefferson Cooper
Captain Seadog - Jefferson Cooper

Upon his return from the Spanish Main, his ship heaving under the weight of the gold taken at sword's point, Captain Michael Goddard is arrested under charges of high treason against Queen Elizabeth and England.

Escaping the leader of the Spanish party, he meets Meg, a tavern maid, who helps him escape his pursuers, leading him safely to the rendezvous with Queen Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Regina thus entrusts him with the mission to expose the members of the Spanish party, the real traitors who would see Philip, King of Spain, on the English throne, and Michael and Meg embark on an almost impossible mission of unmasking the traitors within and battling the Spanish invasion from across the Channel.

This was a swashbuckling spy story set in Elizabethan era England. It had it all...treachery and deceit, duels, cloak-and-dagger (literally) adventure, (star-crossed) romance, love, and a massive sea battle in the last couple of chapters.

I liked the spy elements of the story as Michael attempted to gather enough proof to hand over to Queen Elizabeth. The adventure and suspense were gripping and intense as both protagonist and reader tried to think and plan ahead, wondering just what might happen next.
Compared to that, the romance element was more or less relegated into the background, resurfacing only to draw the spotlight onto the fact Michael and Meg could never really be, thanks to the disparity between their stations in life. But since this was an adventure story, the author never lingered overmuch on the romance aspect.

It was a wonderful story, an exquisitely written tale of perils and breathtaking romance.

It's definitely a must read, though quite a feat to obtain.

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review 2018-03-26 14:31
The Return of Kid Cooper
The Return of Kid Cooper - Brad Smith
I’ve just started to watch westerns on television and I have read just a few, so reading this novel was quite different for me but quite entertaining nevertheless. It was what I would call, a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. This novel didn’t have a romance like some westerns do but it did have its share of conflicts and there were the shootings, whether the individuals deserved them or not. A bullet here, a bullet there, just make sure that you were carrying and you knew how many bullets you had left before you pulled the trigger.
Nate had just been released from doing a 28-year stint in jail. Wrongly accused of a crime, he is given a suit and $163.14 and shown the door. A true cowboy, Nate finds the nearest store and doesn’t think twice about laying out $28 dollars for a new hat and some boots that fit. He heads into Opportunity, he needs to settle a score that he promised a young man from prison and then he heads back into familiar territory to look for work. Nate wants to get back into the saddle and out on the range but he knows his age and being an ex-con is not something everyone is looking for. Times have changed while he was away and technology has made its advancements, something Nate and a few others are having a hard time accepting.
Nate finds some old acquaintances and they inform him of some things that have occurred while he was away. Some individuals never change including Nate and he immediately sets about inquiring about an issue that others would like to hidden. Nate is about justice, he oversteps his boundaries at times but he is a man of his word.
I liked the language in his novel, it felt descriptive at times and other times it felt rugged and choppy. As Nate left the prison he wanted to lead a good life, he never wanted to go back to prison yet when he returned to his old stomping grounds, he realized what some individuals were up to and he knew he had to stop them. He did what he had to do, no matter the cost because the end result mattered to him more than his life behind bars. I liked that about Nate. I liked the character of Rose. I had this mental picture of her the minute I met her and the more I got to know her, this picture changed. What a transformation Rose made. I enjoyed reading this novel, I just might be reading more westerns if they are like this.
I received a copy of this novel from Skyhorse Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for providing me a copy of this novel.


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review 2018-03-19 02:50
Truths and Roses: A Love Story - Inglath Cooper

A sweet story about the trials and tribulations of a star crossed couple.  The two of them could not workout their togetherness, until they put the past behind. This was a good easy read. 

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review 2018-03-16 10:00
New Release Review! Highland Dragon Master (Dawn of the Highland Dragon #3) by Isabel Cooper!
Highland Dragon Master - Isabel Cooper



Legend claims
When Scotland fell to English rule
The Highland dragons took a vow:
Freedom at any price.

The war for Scottish independence rages on, but it's only a matter of time before England is victorious. Exhausted and battle-weary, Highland dragon Erik MacAlasdair will face unknown seas to seek the Templar stronghold and claim a power so great it could free his beloved homeland forever.

If only that kind of power didn't come with such a terrible price.

Daughter of a mortal woman and an ancient dragon, Toinette has never forgotten the proud Scot who once stole her young heart—she'll gladly fight at his side. But when dark forces leave them stranded on a cursed island, it will take everything they have to defy their fate...and trust the passion that burns within the heart of every dragon.




The Highland Dragon Master has readers joining in the fight against a curse in adventure that draws readers in and refuses to let go.


Toinette an Erik are two very strong and compelling characters that make it easy for readers to get know them and become captivated by the story. The romance between Erik and Toinette progresses at a steady rate as it builds from their past, it has lots of sizzling sexual chemistry that heats up the pages and they must overcome the turmoil of a perilous situation that adds lots of obstacles and emotional distress which has readers empathizing with the couple as they strive for a happy ending to the nightmare.


Suspense and anticipation builds throughout the story as Toinette, Erik and their crew sail right into the heart of an evil curse that would destroy their very lives. The adventure becomes full of danger and thrills that send chills down the reader’s spine as they try to discover just what they are up against and the path they must take to achieve that is full of surprising twists that keeps them on their toes and the readers guessing just what might happen next.


Isabel Cooper brings her brilliant world to vivid life with well written words that paint vibrant images that make it easy for the reader picture each and every scene and makes it easy for them to become part of the fascinating world of her mesmerizing dragons and their companions.  Her dragons always seem life like and fit into her time frame and the events so well that I can easily imagine them being real during that time period. Highland Dragon Master held me captive from the very beginning and I can’t wait to find out what the author has it store for us next.




Highland Dragon Master is the 3rd book in the Dawn of the Highland Dragon series.


Highland Dragon Master is available in print or ebook at:

Amazon   B&N   GPlay   Kobo   eBooks


Isabel Cooper can be found at:

Website   Goodreads   BookBub  

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