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review 2018-10-26 17:18
His Purrfect Mate - Laurann Dohner

After the first book in the series, I half dreaded this one. Fortunately, the H - Anton - is a sweetheart. He and his inner canine are momentarily taken aback by the heroine when she climbs him, and moreso when he finally notices the feline scent BUT... it doesn't take long, like more than a few minutes of conversation while waiting for a packmate to fetch him clothes, for both man and varmint to be all aboard as far as the h is concerned. Still, he takes her back to her home and leaves her alone.


He comes back a few days later while she's filing a police report against someone who utterly trashed her apartment. Turns out it was a few idiot younguns who didn't take heed to his warning, along with a couple of rogue shifters. So he takes her home with him and puts her under his protection.


Much sex later (and a bite, etc), his mom finds out about him being with a part feline and well...


I would just like to say, for a devious and ambitious woman, she (mom) is pretty stupid. She seems unaware that all but her youngest son actually resent her a bit, and doesn't seem to grasp that by taking what appears to actually BE her son's mate and disposing of her, she's crossed a line there's no going back from.


Now, what I didn't like about this book - everyone talks too much. I expect nervous chatter from a scared part cat in wolf territory. The 4 brothers and cousin though? Gaaah! They'd take 3 sentences to explain something that could have been told in 1.5, and the explanation of what the h was going through when they rescued her from being a kitten farm (what mommy dearest signed her up for) came across as an overly detailed info dump.

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review 2018-10-25 03:19
Mate Set - Laurann Dohner

Well... for once one of the author's Hs wasn't thrilled to find his mate. There's some sort of irony that in the worlds she's created where they don't actually mate, they grab random *human* females by their hair and drag them off for a lifetime of being a living blow up doll. This one, where mating happens, the guy resists it.


I hate it when that happens. If you're going to have matings, don't have the prospective mates acting like jackasses about it.


So here we have Dumb and Dumber - I'll leave that up to others to decide which is which but... the h knows her uncle is a werewolf, knows this little town is a shifter town, and doesn't really bother to check with him before arriving. Upon arrival, she's told by him DO NOT GO OUT AFTER DARK. What does our genius do? Yup. Never been an issue before so why now? I mean; he told it her everyone was in mating heat, so it wasn't like she wasn't warned. Nearly got herself gang-raped in the first chapter. Later, after the H is stuck guarding her (her uncle should have packed her arse back on the plane, but then again, if she was smart, she would have cut the trip short herself), she flirts, dresses provocatively, etc., because she wants to bang the hot werewolf (who is also dealing with mating heat but...). At no point does she ask if he's involved with anyone. Several days later, cabin fever (stupidity actually) sets in and she gets him to take her to the bar he runs where...she runs into an employee he's nailed in the past (talk about pissing in your own sandbox), then an alpha from another pack who pretty much backs the H into a corner as far as claiming her is concerned. At this point, it's a foregone conclusion he's going to be nailing her every chance he can get. Then after all this, she gets pissed off and upset to find out he'd actually planned to spend time with a female he was considering claiming. Uh... Should have asked beFORE you all but humped his leg dummy.


That's her.


He...never bothered to tell her he was seeing someone else, something he should have informed her of when she was in entice mode (of course, seeing as how he also had no qualms about banging an employee...). He also had made it no secret to any of his acquaintances that he had no intention of ever mating with a human. They all wasted no time in telling her of this. He'd act all pissed that he'd almost lost control and claimed her. Wanted to bring in another male for a 3-some (to diffuse the urge to claim her for real)...and wondered why she was pissed off. Then he did bite her and threw a freaking tantrum, which is irritating in a 2 year old but with a 200 lb werewolf?! He gutted her bedroom...then ran like a rat. She was ready to leave town then, which was when enlightenment finally hit him and he enlisted his family's help. Still...


Oddly enough I do believe in the HEA but DAMN that was painful.

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review 2018-10-23 19:54
February and March in Atlantis - Alyssa Day

I am glad that I waited until March was finally released before acquiring February, even if my reason was that I wanted a physical copy. The two read like parts 1 and 2 of a book rather than 2 novellas.


With that in mind... Jake, H in the first, was a drifter of sorts until Poseidon decided he'd drifted enough. A sea fae may have been involved. He's now a part of Denal's group, whether he wants to be or not. The h... I had issue with. There comes a point when wanderlust starts to look less like a life of adventure than an avoidance of responsibility. Her defensiveness towards her parents - who wanted her to stop wandering (considering where she wandered, I can certainly understand that. No parent really relishes the thought of their daughter ending up in a sex trafficking ring or well, dead). The two seem like the perfect match. Just hope they don't reproduce...


Lucas - H in the second - is the son of the traitor in the first handful of the Atlantis books. He's had to live with the results of this - even his own mother apparently views him with suspicion. The h...once upon a time, she fancied herself in love with a wolf shifter alpha who was an abusive douchebag. She finally ran - after figuring out she was preggers. Much of this one takes place in a car as the two of them go on a cross-country trip to get her kid back.


While the first half read as one story, the second half didn't. It split between the two couples, particularly near the beginning. Read as *a* book, it mostly works. There's some repetition there right at the beginning of March, that if eliminated, would have made things flow better. I do understand though that with the two halves being published independently, it needed to be there.

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review 2018-10-23 16:18
A Mermaid's Kiss - Joey W. Hill

I have some issues with the world building here that made it difficult to really immerse myself into the story. Those are my own though and had I taken the time to do some preemptive skimming prior to purchase rather than smirking at the mermaid angle and making sure it wasn't a three-some tale...


The h - Anne - is the great great granddaughter of Ariel. Yes; that Ariel. The spell that originally allowed Ariel to walk on land got twisted somehow when the seawitch attempted to remove it and her descendants have been cursed. At least one was a siren. None have lived past their 21st birthday - not because of disease either as Anne's mother killed herself.


The H - Jonah - is an angel who has lost his way...and in the beginning, his wing. Just one. The h finds the wing, hunts him down, and takes him to a safe place as per his directions.


The sea witch has a descendant too - Mina. Mina is also dark spawn - half dark one. She fights it and tries to help Anne.


It's an odd blend of fanciful fairy tale, sex that is often somewhat crude, and well, the emoting of an angel who needs to get over himself. He knows he's lost his way, and is reluctant to find it. Near the end, when the goddess tells him the origins of humans, he revolts. The h manages to heal his mind and heart, things happen, dark ones blow up, he mourns her passing (yes; she does die, but she wasn't supposed to, so gets a reprieve), has a good cry, and finds her again. The end.


Things I didn't like, odd world building or no - that finalish scene where she goes to a turned Jonah to try to bring him back to the light. It was so drawn out as to be ridiculous. She goes up to him, he punches her. She crawls back, he breaks her arm, she gets back up and tries again, he speaks in an evil voice that drives her down...again. She gets back up and tries to sing to him, upon which he punches her *again and this time kicks her. So she tries again. How I don't know. I was sort of wondering how she was still alive as she'd been hit twice by an angel. Anyway, he has his sword out with the tip resting on his hand - no, I don't know why a warrior of any sort would do that - and she climbs Mt Jonah again, kisses him, nearly cutting herself in half in the process, and while he's distracted, combines their blood for a bit of joining magic which finally gets his heart back in his chest where it belongs (it's in a jar, don't ask). Then she artfully dies.


His obfuscating and toe dragging. He's avoided the goddess for half a century. It's not clear why he stopped. The questions on how he got to this state in the first place. How was it none of the others noticed?


I'm sortof curious as to who the next one is about, but not sure I can sit through that much navel-gazing.

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review 2018-10-02 00:50
Legend of the Highland Dragon - Isabel Cooper

Interesting. A historical PNR with dragons.


The h inadvertently finds out what the H is by virtue of inviting herself over to visit with the housekeeper. She's working class...actually, that might be a stretch seeing as how some of her siblings are maids, etc. So there is class disparity between her and the H - who is titled. That said, I get the feeling that where dragons are concerned, it's less who's appropriate and more who will adapt.


She has attitude - he calls her Cerberus more often than her name. I thought that a bit odd considering said class disparity. Also thought it odd that the H would back off. Then again, perhaps the attraction was behind that.


Eventually the bad guy figured out how to separate them and grabbed her. The H went after him with a good deal of interest, showing him for sure what he was but he didn't come out of that confrontation alive.


I think...I may pursue this one further.

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