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review 2020-06-04 03:39
Icy Clutches by Aaron Elkins
Icy Clutches - Aaron Elkins

Series: The Gideon Oliver Mysteries #6


I picked this up on a whim a few months ago when it was on sale and I’m glad that I can say that I don’t regret it. Gideon Oliver is a forensic anthropologist who sometimes gets called out on police cases but this time he just stumbles into a case while he’s accompanying his wife as the plus one/spouse on a training trip to a remote lodge in Alaska. Apparently he forgot to bring any books (silly man) and there are fewer trails around the place than he expected so he really lucks in when they discover some human remains on the glacier. And then a modern murder happens, naturally (he doesn’t have to examine those bones). Could they be related, he wonders?


Anyway, this is basically a cozy mystery with nice banter and a surprising lack of things that drive me up the wall. Gideon is completely in love with his wife to the point that it was almost too sugary, but mostly I found it cute. It was a nice break from amateur detectives with dysfunctional relationships, anyway. I have another one of these that I picked up on sale even though I hadn’t read the this one yet, so I guess I’ll be keeping an eye out for any additional sales.


Previous updates:

56 % (Cusinart joke)

7 % (I think I found the victim)


Oh what the heck, I'll reproduce the Cusinart joke here:

There was a way to use bone weights to find out whether a set of bones had come from the same person, but you needed the right bones, and Gideon didn’t have them. Of course, with Owen’s rangers out searching for more, there was a possibility that they’d turn up, and then a scale would come in handy. But not this scale.


“Actually, Arthur, I’d need something a little more accurate. This—”


“Accurate?” Arthur cried. “Good heavens, man, this is a Cusinart!”


Admittedly I'm not that familiar with 1990 scale technology but just the idea of using an uncalibrated kitchen scale for this...

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review 2020-06-02 22:28
The Division Bell Mystery by Ellen Wilkinson
The Division Bell Mystery - Ellen Wilkinson

This seemed to start off a bit slow just because it seemed to take a while to establish the characters and cover a lot of the governmental stuff. But either it picked up or I got more into it because the later chapters seemed to go by much more smoothly. The mystery is good and interesting overall although I think the biggest selling point of the book is that it was written by a former MP back in the early 1930s and she peppers the book with observations on the government and how women MPs were treated. I liked how the relationship between the elected people and the civil servants was portrayed as well.


Previous updates:

65 %

47 %

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review 2020-06-02 19:22
Justice Gone by N Lombardi Jr #NLombardiJr
Justice Gone - N. Lombardi Jr.

I won a signed paperback of Justice Gone by N Lombardi Jr from Freda’s Voice. Thank you Freda and Nick for the wonderful addition to my book stack.


Amazon / Goodreads




OMG. I was raging and saddened for Joey Felton. Fucking animals…a familiar story that has shared more than one headline in our current events…a man beaten to death by the police…a scape goat. A trial where all the biases and failings of the justice system are exposed. A frightening look at out justice system…the good and the bad.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos4 Stars
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text 2020-06-02 17:24
Full immersion. Super Training Techniques for Quick Skills

The idea of classical teaching - when we listen to lectures, read textbooks and do exercises - is based on the transfer effect: it is assumed that what is learned in one context (in the audience) will be applied at the right time in another (in real life). Unfortunately, this almost never works.

To learn quickly and effectively, it is worthwhile to get knowledge in the same context in which we will apply it. There are 4 tricks in the book Super Teaching that will help you organize this.


Project Based Learning

Many super-workers (people who master knowledge and skills extremely quickly) choose projects rather than courses. The logic is simple: if you organize your training around the production grabmyessay review of something, then you are guaranteed to learn how to do this thing. If you just attend classes, you can spend a lot of time on notes and reading, but never reach the goal.


Immersion training

Diving is when you literally dive into the environment in which the skill is practiced. The simplest example is learning a language in the country where it is used. Staying among the speakers guarantees: you will communicate much more and more diverse than you would do in the audience, which means that you will learn the language faster.

Learning a foreign language is not the only area of ​​application of the immersion method. For example, novice programmers can join open source projects to try themselves in solving new coding problems. Think about how to immerse yourself in the area you are studying.

Flight Simulation Method

Projects and immersion are cool, but some skills cannot be developed in real conditions. Safe piloting or surgery cannot be safely practiced. In this case, try to simulate the most similar situation.

For example, a flight simulator is used to teach piloting. This is almost as effective as controlling a real airplane if you reproduce the same tasks that you have to solve in the air. The simulator does not have to be perfect: it does not matter whether the graphics and sound exactly match the flight. It is important that key skills are trained. Then the transfer will be easier.


Redundant approach

This method consists in maximizing the expansion and complexity of the task. For example, superman Tristan de Montebello mastered his oratory skills before speaking at the World Cup. At first he trained at oratory clubs, but felt that he was appreciated there too gently. Then he decided to perform in secondary schools.

Schoolchildren are merciless. If jokes are not funny and speech is boring, they openly express it. Tristan immediately read in faces: "Redo!" Such honest feedback allowed us to learn faster and more intensively.

Think about how you can learn “in abundance,” that is, to solve problems more complex than those that confront you in real life. However, do not overestimate yourself: a hostile environment can demotivate and undermine faith in one’s abilities. Choose a high but adequate level of requirements.

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text 2020-06-01 22:03
Reading progess and other things
L'Enigme des Blancs-Manteaux - Jean-François Parot

Chapter 4, and the story is finally picking up, it seems. Hopefully it's just a slow start, and not a problem with the prose throughout the book.


It'd be especially annoying because I'm having the same problem with the other book I'm reading right now. I like its premise (it's a fantasy novel about an alternate 19th century where world powers depend on the dragons they have), but it's taking a bit to start and by this point the main characters are still pretty bland - I seriously can't wait for that development to kick in. Still, there are enough things I enjoy about it, and I don't feel like dropping it.


And, back to the French Buddy Read, I'll just drop this link here; it's a great reference work by themis-athena, I'll be definitely looking it up as I go along with the book.

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