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review 2018-03-11 16:44
Nonstop Action for Fantasy and Thriller Fans
The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb - Ricardo Alexanders

What would World War II have looked like if an alien invasion had brought the Axis and Allies together? The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb reviews just such a world in a fantasy that opens the first book in a projected series.


Lest readers expect a staid alternate history piece, it should be mentioned that The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb is more like an Indiana Jones action piece on steroids. Picture military encounters with a World War II backdrop, but with plasma-breathing fire dragons on the battlefield. Add a dash of difference with Chinese infantrymen joining forces and fighting alongside Japanese and American forces. Now temper this mix with extraordinary adventures: captured archaeologist Chuan-Jay (CJ) Hoo's task of excavating the tomb of the First King of China for a mythical device, the Ninth Cauldron, that can manipulate the time of the universe when the Dragon Stone is inserted; and a new mission that takes place a year later.


In this effort, CJ teams up with American adventurer Dr. Harry Jones to convince the alien guardians to fight with first China, then the Allies in a winding story line that pairs familiar history with unfamiliar fantasy touches revolving around hidden forces, buried history, and dark changes.

It takes a deft hand to present World War II history in a logical manner while adding all kinds of alternative history elements, fantasy influences, and military confrontations between individuals who find themselves caught between too many opposing forces and special missions. Ricardo Alexanders succeeds in portraying a satisfyingly complex dance between a diverse range of influences.  What new force released on Earth could prove so deadly that the efforts of all human fighters are thwarted? Will CJ prove mankind's last hope, or humanity's greatest enemy?


From the riveting, last desperate attempt of the Enola Gay to change history in a different manner to descriptions of the plasma blades of the Psyccagon, the action is relentless, the story line complex but logical, and the nonstop events make The Last Resistance hard to put down.


It's unusual to recommend a military-style fantasy for readers of alternative history and even non-fantasy action thrillers; but The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb promises many unpredictable twists and turns, creates strong characters, adds cultural encounters, and flavors all with high tension that makes for a top recommendation holding the ability to cross genres from fantasy to thriller audiences. Anyone who relishes the staccato action of an Indiana Jones piece will find its equal in The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb.

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review 2018-03-04 02:51
Audio Book Review: Strain of Resistance
Strain of Resistance (The Bixby Series Book 1) - MS Michelle Crowningshield-Bryan

*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Marnye Young is a new narrator for me. I found I enjoyed her smooth voice and pace from the beginning. My brain didn't fight her voice, but instead instantly fell into pace with her narration. The characters felt to be true to the feelings she gave us in voice.

The first chapter is how the world ended and what happened to the people. This could have easily been boring, but it was well done! I got to know Bixby and what happened to the world. We see what the threat is and what they will be fighting. We also get hints as to weaknesses for the creatures. All this was well written that it kept my attention with being filled with a faster pace.

We have people who were not infected by the alien spores and are now fighting to survive in the world of people who are zombie like with the alien in them. Why are these people not infected? We get that answer as the story goes. I like that there are reasons for how and why things are the way they are. It puts my mind to ease, and the author does that. She gives me these answers so I can focus on the characters and what they are fighting for, and the romance that is present.

The story also has a romance to it. Bixby has a current lover, but she doesn't want love involved. Her heart still has a strong hold on Sam, who left a year ago and hasn't returned. Bixby starts to learn that she needs to open up her heart again, and this man is a perfect match for her. This is something Bixby thinks on through the book and finally accepts. (Although, after the ending, I think there's going to be heartache.)

It's been eight years since the first infection. They know what they are fighting and how to fight it. Though, there are changes seen. It's looking like the leeches are evolving and becoming a new, more dangerous, threat to the dwindling human survivors. Now, how do they stop this new threat from birthing and destroying what's remaining of humanity?

This is not a new story. The idea of the aliens and even the love relationships are something we're familiar with. But the author did a wonderful job of creating her own characters in the world. They are their own individuals and felt to stick out in this world for me. That's what makes the story for me.

The blend of hard personality to prevent feeling the hurt of lose in this world and growth of love along with an infected world one has to fight to survive was something that I slipped into and enjoyed. The book held my attention and I enjoyed Bixby's hard personality. Though, I can see some readers not liking Bixby's harsh personality. But, in her defense, it's her way of protecting herself and her heart. I really felt to understand why she was the way she was. And loved seeing her come to a realization in the end.

This book has an ending for what they are working to achieve. However, there was a comment made in the end that had me curious for the next book. Then, we get the last chapter which goes with the comment and REALLY has me curious about what will happen in the next book - with threat and love sides of the story.

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review 2018-02-14 00:00
Hearts of Resistance
Hearts of Resistance - Soraya M. Lane Interesting book. Very intriguing. Loved the story. The author was new to me
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review 2018-02-05 05:29
The Lost Castle - Book Review

This story is spread out between three women - three women who are strong willed and unwilling to conform to the world around them. They fought, loved, and lived through some of the most troubling times in history. Aveline who has her life arranged for her by her family, but wants something different. Vi, who refuses to sit back and watch the world change around her. Ellie - who wants to unlock the secrets of her grandmothers life, but unwilling to budge on what she sets her mind to.
Ellie wants to know about her grandmothers past, and the secrets that are locked within the confines of her mind. Alzheimer's has ravaged the once clear and brilliant mind, leaving her millions of miles away - not always knowing her granddaughter, or where she is. The secrets that haunt her grandmother send Ellie off on a search for the answers - all the way to France.
Once there, she encounters Quinn, who holds almost as many secrets as her grandmother. As the stories flip between Aveline, Vi and Ellie, the past comes to life once more.

Aveline's story really spoke to me. The French Revolution was a dangerous time. But her concern was not the money or the social standing. She bucked convention and tried to help those who needed it the most. Instead of marrying the man that was set before her, she found love in one of the most unlikely places, with someone who was willing to look past the scars and accept her for who she was.
Vi was someone who wanted to do her part in the war, no matter the cost to her, because she believed in what they were fighting for.

I really enjoyed reading through this book. It held my attention throughout, and the flipping back and forth was not really hard to follow at all.

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review 2017-12-06 18:52
Antibiotics resistance aftermath - interesting concept
Surgeon X: The Path of Most Resistance - Sara Kenney

Dealing with the world's increasing reliance on antibiotics and its consequences, this comic collection centres around a family's involvement in medical circles in a not-too-distant future. As the British Government refuse treatment to many, Rosa operates illegally in every sense of the word as her family search for a solution to the antibiotic problem. Quite good although I wasn't too keen on the illustrations but certainly an original tale and especially important in this day and age. Volume 2 to follow should be interesting as well.

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