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review 2018-04-20 22:23
Three Sisters (Blackberry Island #2) by Susan Mallery
Three Sisters (A Blackberry Island Novel) - Susan Mallery

I did enjoy this book, but not as much as I did books one and three. The title refers to the three Queen Anne style homes that sit on a hill on the island. 


House on the left is home to Deanna and her family. On the outside they are a picture of polished perfection; internal strife among the family is starting to crack the façade. Deanna had a shitty childhood and deals with her insecurities via her undiagnosed OCD. Her life is spinning out of control and she honestly wants to change, but is very isolated.


House on the left is home to Boston and her husband. They are still grieving the sudden death of their baby and drifting apart. Boston channels her artistic ability into creating and recreating images of her baby. Her husband is mean to her on purpose or drinks a lot as his coping mechanism. Honestly Zeke could go fuck right off the planet and I would cheered. 


House in the middle is a run down, ready for Halloween all year round fixer upper. As the book starts, Andi is the new proud owner of said house of Halloween and is doing a total gut of the inside and clean up of the outside. She is a pediatrician and wants to open her own practice on the ground floor of her home, then live in the other two levels. She was stood up at the altar by a guy she dated for ten years, but his name is erased from her mind at the sight of her contractor's fine butt. 


Over time, the three women grow close (awkward moments early in the friendship made it feel more realistic and less like a sorority) and reach out to each other when the men fuck up (looks at Zeke). There is a lot of wine drinking in this story. Deanna's mental condition is treated by medication and her family dynamics are treated by a therapist. Again, something that in regular romance would have been cured by an orgasm or two is actually dealt with honestly and with grace in this book. Boston drew courage from Deanna's change and started moving forward in a healthy way as well. Both of these character's arcs were wonderful to watch unfold.


Then there was Andi's arc - the author made her a TSTL sex kitten a little past the half way mark and her ending was so typical of the run of the mill contemporary romance genre. In the second half of the book she just got on my last damn nerve. Still her meeting with her ex-fiancé was great to read. But the rest of her story was crap.


I went into reading the third book soon after finishing this book, so Andi's arc issues didn't sour the story overall and I wanted more Blackberry Island life. Appearance by Michelle from book one was fun to read.

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text 2018-04-06 04:23
Reading progress update: I've read 12%.
Kenka Bancho Otome: Love's Battle Royale - Chie Shimada,JN Productions

No page numbers, so I'm doing this with percentages.


I got this because its description made it sound both awesome and bonkers. The heroine, Hinako, is an orphan who's been friendless her whole life because she's super-strong and inadvertently hurts people. One day she gets conned into pretending to be some guy named Hikaru and attending the entrance ceremony at his all boys' school. The school turns out to be composed entirely of delinquents, and Hikaru is not only Hinako's twin brother, he's also the son of a yakuza boss. While Hinako tries to adjust to the school for delinquents, Hikaru happily attends Hinako's all girls' school.


I probably should have waited until the first two or three volumes were out before getting this, but I coudn't resist.


One Booklikes-related thing: I had to manually enter this title. When I entered the information, I recorded the translator as JN Productions. This name wasn't found, but I added it and figured it would save as-is. When I looked at the book page after saving, JN Productions had changed to Twin Sisters Productions. I attempted to change it only to get the same result - JN Productions flips to Twin Sisters Productions. WTF, Booklikes?

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review 2018-04-02 23:35
Historical Romance
The Lady Seals Her Fate (The Langley Sisters Book 5) - Wendy Vella

The Lady Seals Her Fate by Wendy Vella is a fast-paced historical romance.  This is a fairly short read, perfect for those historical romance fans with limited reading time.  Ms. Vella has penned a well-written book.  Hannah's father increased her dowry in hopes she'd have more suitors.  Instead, she is chased by men for her dowry.  Alex is pulled into her plan to avoid being married off.  Their story is packed with amazing characters, action, suspense, humor, drama and sexy bits.  I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and look forward to my next book by Wendy Vella.  The Lady Seals Her Fate is book 5 of The Langley Sisters Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.


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text 2018-04-02 02:10
April Showers TBR
Redwall: The Graphic Novel - Stuart Moore,Bret Blevins,Brian Jacques
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Deborah Moggach
The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
Sisters of Heart and Snow - Margaret Dilloway
Secret Vampire (Night World, #1) - L.J. Smith
Clash of Eagles - Alan Smale

Well, this month was going to be April Showers, so it was supposed to be dedicated to sad and emotional books. But then we had the Great Bedroom Flood of 2018, which ruined SOOOOOO MANY of my books. The bottoms of most of my graphic novels and several unread novels were soaked, causing the pages to warp, discolor and stick together. I wasn't too upset about the ones I had already read, but some of these books were brand new or just purchased at the Metro Book Sale. 


So, now April Showers means floods and water in the literal sense. I'm going to read the few books I salvaged that needed reading. Hopefully the pages aren't too stuck together. 


Before I read these I swear I will get through Envy and Splendor. I SWEAR. 


Also, Oklahoma teachers on strike. And I am behind them all the way. Teachers need better pay and our schools need more money! Oklahoma ranks 49th in the country in education. 


P.S. Friday was a terrible day. Saturday wasn't. Sunday was even better. Hope you guys are having a pretty good go of things. 


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text 2018-03-27 17:59
Kill Your Darlings (Yellow team)
Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett


MacBeth sprinkled with all the fairy godmothers and evil witches from your favorite fairy tales.


The three witches disapproved of Cinderellas fairy godmother creating a coach from a pumpkin (who wants to go a ball smelling like a pie?) and glass slippers (dangerous, those are).



I think this is my favorite so far in this series.


Claiming: Cause of death:  Killing curse


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