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review 2018-07-21 13:00
Free Falling
Free Falling - Sandy James

Better than the first book.
I liked that there's a lot happening; a rescue, mistaken identity, a stalker, a 2nd rescue, and a mystery. I have to admit the "mistaken identity" is one of my favorite tropes. Laurie and Ross do fall quickly, but it felt believable. I liked the 1920s style mystery. I liked Ross and Laurie's comprising. I liked Laurie rescue of Ross in the beginning. Laurie's ability was also a cool one.
What I didn't like/annoyed me: Laurie's stupidity. And her roommate's. The whole, we forget to lock out door! Or if we have to carry a key around we will lose it! Really?! Then, after the office gets ransacked, someone (walks right into) breaks into her home and does the same to her bedroom, and she gets pushed down the stairs; she STILL forgets to look the door? What?! And this leads to an event that later happens to Laurie and she needs to be rescued. 
I also thought the ending was a bit rushed. I would have liked to read about Ross and Laurie arriving to the conclusion they did. Earlier in the book, I thought that was a viable solution to Laurie's issue (not the door locking; she's promised her parents she will take over the chair of her family's charitable Foundation when she turns 30). It would have been interesting to read about the "light bulb" moment.
Bruiser, Sheila, Deepika, and Andrew were all decent supporting characters.

Ripped Bodice Bingo: Free Space

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review 2018-06-29 02:44
Murphy's Law
Murphy's Law - Sandy James
Whelp. That's done. I really liked the 80's movie "Maid to Order," with Ally Sheedy. This is similar, except it's a guy who has to work for a living (and there are other differences, but the concept is the same). I wish I could say this worked for me.
My main issue is Seth. Yes, he's an Asshole. He had moments, for example, he got attached to the horses and I would think, he's changing! But, then, he'd open his mouth and something shitty would come out. (An example: "No woman's worth that much money.") While he does get better, it wasn't enough for me. I also didn't like how he *suddenly* got so good at the job. Going from groom to trainer to driver? Really? 
While I liked Katie, I thought she got weak at the end. Here is this strong, ambitious, driven woman, who (why???!!!) decides to marry someone that she loves as a friend only. Eh? I really didn't understand how fast she fell for Seth. I also have to point how the plot-line: "I was told I would have a difficult time getting pregnant." Horseshit. That might be true in Real Life, but in Romancelandia? Yeah, not a problem at all! It's a plot device.
All my nitpicking aside? I stayed up this morning until 1230am to finish it. I did like that it took place in Indiana, where I lived from 1986-2006. I lived Indianapolis and worked at Methodist Hospital. Dan Patch Raceway I imagined was like Hoosier Park in Anderson. 
I did like Ross and will read his story. (It's also got one of my favorite tropes).
 Ripped Bodice BIngo: Forced Proximity square!


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review 2018-01-21 19:51
Good Characters and story
Can't Let Her Go - Sandy James

Ethan had two business partner in his bar Words And Music they were Russell and Brad. Then Russell pointed out Chelsea Harris was in the bar. Ethan’s father had taught him to keep work and fun separate. Chelsea was the hottest thing to hit country music in the last five years. Chelsea had reached celebrity status from what Ethan can see. Ethan knew so much as chelsea lived her life in the open. Ethan couldn’t help but be attracted to chelsea. Chelsea came to the bar to talk to ethan she told him he had done well with the bar. Everyone knew of ethan’s aversion to ever being part of the country music scene was legendary. Chelsea wanted Ethan to sing with her as he had an amazing voice. Ethan hated that his parents had been Nashville stars, after walking away from  a budding  singing career years ago. Ethan hated anything to do with performing or recording. Ethan wanted to know wanted to know what Chelsea wanted when she didn’t answer he went back to work filling drink orders. Then to everyone’s surprise Chelsea went behind the bar and started making some drinks. She had tended bar before making it big. Chelsea was attracted to Ethan Chelsea’s father had died the year before from cancer and Chelsea wanted to do a charity album with singing duets with kids of former Nashville stars and she wanted Ethan cover one of his parents songs with her. Ethan said no way and walked away from the bar. Ethans parents had been killed in a tragic car accident trying to get away from a butt of a photographer. They were still running stories about his parents fifteen years later. Ethan had brought to the horse farm shortly after his parents  deaths. Ethan was a player and Chelsea got under his skin and women didn’t do that. Chelsea and etan started to give being together a chance. Then word got out about Chelsea and Ethan and photographers were all over the place.

I really liked this book I loved Ethan and Chelsea together.  I also liked how ethan and Chelsea took things slow and built a relationship before sleeping together- Chelsea was stubborn on that. I liked the plot and the pace. I advise you to read the other in this series first to pull everything together. I liked how Chelsea put Ethan first like no one had ever done before. This was a pleasant enjoyable read. I loved the character sand the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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review 2018-01-02 00:00
Can't Let Her Go
Can't Let Her Go - Sandy James Can't Let Her Go is part bright lights, big city and part hearty realism. Either way you slice it, Ms. James delivers a down home good time. Sandy James sets out to prove a point with Ethan and Chelsea. Ethan grew up in the spotlight. Famous parents saw to that, but for him it was a lonely road. Chelsea has dreams of being a star. She's on the verge of success, when she meets the man who will change her life and steal her heart. Can these two opposites learn how to make beautiful music together? Can't Let Her Go is a tale of sacrifice, compromise and following your heart. Even at the risk of accomplishing your dreams. The sweetest sound I ever heard was the music of the heart, that shines through in ever word of this beautiful ballad of love.
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review 2015-11-16 20:57
Saving Grace
Saving Grace - Sandy James

* 4 stars *


Grace Riley has been on the run for 20 years. She's hiding from Stephan Shay who raped her when she was 14 and has been stalking her ever since. Grace's brother, Matthew, stayed to protect her all these years and they've worked on cattle drives, always moving so Shay couldn't find her.


Grace was looking for Jake Curtis for years and finally got some information to help her find him. When she went to get the information about Jake things went badly and Grace shot the man. She ran again afraid she would be hung.

She found out Jake was working on a ranch in Montana so off she went to find him. She was very sick when she got there and collapsed in front of the owner, Adam Morgan. He and his daughter, Victoria, looked after Grace while she recuperated.


Matthew tracked her down at the ranch and he and Victoria are constantly arguing with each other.


This historical romance shows that things were certainly not easier in those times, as I had always thought. I liked the detailed descriptions of the surroundings and the scenes in this beautifully written novel. The characters were well developed and easy to like. But I felt sorry for Grace and Adam with the heart-breaking things that happened to them. It was fun watching Matthew and Victoria squabble and fight their interest in each other.


If you like historical romance, you'll love Saving Grace.

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