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review 2018-06-22 01:41
Wild Thing
Wild Thing - Robin Kaye
Hunter loves the outdoors. He hikes, kayaks, skis, you name it, he does it. He also owns his own outdoor company. Toni, on the other hand, is a city girl. She's the manager for a modeling company. 
The outdoors freak her out. Not to mention, fashionable shoes are so much more important than practical ones. (Snark).
I admit to being a bit confused. I'm really, really not sure what Hunter saw in Toni. This was definitely an opposites attract, insta-love story. 
I also felt I missed something with the (brief) Ben/Gina/Rafael story-line. Huh?
But, it was kinda cool to read a story that happened in Idaho. 

This works for fashionista for Ripped Bodice Bingo; Toni is unconventional in her fashion choices. She is a manager for a modeling agency.


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review 2017-08-10 23:33
Wait for Me
Wait For Me - Samantha Chase
Emma is the executive assistant to William Montgomery, president (patriarch) of Montgomery Enterprises (okay, I admit I don't remember the name of the company- but it may not have even been mentioned either). William's youngest son, Lucas, used to play in the NFL before a career ending injury. Since that time, he has become a recluse only coming into the city once a month for the family business. William sees attraction between Emma and Lucas and decides to play matchmaker.
I liked Emma and Lucas only somewhat. Lucas was annoying and immature at times. I thought it was ridiculous that he didn't want pity from anyone, but (essentially) threw himself a pity party for one for 2 years. I thought it was ridiculous he would rather be in pain (and not be able to play football) vs no pain/mild discomfort (and not be able to play football). But, that is me. 
I thought the relationship buildup was nicely paced. I appreciated that Emma was able to call bullshit on Lucas. More than once. Their relationship had very obvious highs and lows. The events also led Emma to get the courage to pursue her dream. I liked the idea of the family patriarch being the one to set his kids up too. 
I did think the resolution was rushed and weaker despite the good start. 
For those that like closed door sex scenes, this book would work for you! I'm assuming the rest of the series (and maybe most/all of the author's works too) is like that as well. (I personally like steam, but not at the expense of plot. 90% of the time anyway. Haha). 

I am also counting this for #rippedbodicebingo for the "heroine inherits a business" square. "...because I can't think of anyone better to take over this business for me." and "It wasn't every day that you got handed what you wanted without really trying." This was a nice, unexpected surprise since I needed this square!


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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-08-07 03:21
Traitor in Her Arms
Traitor in Her Arms: A Scarlet Chronicles Novel (The Scarlet Chronicles) - Shana Galen

Lady Gabrielle McCullough's husband racked up lots of debt and then died, leaving Gabrielle to find a way to pay it off. She learns how to pick locks and steals from the nobility to gradually pay off what is now her debt. Ramsey Barnes, the Earl of Sedgwick, also is good at picking locks and thievery. He has a Secret and is being blackmailed because of that Secret. 
I liked that this historical romance was different; lock picking hero and heroine, French Revolution, the Scarlet Pimpernel?! Both characters are likable, relate-able, and I understand their motivations and where both came from. I would have liked Ramsey to trust Gabrielle earlier than he did. It was nice to see a woman villain. (Make that women). 
While this is definitely a historical romance, I thought the action and suspense of the "quest" took center stage. I think that worked due to the subject matter. I am interested in seeing if this becomes a series, Alex was memorable and I would like to read her HEA. 

eARC courtesy of Random House Publishing Group (Loveswept) and NetGalley
Out Aug 22nd

I am using this for rippedbodicebingo "Broke AF Hero" square. This is a spoiler:



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review 2017-08-01 02:32
Myriah Fire
Myriah Fire - Claudy Conn

Meh. That's my thought on this book.
Myriah gets caught kissing a suitor. Suitor (of course) has other motives (he's broke and needs cash). Her father catches her and expects her to marry. So, what does Myriah do? She runs away! She then makes a wrong turn and finds a young man who had been shot. (Go her, she saves him). She finds out he is William (Billy) and his brother is Lord Christoper (Kit) Winborne. She fibs and gives them a different last name. Things are off....are they smuggling? Are they poor? 
What was (really) going on wasn't a surprise. I had a hard time getting over Kit and Myriah's first meeting. (She was sleeping in his room and he came home. He thought he could do whatever he wanted since he thought she was a whore and had been paid for. Whatever you fucking asshole!). 
The writing style threw me off as well. On one page I counted 8 (or was it 7) exclamation points.

I also read this for the published pre-1980 square for #rippedbodicebingo (first published in May 1978).

I have another older work by this author, hitting the delete button.  I have zero desire to read it.

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review 2017-07-31 02:09
The New Deputy in Town
The New Deputy in Town - B.J. Daniels

Nick Rogers takes the Deputy Sheriff position in Whitehorse, MT. He has something to hide. And is that his real name? Laney is an accountant in town for her annual summer trip back home to see her family. 
So, first off, I liked both Nick and Laney. This was good and held my attention. However, there was too many things going on. There's the murder, attempted murder on someone else, bar assaults, theft, and let's not forget Nick's Secret. 
This also had characters that I adored (Prince and his owner Chaz!) and hated (Arlene). Arlene certainly lived in a different century. 

for #rippedbodicebingo: person in uniform on cover

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