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review 2016-08-07 20:02
Bird's eye view
Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach,Russell Munson

A very thought-provoking, though short book, JLS invites the reader to contemplate the potential tyranny of collective,taken-for-granted understanding and the value of mavericks, as a necessary challenge to the prevailing order. Bach poses a question for all of us about the price of conforming, weighed against being true to oneself. A book which can be read and enjoyed on several levels.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1521167302
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review 2014-07-07 12:45
Wrestlers are like Seagulls
Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls-From McMahon To McMahon - Scott Teal, Philip Varriale James J. Dillon,James J. Dillon,Scott Teal,Philip Varriale

Wrestlers are like Seagulls is the biography of former wrestling personality J.J. Dillon.


Wrestlers are like Seagulls covers the career on J.J. Dillon.  Unlike many similar books, Dillon knows wrestling is the star of the show and his wrestling career coverage starts at the 2% mark.  


Dillon talks about working as a referee until getting his break as a wrestler working for The Sheik in Detroit.  His career in Amarillo, the Canadian Maritimes, and working for Crockett promotions is covered, as well as his transition from wrestler to manager to behind the scenes booker.  


Dillon's account of the behind the scenes part of the wrestling business is why I bought the book and it did not disappoint.  He talks about which wrestlers were hard to deal with as well as the logistics involved with taping TV segments and running shows in adjacent towns.  He talks about how cable TV and the internet changed the wrestling business forever.


Once his days as an on-air personality were over and he worked primarily backstage, things really got interesting.  Dillon talks about how working for the WWF drove him into bankruptcy after Vince McMahon's steroid scandal, and what working for WCW in the declining years of the company was like.


Lastly, Dillon talks about where he ended up when the wrestling business shat him out, working as a thrice-divorced corrections officer in Delaware.


For a wrestling book, it's really well written and surprisingly free of venom.  I felt like he might have been holding back a bit but I don't really have any complaints about this book.  Four out of five stars.

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review 2013-03-24 00:00
Fish Finelli (Book 1): Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles
Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles: Fish Finelli Book 1 - Erica Farber One of the ALA ARCs I picked up thinking it might be a fun book to have when kids come over. It didn't work for me at all. I found the inclusion of little didactic boxes about Tesla and microwaves and the like to be obtrusive. There's one kid who every time he's mentioned, is eating something. That's one of those things that, done in moderation, helps distinguish a character but done every time ruins a book for me. I liked the boys, though. They were silly and real-sounding a lot of the time.
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review 2011-11-26 00:00
Seven Seagulls for a Single Nipple - Troy Chambers A nipple named Wilmorn falls in love with a woman and bargains with the Seagull gods for a chance to win her. Only she's a nun. And a lesbian. And he has to kill her true love to win a soul so he can have a life with her. Man, things are rough for nipples these days...

First off, this is the weirdest book in the 2011-2012 New Bizarro Author Series so far. It's also the best story featuring a talking nipple I've ever read.

This is one of those books I can hardly think of a way to describe beyond the summary. Like I mentioned, Wilmorn is a talking nipple that makes a pact with the Seagull Gods. His naivete is actually a little charming and nicely balanced by Stalin, the baby-faced lobster demon who was a serial rapist in a previous life. Yes, you read that right. No, I did not make that up.

It takes quite a bit for a book to make me shake my head in disbelief but I caught myself doing just that several times during this books slim 60 pages. Most of those were because of Stalin's actions. The ending was a bit of surprise.

Troy Chambers is a madman and I'll give him another shot sometime down the road. That's all I have. I don't really know what else I can say about this.
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review 2011-04-21 00:00
Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach
Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach,Russell Munson

I really did want to like this book. I really and truly did, but it was not in the cards. Reading this book felt like sitting in one of those group circles guidance teachers held in elementary school for the kids with low self-esteem. I can see how other people would really like this story and feel inspired, but I couldn't buy into it...

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