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review 2017-12-11 01:34
good book and characters
Claiming Bailey (Ace Security) - Susan S... Claiming Bailey (Ace Security) - Susan Stoker Nathan glared at the wheel of his Ford Focus that he had named Marilyn after the star. His brothers logan and Blake told him one day his car was going to give to die on him. But Nathan couldn’t just get rid of the car . It was the first thing he had purchased when he had left home after HS graduation. Well Marilyn seems to have given up and he was in a supermarket parking lot with a trunk full of groceries including ice cream for his very pregnant sister in law. Nathan wasn’t a man who made friends easily he was more comfortable with his computer and numbers than with people. Nathan found over the years he pretty much didn’t like people they lied, were rude, and didn’t care about anything but themselves. That went for most that went for ,most any situation …. In line at the store on the road, and in business. They almost always put their own wants and needs first. Nathan and his brothers came back to Castle Rock and started a security business- Ace Security- after their mother murdered their dad then killed herself. The brothers were triplets and had been abused by their mother during their childhood. The Inca Boyz were a gang from Denver and had gotten in the business of hiring out as thugs online. They had tried to kill Alexis and vowed vengeance between her and his family. Nathan got out of his car and was looking under the hood at the engine then a woman was by him and he said his car wouldn’t start and she asked what happened when he put in the key and he said nothing. She then went under the hood and said she had done a temporary fix but he needed his car tended to. She also said she worked at Clayton's Auto Body if he was interested and she handed him a white business card. Nathan said he would call tomorrow for an appointment. The woman said she would tell her boss and then Nathan gave his name On the back of the business card was written “ tell them Bailey sent you”. Then nathan thought it was a coincidence that the woman he and Alexis had been looking for the last couple of months was also named Bailey, that was Donovan's ex who was the gang leader of the Inca Boyz. Then Nathan realized Bailey was the first woman he had ever felt lust for. Bailey absently responded to her brother as she thought about Nathan. There was something about him that did it for Bailey. Bailey had grown up in the poorest part of denver and barely graduated HS. She got involved with the Inca Boyz at the age of fourteen Bailey had started tinkering with cars in middle school. She used to hang out at the auto body shop with her dad that he worked at and she slowly picked it up. Her dad died when she was twenty and she got guardianship of her younger brother Joel. It had been tough to find money for childcare so Bailey used to bring Joel when she hung out with Donovan and the Inca Boyz crew. It was the worst mistake she had ever made as Joel changed from being easy going and open to closed off and angry in two years. She hadn’t understood why until she walked in and saw Donovan and Joel watching hard- core porn while Joel puffed on a joint. Bailey never brought Joel around the gang again and started making plans to get away from Donovan and the gang. When Donovan and his brothers were away she packed everything she could fit in her car and headed south. Bailey had gotten hired on by Clayton in his small auto shop. Bailey’s ultimate dream was to open her own shop. Joe;l was now turning ten but she didn’t have the money for the party Joel wanted. Nathan somehow knew Bailey wa s,eamt for him. I really enjoyed this book. The only problem I had with it was it ended in a somewhat cliffhanger. Not a bad one that was a lead to the next book with a different person and it let you know what to more or less expect but to be fair for that reason I couldn't give a five that I would have otherwise. But I would have rated this a 4.5 if I could have. I absolutely loved this book it had action, suspense, family, love, romance, danger, gang. And so much more.I loved how Nathan was in love with Bailey but was willing to only be her friend until she let him know if she wanted things to change. I loved the interaction between Nathan and Bailey as well as Joel. I loved the relationship between Joel and his brothers and their partners. I loved that Nathan had insecurities also. I felt this book was realistic in a lot of ways. I think Joel added a lot to this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I definitely recommend.
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review 2017-12-09 20:42
Leather & Lace: Trident Security Book 1 - Samantha Cole
  I was given this for an honest review.
This is a Private Security/ BDSM romance based novel. With a great story and a bit of mystery, the hot alpha males are all Ex-Seals and served together as part of a team. As they all retired from the Team they joined the security firm started by brothers Ian and Devon, the brothers also partnered up with their cousin to start up their own BDSM private and exclusive club. Writer Kristin meets Devon quite by chance while trying to get inspiration for her new book, she then meets him a second time while visiting the club for research purposes. This is a fairly fast paced story, there is BDSM content though nothing to hard core. There is an assassin for hire after the team though at first they are unaware of this, tension mounts as they try to find out why. The book is well written and flows through each chapter, each part or component of the story blending together. It is interesting and keeps your attention throughout, the romance builds slowly at first even though the sparks are there from the outset, but that's a good thing. A very enjoyable read and one that has me hooked on this group of guys, good job I have the next 2 already to start reading.


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review 2017-12-09 20:35
Topping the Alpha: Trident Security Series - Samantha Cole
  This story give us an insight into a slightly different type of BDSM relationship, Male Dom/ Male Sub.
But not just any Sub, Nick is still an Active Seal, he is also not actively in the lifestyle. I love Nick he is strong, has a mind of his own and though willing to Submit to Jake while they play still expects to be treated as an equal in normal daily life. He puts up with a lot from Jake giving him time to work his issues out, being patient and listening when needed. Jake is a Dom with big problems from his past, he hasn't spoken about them to anyone hiding not only the scars on his back but the internal ones . Jake might be a Dom but is actually the weaker of the two, his vulnerabilities causing uncertainty and doubt. Jake brought out my mothering instincts, I wanted to wrap him up in a hug. Although there is sex in this story its almost minor to everything else going on, with Jake's history plus helping and trying to protect a teenage girl from an abusive father who's trying to kill her. Ian is up to something as well with secret meetings going on, as well as the new team gradually integrating into the missions. There is some violence in parts but nothing to excessive or out of proportion to the happenings in the story. This series continues to grip and enthral me, the characters weaving their way into my heart as they each find their loves, their soul mates.


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review 2017-12-09 20:32
His Angel (Trident Security #2) - Samantha Cole
  This was given for an honest review.
I love strong alpha males, what I love even more are those that have their vulnerabilities. Ian has these qualities, he is also a Dom. Can Angie soften him up and dig in deep, give him the love and stability he has always wanted. She is giving, loving and trusting, she also loves the Dom/Sub lifestyle. With her best friend under cover and in possible danger, the guys are tasked with watching over her, but Ian already wants more. Kidnap, violence, worry and tension are just a few of the issues dealt with in this story. You also have more from the BDSM club and some action there. A few unexpected twists and some sadness as well which I didn't like, because of what happens. This is a great series with a nice mix of subject matter and I'm moving on to number three, it is actually great to be able to carry on straight with the next in a series instead of having to wait for the next one to be released.


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review 2017-11-29 05:02
Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg
Every Move He Makes - Barbara Elsborg

This was a great book until the last 25% or so. 

Extra points for excellent russian here and there, tho I still can't figure out why stupid typos were left untouched. "Pecherskaya" was spelled "Pe r cherskaya" literally half the time. No matter the language, it's an annoyance. "The band was called "Gryaznykh Angelov"...". Say what? @.@ A minor mistake, sure, but on top of interchangeable peRcherskaya it screamed "I don't really care. they won't get it anyway.", not to mention the name is such a cliche. What else... "'mu'dak' means 'asshole'". Sure if "asshole" means "meany". Let's be nice, I guess. So, that was the minor stuff.

My major complaint - and it's me, probbly, since I like sex in my books in very moderate amounts - is that the last 20% turned into pure porn. I really don't care who topped whom in the end, how many times and how sticky the stickiness got. Both characters, especially Zak, were crazed enough on sex from the very beginning, but by the end the lust came out full force without MCs surfacing for air for 20% straight. I lost all interest in the book and going to DNF it at 93%.

That leaves me with - what? 75% is pure awesomeness, save for the typos. I can easily dish out 5 and more shiny stars. The last 25% tho? A star and a half maybe.

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