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text 2018-10-21 19:23
Online Facebook Support Phone Number

Are You Looking For Facebook Support? Call Us on 1-877-916-7666 for Your FB Queries


We are Assistance for All, The USA based Facebook support company. We are having the best team of professionals who will look after every Facebook related queries.

From simplest to the most technically advanced issue, we take care of each problem with the same dedication and commitment.

Our motto is to make your Facebook experience an amazing one with our 24x7 available Facebook support services.


Following are the major problems in which we deal:

  • Issues related to Facebook log-in.
  • Problem-related to Facebook mobile applications for all platforms.
  • The case where you don’t receive the confirmation code.
  • Call us on 1-877-916-7666, on our Facebook Helpline number for any Facebook Android and iOS app related issue.
  • The situation of not receiving mobile applications.
Source: www.assistanceforall.com/services/facebook-support
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text 2018-10-20 12:01
Take Care of Your Health with Regular Aircon Servicing

If you are wondering what your aircon servicing has to do with health, we will say that there is a lot. A malfunction in your aircon could spoil your health. Aircon has a function wherein it prevents harmful bacteria and other germs from coming inside through them. This function helps to keep the harmful organisms away and keep us healthy. When the aircon is not serviced regularly the bio-pure function doesn’t work properly, allowing all the germs to come inside. This is very likely to cause diseases to you and your family members. You surely don’t want to forget your servicing and invite diseases.



Great Aircon offers the cheapest aircon service in Singapore which is also the most effective. We have the best technicians who will ensure that your aircon gives you the normal cooling it should give. They will also ensure that all the other effects of not servicing disappear. A proper cleaning of all the parts is done to remove the dust and dirt. We also have the latest equipment that is required for the proper servicing of your aircon. Our technicians are trained to service all models and makes of aircon.


Getting an AC service done has many other benefits. It will certainly not give you the required cooling. There is no use having an appliance if it is not going to perform the basic function properly. In a tropical climate like Singapore, this is going to be a very uncomfortable thing. If the aircon is serviced regularly the proper cooling will be done. As the aircon doesn’t perform the way it should, it will work overtime to give you the required cooling. This means that it is consuming more power to give you the same cooling that you should have got at normal consumption. This is another adverse effect of not servicing your aircon on time. You will unnecessarily spend more on power. An aircon that is not serviced regularly will not live to its full lifespan.


There are also other irritating effects to not servicing on time. The aircon makes more noise. There is a foul smell emanating from the machine. There can also be water leakage due to the blocking of the drain pipes. A proper servicing is what is required for your aircon. You can check the aircon service price from our website and book for servicing online. You will certainly be thankful that you chose us for servicing your aircon.


Source: greataircon.com.sg
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text 2018-10-20 08:30
Top Tips from Australian Assignment Help Services for International Students

Being home to several good universities, many students land up in Australia to pursue higher studies. However, studying in a country away from home can be quite a challenging task. If students need academic assistance, they can hire Australian assignment help services to cope with new educational standards.


Along with the homesickness, it can be very different for an international student to adapt to the new rules of another country. The lifestyle and the academic norms of Australia are quite different from other countries. Apart from the time differences, there are many other differences than an international student has to adjust oneself with.


Assignment help services of Australia have these few tips for international students that can make their academic life easier for them.


#1. A difference in Language and Diction


For Asian and American students, it can be quite challenging to understand the colloquial vocabulary of the Australians. They have their own way of saying and spelling words. In addition, the daily words they use can be quite different from the words used in other countries. For example, Australians use the word lollies for candies. Students must remember to make sure that they use the correct spellings according to the Australian standards. To get better at this, they can watch Australian TV series and listen to the radio to get the hang of their language.


#2. Simplified paperwork procedures


The Australian government has a simple procedure when it comes to student visas. However simple may it be, students can face problem while drafting all the required documents while applying for a student visa. So, if they have any queries, they can visit the official website of the university or can directly approach the staff and ask for clarifications regarding the procedures.


#3. Different Studying Methods


It becomes tough for an international student to settle into the Australian culture of education. As compared to the austere Asian methods or the formal UK educational methods, the Australian academic norms are quite liberal. The people of Australia are known for their helpful nature, and quite like them, their studying styles provide study guides so that international students can adjust faster to their ways of education. Students can simply ask for help from past students or the local students who have a better grasp of the subject.


#4. Different Gradation System


The most important thing that international students must keep in mind is the way of marking that most Australian universities use to grade the students. Unlike the numerical scores of Asian schools and universities, the universities in Australia use letters to rank the work of a student. Although similar to the American gradation system, the letters used by Australian universities and schools have a different interpretation. The assignment writing services of Australia know precisely how the grades are deciphered. In contrast to the A-B-C gradations of USA, Australians use grades like HD, which stands for high distinction, and D for distinction. CR stands for credit while P means Pass and F stands for Fail.


#5. Work and study together


If allowed by the student visa, an international student pursuing higher studies in Australia can work for a certain period of time to control their expenses. In case of not being able to cope with all the coursework and assignments, students can avail services from the various online essay assignment help websites who deliver excellent papers.


Life can be hard for international students. However, with these tips and the myriad of assignment writing services available online, students can take a break and enjoy their stay in Australia.




Adjusting to new educational norms in Australia can be very difficult for an international student. In this article, we provide a few tips that can help these students to cope with their academic life better.

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text 2018-10-19 12:05
Static and Dynamic Web Designing Service in Madurai, India

Techno Genesis is a best web designing and web development company in Madurai, India. We specialized in building web applications, android, iOS, E commerce applications, and ERP applications to our customer requirements.



As a leading Website Designing Company in Madurai. At Techno Genesis. Our team of Website Designers provide an exclusive website design services are followed by,



We design outstanding website and web applications that may runs responsively on all devices. We work to deliver highly optimized mobile responsive web applications, and we design websites that are creative, mobile responsive, lag-free, and SEO friendly.


We provide SEO friendly and mobile responsive website design services in Madurai. Our team of designers is skilled and has years of experience that makes them experts in designing. If you are still looking make your website responsive for users and search engines, you can confer with our designing experts to come up with customized ideas and features that you want for the site. We are aware of the recent Web developments in the tech world and can design responsive websites that can adapt efficiently to various devices and platforms.


Stay in Touch With Us, 

Mobile: 9790261892, 9894169153

Telephone: 04524246979

Email: info@technogenesis.in

Website: http://www.technogenesis.in/

Address: #35/2, Shakthi  Velammal Street, S.S Colony, Bypass Road, Madurai-10.

Source: www.technogenesis.in/web-development
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text 2018-10-19 08:27
Importance of SOC (Security Operations Center) for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

With an increasing number of threats in the world, small and mid-sized businesses are facing numerous issues. They are keen to find security services which fit their budgets and yet provide proper security services. An important problem that SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) face is lack of personnel to build and function their own SOC (Security Operation Center). Due to this, the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) process is out of reach. Eventually, many such organizations are turning towards the way of outsourcing SOC as a Service which can suit their organization's needs and improve the security posture. Several small to mid-sized companies face the "trio of the cyber security troubles" as follows:

  • Recent ransomware like Petya and WannaCry caught the world in their evil grip but in a more modern way.

  • With the increasing number of cyber threats, there is an increase in the security expertise scarcity creating over 3.5 million cyber security openings by 2021.

  • As per the Verizon’s DBIR report, hackers are targeting on small and mid-sized businesses and creating a havoc in them as they lack proper SOC (Security Operations Center) services.

As a consequence, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are finding ways on how they can deal with so many upcoming challenges. Therefore, they are going to the reputed security service providers who can implement SOC as a Service. Although, this is a right decision, yet exploring and choosing the correct SOC service provider is not that easy. If your vendor lacks proper and mandatory amenities for the effective SOC with a plain focus on managed detection, then this can turn to a bigger loophole in your security posture.


If you too are stuck on how to choose a smart security provider, then you can follow the below checklist. It guides you to search for a comprehensive SOC service. The checklist includes:


Complexity level


A recent Gartner study identified that MDR (managed detection and response) is a fast-growing market. The detection is obviously used to recognize the threats, but the SOC should also provide prevention and IR (incident response) in case of a disaster.

A comprehensive security package like decisive and effective IR, protection from DDoS attack, ransomware, data breach, and disaster recovery is all you need when you consider a SOC. If the vendor doesn't provide 24/7 SOC and IR services, then it should not be termed as SOC


Real-Time Threat Analysis


Monitoring the threats in real-time with the use of detection services and forensics is a crucial task for SOC. It should be for all the security incidents on the basis of 24/7. The scanty staff in the security team can't handle the noisy and complex SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools. They can't strain out the false alarms and hence the performance level doesn't stay up to the mark for vital security matters.

You have to make sure that the SOC provider has the abilities of smart detection of the threats round the clock so that you can sleep peacefully.


Armed Threat Hunting


With the burgeoning techniques of hacking and hackers getting smart, it is very tedious to detect every single type of attack. Staying armed means, the network has to stay prepared in advance and search for the threats proactively. This would result in auto-adjustment of the network as per the latest cyber-attacks which could be just a few hours ago. This is a huge responsibility of the security specialists. It calls for learning the different and unique requirements of the client's network and hunt down the threats which can still pass on through the detection process. For this method to work, we need relevant and efficient threat-intelligent sources, machine learning techniques, and choosing everything which can help in one or the other way to find valid security incidents impacting the consumers.


Compliance Control


Compliances are a vital factor while implementing the SOC. Every SOC should compulsorily have some compliances like PCI DSS, HITECH, HIPAA, GLBA, FFIEC, and some other standards that high-quality industries must bind to. The compliance organizations must provide templates for recommended security checks and vulnerability assessments and see whether the businesses are abiding by the given regulatory measures.


Not just hackers can cost you big bucks, but not having required compliances can lead you to pay penalties as well! You must make sure that all these things are handled by your SOC service provider.


Strategic Advising


After monitoring the network and hunting for the upcoming threats, the security engineers will get an in-depth understanding of your company's network. This knowledge of network topology, places of the vital assets will help them to protect those with a proper defense strategy. You should demand this from the outsourced SOC provider as this contributes to designing and improving the security posture.

Instead of having a just scalable cloud-based technology, an outlined IR (Incident Response) process and a team of well-trained security specialists shall persuade the clients to get insights into their organization's security posture. Further, this helps in improving and running the business processes more effectively.


Defined Pricing


Pricing is the issue which everyone faces. Make sure that your prices don't fluctuate every single time because this would deteriorate the trust of your consumers. The SOC service provider should make fixed pricing plans. The rates shall vary on the number of sensors and users instead of log data's volume and servers monitored. Such predictable and defined pricing models are essential for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). These organizations struggle with the fluctuating costs and can't afford highly expensive managed services. Therefore, the SOC providers should not have unpredictable costs.


To summarize


All these factors are important to consider while choosing the SOC provider. This checklist will guide you to know which things you should not compromise when you want to outsource the SOC provider. You can further read why SOC is important here.

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