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text 2022-06-23 05:22
5 Habits to Adopt to Keep your Carpet Clean for a Long Time



Soft, pristine and cosy – that’s how a carpeted floor looks while it is still brand-new. But over time your beautiful carpet might trap unpleasant smells, get covered in stains or simply wear out too quickly. Because of inappropriate maintenance carpets lose their glory in no time, that’s why you should adopt reasonable cleaning habits and extend the longevity of the carpet. Check on these five tips for a sparkly clean, long-lasting carpeted floor:


  • Clean stains immediately – cleaning carpet spills immediately is what protects your precious carpet from permanent stains. The sooner you act on a mess, the smaller chance it has to penetrate the carpet’s fibres, causing serious damage. To reduce carpet staining, keep your cleaning tools close by. Absorb spills with a clean white towel or paper towels before you move on with the appropriate stain treatment. You should also pick the best carpet cleaning method depending on the type of stain you are faced with. Learning how to eliminate carpet stains and dealing with the job quickly keeps the carpet fresh in the long run.


  • Employ baking soda – when it comes to a carpet’s longevity, relying on eco-friendly cleaning remedies is always the best way to go. Unlike aggressive chemical-based cleaners, natural DIY mixtures pose no threat to the carpet’s perfect shape, thus prolonging its lifespan. So whether you need to banish a greasy stain from your carpet or you simply want to get rid of unpleasant smells, learn how to employ baking soda in your carpet cleaning routine. As one of the most efficient eco-friendly ingredients, baking soda is a powerful agent that deals with numerous carpet issues, leaving the carpet deodorised and stain-free for weeks.


  • Hire a carpet cleaning pro – if you live with young kids or pets, having the carpet cleaned by the experts every six months is a must. A professionally addressed carpet plays a huge role in high-quality indoor air, as well as in the durability of the carpet’s structure. Even if you don’t share a roof with small babies or a four-legged friend, professional carpet cleaning is always a good idea. Thanks to their special equipment and deep knowledge, expert carpet cleaners will remove stubborn stains, grime and bacteria from the carpet better than any DIY approach, so put hiring a carpet cleaning pro on your to-do list.


  • Vacuum clean regularly – there is no doubt professional carpet cleaning is crucial for the carpet’s longevity, yet you need to maintain the surface clean between the pro sessions. The easiest way to address carpet cleanliness by yourself is to vacuum clean at least once a week. While vacuum cleaning, make sure you take your time and go over the entire surface from a different angle several times before you call it a day. Let thorough vacuum cleaning become a top priority, as a great deal of dust and dirt can be banished if you stick to the habit. Also, don’t forget to keep your vacuum cleaner in excellent shape. Replace its filters as often as required, so that nothing can stand in the way of effective vacuum cleaning sessions.


  • Reduce tracked-in debris – a huge amount of debris is brought on the carpet from outside, that’s why you need to try to stop dirt at the door before landing on the carpet. Create a brand-new rule at home – no shoes on the carpet. Ask family members and visitors to wear comfy slippers inside, so that muddy shoes have no contact with your spotless carpet. You should also install area rugs to protect high-traffic areas on the carpet and add durable doormats at every entryway to keep dirt out of your house.


By adopting these smart cleaning habits you can rest assured your carpet will stay just as fresh and tidy as the day it was installed at home.


© Carpet Cleaner Ltd


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text 2022-06-20 10:04
A Cleaning Guide to Extending the Life of Your Carpet


Carpet durability is an issue many homeowners fail to address because the right cleaning approaches were not applied. From all kinds of stains to dust trapped in the carpet, your beautiful floors need to be cleaned wisely, so that you can enjoy their extended lifespan. To help your carpet stay in excellent condition for years ahead, stick to these cleaning guidelines for a long-lasting carpet:

Vacuum clean regularly
For a durable carpet you need to prevent dust and dirt from remaining trapped in the solution, otherwise, pollutants might ruin the carpet’s fibres before you know it. When it comes to DIY carpet cleaning methods, vacuum cleaning is one of the most efficient ways for you to banish filth from the carpet. So no matter how limited your free time is, vacuum clean the carpet at least once or twice a week. If you live with messy pets, do your best to vacuum daily. Developing a serious vacuum cleaning routine goes a long way to keep the carpet dust and odour-free, thus extending its lifespan significantly.

Take care of your vacuum
To do a quality job when vacuuming the carpet, you should work with a quality machine, so invest in the most powerful vacuum you can afford. Once you have the perfect appliance at your disposal, take care of it wisely. Empty the bag or the canister of the vacuum cleaner as often as recommended by the manufacturer and replace its filer often enough. No matter how powerful your vacuum cleaner is, it wouldn’t be able to effectively extract dust and grime from the carpet, unless well-maintained. On the contrary, a fully-functional vacuum cleaner would be able to deal with most of the messes on the carpet and help you to preserve its durability.

Protect the carpet

If you live in a busy home, chances are your carpet could be affected by the serious foot traffic at your place. However, you can minimise the negative impact of foot traffic and protect the carpet from quick wear and tear by installing area rugs in the busiest spots. Another trick to consider is to place quality mats in front of the door – they will catch most of the dirt brought outside, this way limiting the number of harmful pollutants landing on the carpet.

Act quickly with stains
Carpet spills are impossible to escape from and if left on the carpet for too long, they are likely to become permanent stains you wouldn’t be able to banish. Unfortunately, permanent carpet stains might require you to replace the carpet, that’s why you should remember to always treat messes quickly. Collect liquids with a clean towel or paper towels, then apply the right cleaning mixture and dry the surface. Depending on the stain you are dealing with, cleaning methods will be different, yet speed is what matters the most.

Steer clear of chemicals
You might think the easiest method to remove carpet stains is with harsh cleaning products, but you should realize those solutions are not a healthy option for your carpet. Toxic cleaners could damage the carpet or cause discolouration, that’s why you should go for eco-friendly cleaning alternatives to eliminate carpet messes. Instead of applying dangerous cleaners, choose natural ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar and essential oils to confront carpet spills or nasty odours stuck in the carpet.

Hire a pro
Once or twice a year, book a professional carpet cleaning service to deep clean the carpet. Experienced cleaning companies will address your carpet safely and with their help, no dirt, dust or stains will remain stuck in the carpet. Deep cleaning the carpet with a pro is a proven method to extend the durability of your carpet.

A well-maintained carpet will last much longer than you believe. Take advantage of these smart cleaning strategies to keep the carpet fresh and in top condition for many years.

© Carpet Cleaner Ltd


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text 2022-03-17 09:14
5 Hidden Dangers of a Messy oven and Why You Should Always do Proper Oven Cleaning



Oven cleaning is a daunting task, which is why most homeowners tend to overlook the chore for as long as possible. Unfortunately, your expensive appliance requires regular maintenance and ignoring the oven cleaning routine might have a negative impact not only on the machine but on the quality of your meals too. To motivate yourself to clean the oven often enough, check on these five hidden threats a dirty oven is likely to pose:


  • Poorly cooked food – while baking a dish, spills normally occur in the oven. However, not removing those messes on time leads to their burning the next time you are preparing food. From baking meat to cook a delicious cake, the carbon-based fumes released by burning food residue will have a negative effect on the way your meals taste. Furthermore, a dirty oven might be unable to perform as expected, thus causing undercooked food. So if you notice that your dishes don’t taste as perfectly as they used to, check on your oven’s interior – perhaps you haven’t cleaned it for a while. Remove burnt-on food residue to improve the flavour of your meals.


  • Dangerous smoke – experts in oven cleaning recommend that you should wipe the oven clean after each cooking to get rid of food spills right away. That’s because untended messes might create dangerous smoke the next time you try to make a dish. Burning food leftovers in the oven is likely to release toxic gases like carbon monoxide and dioxide that could be dangerous not only to your health but to the environment as well. Luckily you can prevent dangerous smokes in the oven by simply wiping the machine each time you are done cooking. To maintain the oven clean, pick eco-friendly cleaning methods that pose no threat to your health or nature.


  • Risk of fire – it sounds like common sense that a smoky oven might cause a kitchen fire. According to the pros, a huge number of such accidents have been caused by malfunctioning ovens and a typical cause for oven malfunction is grime in the appliance. If you notice oven smoke while baking a dish, this is a clear sign your oven needs a deep cleaning. To minimise the chance of a kitchen fire, keep the oven spotless. Book a professional oven cleaning service from time to time to rest assured your machine is absolutely safe to use.


  • Costly repairs – if your oven is messy, the normal airflow in the appliance might be affected and the oven might be unable to reach the necessary degree required to cook the meal. Grease and filth in the oven block the airflow, which could cause oven malfunction. As already explained, a poorly functioning oven might be a reason for a kitchen fire, but you should also realise fixing an underperforming oven is not a cheap service. On the other hand, a squeaky clean machine is much less likely to break, since no dirt will affect the airflow inside. Keep the oven in top condition to avoid pricey repairs in the future.


  • Nasty pests – given the fact that most of the unaddressed filth in your oven has been caused by food spills, unwanted guests might be attracted by the messes. Rodents, as well as cockroaches, could invade your kitchen if you leave the oven dirty for too long. You need to remember that pests are not only gross to share a roof with, but they can trigger various health problems as well. To banish nasty pests from your kitchen, tackle food residue in the oven regularly.


While dealing with your kitchen cleaning jobs, don’t forget to take care of the oven. This way you will certainly avoid all the hidden threats a filthy appliance might pose.


© Fast Oven Cleaning


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text 2022-02-19 06:57
How To Keep Your House Clean?



If you want to know how to keep your house clean, we can help. The secret is to do some simple cleaning tasks every day to stay on top of clutter.


If you are sick of cleaning your house on weekends, here is what you should do. By following the tips given below, you can keep your home tidy throughout the week. Spending a couple of minutes tidying up everything can save you from a headache at the end of the week.

Make Your Bed


Your bed is one of the most visible surfaces in your bedroom. If you don't make your bed, it will make your look appear full of mess. But if you don't like tucking in your bedsheet, you can get a duvet that features a removable cover. You will need to launder it at the end of the week.


Making your bed each morning can change your life for good. In fact, this is the habit you should stick to.

Empty the Dishwasher first thing in the morning


Make it a habit to empty the dishwasher in the morning, as it will make it easier for you to clean your house. After all, doing dirty dishes won't take more than 5 minutes. You can do it while brewing coffee or waiting for kids to prepare for school.

Wipe the countertops


Apart from making your kitchen appear full of mess, dirty countertops may attract different types of pests. So, you need to load dishes right after your meals and then clean your countertops.


Cleaning and wiping the counters won't take more than a few minutes. The task involves putting food crumbs away and wiping down the countertops using a piece of rag. You don't need to spend more than a few minutes on this task.

Do your laundry before work


Doing your laundry before leaving for work can change your life for the better. But if your washing machine comes with a delay start option, you can set it to switch on a few minutes before you will arrive home.


After dinner, you may want to put damp clothes in the dryer. You can take them out a few minutes later during a commercial break while watching TV.


The good thing is that you don't need more than a couple of minutes to put away one load of laundry. For instance, you can do it a few minutes before hitting the bed.


If you are unable to decide what you should wash, you can try a laundry sorter with the most clothes.

Clean your Sinks and Faucets


You need to remove hairs and toothpaste splatters from your bathroom sink. Place a box of disinfecting wipes in a place where they are easy to access, such as under your sink.


In the morning, you should wipe the faucet and sink basin. If you want to save money on disinfecting wipes, you can use paper towels or old t-shirts to make DIY wipes.


Don't allow things to pile up


We suggest that you regularly deal with your school papers, catalogues, and store flyers, bills, and mail. They will pile up and take over your kitchen counter or dining table if you don't take care of them.


This pile can make you so overwhelmed that you won't feel like dealing with it. As a result, this stuff continues to pile up as time goes by.


So, it would be best if you sorted out the mail as soon as you get it. Besides, keeping a shredder in your kitchen or an easily accessible place can make it easier to handle junk mail.


You can use a money sorter and put the flyers in a recycling bin. That's all you need to do to complete this step.

Use Doormats


Placing doormats can help reduce the amount of soil you will bring in. So, get a few doormats and put them at the entrance of your exterior doors. Cleaning doormats is a piece of cake, and if you can shake or vacuum them every few days, that will be more than enough.


If you want to trap more debris, you may place a few more doormats in your garage.

Don't delay things


It's better to not put your cleaning tasks off until the next day. After having snacks with your family or friends in the evening, straighten and put your blankets back on the couch.


Collect your empty glasses and popcorn bowels and replace them in the dishwasher. Your kitchen sink is not the place for these things, and encourage your family members to do the same. If you spend a few minutes on this practice, you can have fun the next day.

Straighten up your kitchen


At the end of the day, if you straighten up your kitchen, you won't have to look at all the mess the next day. So, don't forget to set up the coffee maker, remove food crumbs and wipe down the counters. There should be no traces of kitchen trash before you hit the bed.


You may write down these things on a piece of paper and hang this reminder on your fridge where you can see it.

Stick to a House Cleaning routine


Coffee stains will be more challenging to remove if you let them sit all night. So, you may want to mop the coffee spills as soon as you can, and it won't take more than a few seconds.


Similarly, you can take care of other cleaning tasks in your house. If you want to keep your home clean, you may follow a consistent routine. Therefore, there is no need to wait for our house to look full of clutter before you gird up your loins.


Long story short, if you want to keep your house neat and clean at all times, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article.


If you are looking for a cleaning company in London, just contact All Services in One. We offer excellent services and top-notch customer support.  

© All Services in One


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text 2022-02-14 06:28
How To Clean With Vinegar Around The House - Practical Tips


Using the right cleaning agent around the house is vital. As one of the top London Domestic Cleaners, FK domestics pays attention to the health of the occupants and the environment in Choosing the right cleaning agent for specific jobs. The cleaning agent for industrial clean up cannot be applied for domestic cleanup.

And aside from the kind of cleaning agent, we also enlighten people on the suitable products to use for cleaning their homes effectively. And we are going to introduce vinegar as an effective cleaning agent for domestic cleaning. Vinegar is cheap and affordable, non-toxic to the environment, and works very well.

You should ensure that you use the cleaning vinegar rather than the one meant for cooking. The cleaning vinegar consists of 6 percent acidity, which is more effective for cleaning than the cooking vinegar, which is made up of 5 percent acidity. In contrast, the vinegar used for industrial and deep cleaning consists of 20% acidity, unsuitable for home use.


  • How To Prepare Homemade Cleaning Vinegar

We can easily prepare our homemade vinegar cleaning spray to save money and reduce our carbon imprint. We encourage using these homemade vinegar cleaning sprays for London Domestic Cleaners as we recommend for our customers.

The hardest part is to get your relatively easy spray container from your closet shopping mall. Now pour a mixture of two parts of vinegar and one part water (add a few drops of essential oil or favourite scent for a more pleasant smell). And as easy as that, you have your cleaning spray for glass and furniture surfaces at home and offices. This mixture can effectively remove dust and leave a shining surface.

  • How to Use Cleaning Vinegar to Remove Tough Stains

The above practical tips are effective for cleaning and shining surfaces. But to remove tough stains like grease, grime, kitchen stains and much more, we should use the following Practical steps. We are considering tougher stains like in the bathroom, sinks, and showers.

These stains will require a much tougher cleaning agent. Thus the mixture of vinegar and water will not be enough to remove them. However, you don't have to worry because you can increase the potency of our homemade cleaning agent by adding a portion of our regular dish soap. To achieve this, you should add a portion of dish soap and a portion of vinegar and then dilute them in water to create a more powerful solution.

With this mixture, you can remove dirt, grease, and debris on surfaces in your home. In addition, they are suitable for removing soap scum leftover in your shower, sink, and tiles, leaving your surfaces smooth and shiny. You should note that vinegar alone is potent enough to clean tough stains. However, they may irritate you when they come in contact with your skin. They are not harmful but will leave an unpleasant smell after cleaning. It is best to use gloves when using vinegar alone for cleaning.

  • Preparing Vinegar Solution for Cleaning Floor

A homemade vinegar solution can also clean all kinds of floors. A mixture of water and vinegar will clean floors made up of hardwood, laminated surfaces and most floor materials effectively and efficiently.

All you have to do is pour half a cup of vinegar into a full bucket of water. And with this solution, you can mop all floor types easily. So you can see that it is easy to make and costs less than getting some fancy cleaning agent from stores.

  • Clearing Clogged Pipes at Home
    Clogged pipes can be a problem in your home. They will prevent water from flowing down the drain and causing an eyesore. You do not have to spend money calling a handyperson or buying a chemical agent to flush the pipe clear. A homemade mixture of vinegar can do the job effectively.


The first step is to pour boiling water down the clogged pipe, pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and cover the pipe for about five minutes. However, the mixture should contain an equal solution of vinegar and baking soda (a mix of one cup of each solution). After five to ten minutes, you should remove the plug from the drain, then flush with boiling water for the last time.

  • Vinegar Solution for Laundry
    Vinegar solutions effectively remove stains, pet's hair, bleaching and give clothes a fresh smell. Add half to one full cup of vinegar to your washing machine when rinsing, and it will give your clothes a fresh, clean scent, wiping off every debris and bacteria. It is best to apply this method on cloth made up of 100 percent cotton.


As you can see, you can use vinegar effectively for your home cleaning. 


If you are looking for a professional cleaning company, you can contact FK domestics. We offer a wide range of cleaning services at competitive rates. It'll also be best if you join our social media space. You can check out some other content from us to step up your beautiful experience of this amazing world. We want to know your opinions and experience about meditation in the comment section below.

© FK Domestics Ltd



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