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photo 2021-03-09 07:05

CAD services in USA are very important for architects, engineers and designers. This is a computer software application, which helps in producing accurate, precise and quick drawings of designs for various purposes. It also helps to draft drafts faster and easier without the use of mechanical drafting tools.

It is also used to draft technical drawings and analyze various concepts. Most companies prefer to use this program as it has many advantages over others. Now get affordable CAD services in USA by our expert.

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text 2021-03-08 12:23
How Web Portal Solutions Bridge Gap between You and Your Customers

Serving customers with a hassle-free solution that solves their queries, manages their orders, and helps carry out other activities is the key to keep them happy. One that is essential. 


After all, it's the customers that make up your business. It's necessary that you fulfill their demands, provide exceptional service, and solve their problems. 


If they like your service and products, there are high chances of them returning back to you. If they don't, you might lose a customer. 


So, the question is, how can you provide them with a better service and quality products?

Web Portal Solutions! 


A web portal can act as their self-support and your digital support team. It can help you provide your customers with the best services and support without a human support team. 


Let us see how. 


  • Increase Customer Retention


With a web portal, you can create support tickets, live chats, and schedule appointments with customers. Customers can learn about their order and ticket status. They can chat with the support team directly from the portal and clear their doubts or queries. Along with this, FAQs, documents, and how-to guides can help customers solve basic queries. 

Web portal development will streamline your operations. It will free your support team of unnecessary tasks and help retain customers. In short, your support team can work efficiently, and provide better customer service.


  • Security


Data security is the most crucial factor. This is also the reason behind customers' hesitation to share data with businesses. Customers avoid sharing data with businesses. To curb it, many businesses use highly encrypted solutions to ensure customers of safe and secure data. 


Web portal solutions, for example, use the latest security standards. They come up with two-way encryption so that no one can retrieve the data. Additionally, they use market standards for purchases and payments to keep data secure.


  • Custom Features


A custom portal development can help you customize your solution according to your requirements. You can add features like payment, invoices, quotations, accounting, and more. 


Web portals can help your customers to pay directly from the portal. Vendors can generate invoices and pay their remaining amount.


Along with it, you can assign role-based access so that no one without authority can access or manipulate the data. In addition to all these, web portals can help you conduct customer surveys. You can ask them for their problems in retrieving data or the features they would like to have in the portal. Similarly, you can do so for your employees, partners, and others. 


  • Branding


Visibility is a sure-shot way to build a brand. You can do so with a custom web portal. With an intuitive logo, theme, UI/UX, consistent look and feel, web portals can help you with brand building. 


They not only provide a smooth experience and attractive designs but help build your reputation. 


Customer engagement is also another way for brand building. So along with consistency, they provide features like forums, discussion groups, and a knowledge base for engagement. 


  • CRM Integration


No one likes handling multiple solutions—a CRM, a separate portal, and so on. 

Therefore, web portal development companies provide you with custom web portal solutions to integrate with your CRM. 


A custom solution has all the features and syncs well with your CRM. It makes sure that there's a single login point so that no one needs to go through multiple logins. Besides, any changes in the CRM reflects in the portal and vice versa. It means that you don't need to worry about rework or rechecking.


Wrapping Up


Web portal solutions can be your true companion in attracting and retaining customers. They can help you serve customers in a better way. A custom web portal will ensure that your customers don't have a bad experience.


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text 2021-03-05 06:26

For a lot of people, Android is just a mobile operating system, just like they think for iOS. Being introduced to the world for the first time in 2008, Android has received constant updates pretty consistently, which is understandable, given the high levels of features and performance it brings for users.

However, the sheer size of the codebase is pretty difficult to maintain. This issue gets easily resolved with the help of React Native framework.


React Native- A Little Introduction

Originally a JavaScript framework, React Native enables the writing and native rendering of mobile apps for Android and iOS. Proper React Native app development has been on a constant rise since it was first introduced in 2015.

Apps on React Native are written by blending Javascript and XML, which is known as JSX. As a result, you get native apps that absolutely do not compromise the user experience as well. React Native also makes the lives of developers easy- allowing them to keep a single codebase.

As a framework too, React Native has elaborate documentation and a wide community which is a great step to start with.

How do React Native Apps Work?

There are three basic threads that govern the working of React Native apps-

The UI Thread

Also known as the Main Thread, it is responsible for taking care of the UI. It is responsible for every single thing a user sees and interacts with.

JavaScript Thread

It takes a different engine for React Native to execute the JavaScript code. This thread basically decides the pattern through which actions are taken on the UI.

Shadow Tree Thread

The Shadow Tree Thread calculates the defined layouts on the JavaScript and then transfers this information to the app’s native section to generate a view.

Tips to Improve React Native Performance

Here are some amazing tips with which you can improve the React Native performance this year-

1- Issues with Memory

For a large number of Android applications, memory leaks are a big pain during React Native app development, thanks to a number of unnecessary processes running in the background.


To take care of this memory leak issue in React Native apps, you can use the scrolling list options like flat list and section list among other listing options, which are a departure from the usual list view.

2- Size of Images

Wherever there are images, the overall memory usage heavily increases. Applications in React Native are no different, which makes image optimization a high on priority corrective measure.


React Native app developers can take the following steps to solve this problem-

Cache the images locally.
Reducing the image sizes.
Using PNG image format in place of JPEG format.
Convert the concerned images into WebP format.

3- Adding Maps

If a particular app is to make use of maps, a React Native app will face performance issues. However, this is not something that can be brought in check to bring better performance.


During the integration of the map feature, the following steps can help you out-

Disable auto-updating of geographical locations.

Eradicate console.log so that no extra data gets backed up in XCode.

4- Multiple Library Errors

‘FirebaseCore.h not found’.
‘Firebase. h not found’.
These are a couple of instances of errors that tend to pop up in React Native libraries. The main reason for such occurrences might be an improper installation of your library or it might have been corrupted.


The solution to library errors is pretty simple. You just need to install and link your library once again. However, it’s important to make sure that you do this process manually.

5- Failure to Find Modules

This is a pretty common problem, where a module gets misplaced at the time of creating a JavaScript file.


Common problems sometimes have common solutions, and this one is no different. All you need to do is make a change to the file path, substitute it with the correct path and you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

The world of mobile app development is no more the world it was a few years ago. With a highly functional cross-platform framework like React Native, the time is near when there will be no need to begin the entire development process from ground level.

In Consagous Technologies, you get a React Native app development company that gets you the right kind of apps with the most efficient functionality and features.  
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text 2021-03-04 13:38
VoIP Service Providers in India

Get the best VoIP service with IP Momentum. IP Momentum is well known for its VoIP Services in India and as well in International markets. VoIP in India is very essential for small businesses as India is a developing country and is home for many startups. IP Momentum is the leading VoIP service Provider with various offering to cater all requirements. Bangalore is known as the Silicon vally of India Hence the requirement for VoIP service Providers in Bangalore is very essential. Help Grow Your Businesses now with VoIP providers at IP Momentum.

Source: www.ipmomentum.com
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