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review 2017-08-02 05:20
Review of "Blood Trade" (Jane Yellowrock #6) by Faith Hunter
Blood Trade - Faith Hunter

Re-Post of 6/16/2017 review now that there's a bookclub for series:


I like Jane.  I enjoy this series.  I'm looking forward to reading the next one.


This one ... just somehow didn't measure up to the first five.  Filler maybe?


Flat might be a better word -- in comparison to earlier books.  Seriously, this was a good read that fell short of expectations.  Everything below this is relative to previous books.


Flat on the action.  Nope, infodumps on guns and armament do not count.


Flat on the story and engaging my attention (okay so there were violin inducing catch your heartstrings innocents, people to rescue and urgency.).  The urgency and timing seemed very staged.


Flat on the romance.  Okay, that's unfair because no romance.  Same angst-y mess with all the potentials.


Flat on the characters (I don't count the introduction of insta-lust wish fulfillment one for  for one of the side characters or the brief redneck bashing where in Mississippi they have to have bubbas living in filth and drugs in a single-wide trailer ...).  I wanted more of Beast and Jane and Leo and everyone.  


I really don't count the preachy part about Jane-the-contract-killer-for-money-once-bounty-legalized is too special to carry automatic weaponry cuz only purpose is to kill but okay with rest of her team using knowing the expected bad guys will be using.  That just added nothing except an eyeroll for the hypocrisy and a groan for probable repercussions. Nevermind how much armament she carried -- and described in great detail -- that may as well have been classed as full automatic.

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review 2017-07-28 18:41
booklikes Book Club for Jane Yellowrock series
Skinwalker - Faith Hunter
Blood Cross - Faith Hunter
Mercy Blade - Faith Hunter
Raven Cursed - Faith Hunter
Death's Rival - Faith Hunter
Blood Trade - Faith Hunter
Black Arts - Faith Hunter
Broken Soul - Faith Hunter
Dark Heir - Faith Hunter
Cold Reign - Faith Hunter

Created a bookclub for Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series at http://booklikes.com/groups/show/987/series-jane-yellowrock if anyone is interested.


Not trying to assign a "monthly" read schedule to each book because everyone is at such different places in the series.  Joining will collect member posts and reviews in one place even if not using the discussion threads.

Source: booklikes.com/groups/show/987/series-jane-yellowrock
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text 2017-06-15 09:03
Reading progress: 139 of 371 pages
Blood Trade - Faith Hunter

I was just startled that Jane put cream in her hot tea (regular black tea).


That's just weird to me instead of milk.  The series and this book have made much of Jane as tea connoisseur fussy about such things.


Not weirded out enough to scroll back through previous books to see if she drank it that way before and I just missed it.


I miss local dairies like Ehrlers and High's where we used to be able to get cream.   (Isn't it unusual in a small town in Mississippi — without your own dairy cows — you could get what Americans call cream versus coffee-creamer, whipping cream or half-and-half? I can't get regular cream here in Kentucky, not even in Whole Foods.)

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text 2017-06-14 22:12
Back to regularly scheduled program …
Blood Trade - Faith Hunter

Finished borrowed library books so now back to my planned read of this one (and the final Well of Sorrows book).


It's the 6th book in urban fantasy series Jane Yellowrock.

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