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text 2018-07-14 08:35


If you are a stock market enthusiast then you would probably want to know about the details of the stock market and how to invest in it? Well, you have landed in a perfect place to look for the answers. There is a dedicated community in every corner of the world where people indulge in a form of business where people do commodities exchange to earn profit. If you too want to indulge in such activities then you would need to learn about the online commodity market in details. Gathering knowledge and utilising such information in practice is the only way you can make some money in the stock market.




A stock market is basically a place or an institution where people from every corner of the world indulge in buying and selling of commodities, shares of numerous companies. Usually, the public limited companies around the world offer their shares to the world in form of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) in order to accumulate money from the market. These shares are then bought by individuals, companies as well as brokers who in turn sell or buy those shares. This process is continuously going on in a loop where someone is buying and someone is selling.


The unit value of a company’s stock is called shares. The stock is basically a legal tender or security depicting the state of ownership of a buyer in a particular company. The stocks thus are also come to known as equity. Practically anyone who has a commodity Trading account can indulge in the process of buying and selling of commodities in the stock market. So, if you are interested in doing so then you would need to have your own DEMAT account.


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Source: www.gillbroking.com/blog/what-is-stock-market-and-how-to-invest-in-commodities
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text 2018-07-10 08:00
Know to Trade Commodities Online by Following Basic Trading Process Including Gill Broking

Online commodities market has won popularity today among many investors. In online commodities trading, traders are not only in a much faster way with the help of a real live broker but also brokerage is also a minimum. However, the advantages of trading online commodities are great as the investors can easily be aware of any hidden threats by using this simple method of trading. Online commodities also allow you to trade immediately without making anyone with a live broker to place your orders. Almost everything that is needed to trade commodities is widely available within an online commodity trading account, such as commodities news, commodity trading charts, commodity market tips or any technical analysis programs. One of the main disadvantages of online commodity trading is that a new investor can face any kind of hazard when trading online commodities and so much homework and mentor will probably be needed too. Therefore, choosing the right online broker is very crucial decisions that will definitely improve your trading career. Therefore, choosing an efficient broker does not only meet your requirements but also compensate for any shortcomings in your commercial career to lead to success.



Original Resource Link: https://www.gillbroking.com/blog/know-to-trade-commodities-online-by-following-basic-trading-process-including-gill-broking

Source: www.gillbroking.com/blog/know-to-trade-commodities-online-by-following-basic-trading-process-including-gill-broking
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text 2018-06-26 13:19
What Are The Fees Associated With Opening A Demat Account?
Fill Trading Form For Open a Online Commodity & DEMAT Account
Most PDs do not charge a fee to open a Demat account. Some offer repayable account opening charges while others have a fixed fee.
There are also other payments such as transactions fee, annual maintenance fee, and payments for converting shares from physical format to electronic - in case you need to get physical shares to be converted to the Demat form.
Once you have received a copy of the terms of the agreement, the rules and regulations, and the payments that will apply, you will need to fill in the account opening form.
How to open a Demat Account
1) Choose Depository Participant(DP)
2) Fill Demat account opening form
3) Submit all documents
4) In person verification by DP
5) Account Number / ID will be provided by DP
6) Access Your Demat Account Online
add a nominee when you open a Demat account or a online trading account
Make sure you add a nominee when you open a Demat account.
1. Submit all necessary copies of documents. Dealing with a test, ID, and your PAN card mainly
2. Then the DP staff will contact you to carry out a personal check
3. Once the check is satisfactory, you will receive details of your Demat Account from your DP
It usually takes one or two weeks to open a Demat account. There is no compulsory requirement to maintain a minimum balance of shares when opening the Demat account.
You can open multiple Demat accounts in the same name as the different PIs.
What are the KYC norms to achieve to open the Demat account?
To prevent fraudulent activity, the customer identification process such as KYC (Know Your Customer), has been introduced. According to SEBI, you need to achieve KYC norms to open a Demat account. This is what is needed to achieve the KYC norms:
1. Proof of identity - You need to have a PAN card, passport, voter card, or Aadhar card.
2. Proof of address - You need to have a passport, account card, bank statement, utility bills or driving license.
3. Bank account number held in your name
After you have opened an online commodity trading account and have a valid Demat account, you can start buying online stocks and commodities.
Online Commodity Trading Account idea concept | Online commodity Trading Market India
Learn here about Indian online commodity trading market and procedure to know how to invest in commodities online. Gill Broking provides you online commodity market tips, commodity online crude oil, best online commodity trading platform, commodity market live rates, future commodity market, how to trade in commodities trading market online & free online commodity trading account opening facility with lifetime free AMC.
Source: gillbroking.blogspot.com/2018/06/what-are-fees-associated-with-opening.html
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review 2018-06-01 07:30
Trade Deal
Trade Deal - Malka Older

After Kris' trial the dust is setting and this episode is bit slower than the last. While it wraps up several outstanding questions from the last episode, it also broadens and expands into new storylines, now that Kris has made it to be a Warden.There was a bit too much exposition for my liking but it didn't matter much. I really like this serial so far, I'm curious to see where it is going.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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review 2018-05-19 03:55
Tying up loose ends and loosening some new ones
Trade Deal - Malka Older

After all the excitement last week, we get a little bit of a breather here as we see some of the fallout from what happened in Kris' trials. Michiko has to answer to Lavinia for the way things went against Kris and she finally updates her ancestors on the same events. Not for the first time, I wondered if the advice and counsel she's able to draw upon from her ancestors is really more of a curse and burden than a gift and help. Still, between her own self-doubt and the scrutiny of just about every authority figure in her life, Michikio seems to be reconsidering things and maybe making some positive steps. I have high hopes for her as a character.


While Michiko is under the microscope, Kris is could maybe use a little scrutiny. Between becoming a Warder and completing is first acts as one Kris is starting to settle in. It's a lot of fun watching the new reality settle in. There's a sense in which Kris didn't give a lot of thought to how things were going to be after the trials. I can't tell if that's because no one really thought it'd happen, or Kris needed to focus on the immediate challenge first. I'm not sure that Kris has been as interesting before -- showing questionable judgement, and an impressively growing awareness of what the future can be.


There's a little bit of action that's not really fallout from the gauntlet, but is what we've been waiting for, pretty much centering on the person of Ojo. Kris and Ojo finalize the trade deal they promised to make, and then the final shoe drops with what's been going on with Penelope. While this is happening Ojo gets some news from home that colors everything he does. He's still the character that interests me the most, even as I'm sure the series really wants me to focus on Kris and Michiko.


This installment isn't just wrapping up what was left dangling after episode 4, it sets up the stories the series will be focusing on next. This isn't going to be your typical fantasy series, and will a lot of fun to see what it ends up being -- although reading the characters and plots will be better. Given the last paragraph, it's going to get exciting soon.


For me, the character of Takeshi stole this episode. I liked watching him at work in Episode 4, but honestly, I didn't pay all that much attention to him before. But between his attitude, his secrets, and his non-Warder activities, he really seems like quite the guy (watching the reactions of the younger Warders running into the concept of non-Warder activities was great, by the way.).


While there wasn't much transpiring in this episode, I really appreciated it for the character moments, and what it seems to be setting up for the future. I'm feeling better about Born to the Blade as a whole, too. In short, this was good stuff.

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2018/05/18/born-to-the-blade-1-5-trade-deal-by-malka-ann-older-tying-up-loose-ends-and-loosening-some-new-ones
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