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review 2017-01-23 11:18
Taming the Beastly M.D. (Silhouette Desi... Taming the Beastly M.D. (Silhouette Desire) - Elizabeth Bevarly

Well, that wasn't painful at all. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be sweet, cute, or what. I got that it was supposed to be a beauty and the beast story, sort of. What it was, was almost 200 pages of awkwardness and misunderstandings.

You see, our H, from an old Boston family (family came on the Mayflower, etc), while a child, was attacked by a lion, and he's had a crappy life as a result. He was thrown out of various schools for fighting, he's been made the butt of jokes... Ok, there are assholes out there, but most of the time, you make your own hell. So what - he caught someone staring and sucker-punched them?

So...he's attracted to the h, and he doesn't think her cheerful self would ever want anything to do with a beast like him (well, no, not when you do things like tell her to leave and call her a taxi after taking her V card, but that comes later), so he starts leaving her anonymous gifts, which scare her actually. She doesn't connect the dots, because she has little reason to. Her sister corners him into escorting her to a family function, where afterward, they almost do the deed in the back of the limo, but manage to regain at least a little awareness so go to his place. After they do the deed, he asks her why, and takes offense at her answer (because he overthought it apparently - she just hadn't gotten around to dating anyone), and does the whole "get out" thing.

Strangely enough, while she's upset at this, she doesn't seem to have any issue going about her business - no hiding in her apartment and having a meltdown, nothing. She tries to avoid him, sure, but starts pondering that she's in luv with him. He does corner her and apologize, but then says he thinks they should keep their relationship strictly professional...did I mention she's a cardiology nurse and he's a heart surgeon?

2 weeks later, a blizzard comes through and she spends the weekend with him. Monday, he sends her a note telling her to meet him at a certain restaurant and they needed to talk. They meet, her sporting an LBD that was more L than D (because people regularly do that 2 days after a blizzard), and he a) admits he's her stalker and b) proposes...

Of course, that weekend could have had a lot of talking involved, but I wasn't given that impression. Seems like what they really needed was time getting to know each other. They actually did go out on a date - something conspicuously absent in a lot of contemporary romances - but what did they talk about? I don't want details, mind you, but even a discussion of the weather beats the awkward silence, or miscommunication.

This is part of a publisher series, meaning that more than one author contributes. I don't know that I'd hunt any of the others down, because I really don't care enough to bother, and I likely only got this one because I'd read the author. Also probably found it in one of those bargain piles.

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review 2016-05-06 00:00
Maid in Boston (Silhouette Desire #156)
Maid in Boston (Silhouette Desire #156) ... Maid in Boston (Silhouette Desire #156) - Paula Corbett,N. Rotter It was actually kinda awful.
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review 2016-01-30 20:15
Upon The Storm (Silhouette Desire, No 712) - Justine Davis

And it's pushing it to get 3.


I have a small assortment of harlequins and silhouettes, many bought because they were discussed in a reading group (hate feeling left out), a small bunch inherited when a relative died, and a group that represent backlists of authors who've written something I liked. This one is from that latter group - Justine Davis also wrote the futuristics, Sky Pirate and Lord of the Storm.


Obviously, I liked those two books better.


It has everything - celebrity H, separation, heroine with tragic past, secret baby (who acts 3 years older than she is)...


There's a saying that you bring about that which you fear the most. The H apparently feared becoming his mother, and the h feared abandonment. In the beginning of the book, she's reluctantly leaving her 2 year old with a sitter for 2 weeks to discuss a documentary. She goes to the meeting and finds herself face to face with the H. Then we get the flashback which is half the book and honestly, if it had stuck in that time frame and worked out the bugs, I'd have liked it a lot better. The H had become essentially his mother - a shallow, self-absorbed jerk. He threw a tantrum on-set, flew to his home town just ahead of a hurricane, and took his speed boat out in it. Stupid, yes, and he very nearly won a Darwin award. The h wasn't much brighter - taking pictures of the approaching hurricane for a book. She rescued him. Later, he rescued her. As they were cowering under the covers when the hurricane made landfall, they distracted themselves. The next day, the rescue team showed up and she bolted.


Abruptly, it's 3 years later. She agrees to spend 4 weeks with him (remember, the two-year-old is with a sitter), he's so afraid of scaring her off, he practically tiptoes around her. She assumes he doesn't want her anymore. Then, when she figures it out, they have a big night (where protection is not mentioned). The next day, his brother shows up and informs him he's going to be an uncle, something is said questioning bro being the dad, something else was said about some groupie who apparently tried to be a celebrity baby mama... Heroine bolts.


Last couple of chapters are after he tracks her down 3 weeks later. He's pissed. She's all snotty. He finds out about kid, they have a brief discussion whereupon he pretty much agrees with everything she says. The end.


Irritants -

the tragic past being constantly in her mind. I would guess the h was a child of the '60s. Free love might have been the theme but consequences still were frowned upon. She's constantly thinking about the unknown woman who abandoned her as an infant, but it apparently never crosses her mind that the unknown woman may have been a teen herself and struggling to survive. She often thinks of this in reference to her child but she left the child for *2* weeks (and was going to extend it a month) and was working on an itinerary for a book tour in Australia for an unknown amount of time - leaving the kid with a sitter. If she was doing so well she could retire (seriously, she was contemplating living off her investments at the end), she could also afford to take a nanny with her.


The whole hidden baby thing. Her reasoning was that a) he'd think she did it deliberately (under the circumstances? Right) and b) she didn't want to be a charity case. Lousy reasons to deny your kid a father.


The end has him insisting on a wedding and planning to go to Australia with her and taking the kid. Can't say as I blame him - hanging onto the kid is probably the only way to keep her from bolting. OTOH, do you really want to saddle yourself with a woman who's constantly looking for an excuse to run out on you?

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review 2015-08-31 02:16
Beauty & the Beastmaster: Premiere - Carol Devine
  Amanda is celebrating her birthday in the last place she wants to be--at a wrestling match. The Beastmaster realizes who she is and decides to go off script and grab her from the audience and carry her out of the arena. Amanda is not amused so she files suit against him. Theirs is a battle fought in the gossip columns and their hearts.

I enjoyed this story. It was fun and quick, a perfect Sunday afternoon read. I liked the Amanda and Bram (the Beastmaster.) I liked their interactions from the ang
Amanda is celebrating her birthday in the last place she wants to be--at a wrestling match. The Beastmaster realizes who she is and decides to go off script and grab her from the audience and carry her out of the arena. Amanda is not amused so she files suit against him. Theirs is a battle fought in the gossip columns and their hearts.

I enjoyed this story. It was fun and quick, a perfect Sunday afternoon read. I liked the Amanda and Bram (the Beastmaster.) I liked their interactions from the anger to the amusement to finally listening to one another. I was afraid there would be no HEA but it turned out alright. This story and these characters took me away from reality for a few hours and I was glad to go.
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review 2014-12-28 18:36
Stormbound with a Tycoon (Silhouette Desire, #1356) - Shawna Delacorte

I was looking for a quick read and hence my decision to read this title.. This title is different from what I have come to expect from the harlequin desire line. If you like your romance stories hot and steamy then this book is not for you. If on the other hand, you like sweet romance stories with light, love scenes where you have to use your imagination then you will love this book.


This story was told from the POV of the main characters. Some readers may find the switching between the two POVs distracting. I don’t mind it as it provided me with insight into their thoughts and emotions.


Stormbound with a Tycoon tells the story of Jessica McGuire and Dylan Russell. Jessica had a crush on Dylan since she was fifteen years old; however, to Dylan she was his best friend’s sister and nothing else. Fast forward sixteen years later, these two had moved on with their lives, but it did not turn out as was expected.


Jessica is a divorcee, who is determined to get her life back on track and prove that she does not need a man to define her. Dylan is an ace at making lucrative business deals; however, after a deal gone bad he began to question his judgement as a result he decided to re-evaluate his life. To do so he asked his best friend for the use of his cabin. Jessica, unaware of this arrangement decided to stay at the cabin to get some much needed rest. The two became stranded as a result of a storm and was forced to endure each other company throughout the duration of the storm.


There were a lot of internal battles of emotions in this title. Both characters had their inner demons to deal with and found it difficult to express their feelings. I thought Jessica was a bit judgemental when it came to Dylan. She is willing to think the worst of him. In spite of this she had difficulty fighting her attraction to him.


This is a story of love, self-discovery and acceptance. Overall, I found this to be an ok read.

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