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review 2018-01-08 15:13
Socks, Socks, More Socks
The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook - Lynne Vogel

I have been working on one pair of socks for my nephew for over a year now. I really want to finish and maybe do another pair that was a different pattern and just as fun so that maybe I can finish them faster than the last pair. 


The book contains all kinds of different information on dyeing the yarn, spinning the yarn, etc. This had information on how to measure feet and legs to determine what size you need and how to make socks with toes. Good information. 

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review 2017-12-27 23:09
Queer, Demon-Summoning Bohemians of the Victorian era ^^;
Creatures of Will and Temper - Molly Tanzer

Absolutely outstanding writing. I'm always impressed when an author can tell a story I can't help but respect and enjoy, even when I don't really agree with the philosophy, themes, or messages it expresses.


Creatures of Will and Temper is the story of two sisters in Victorian England growing into themselves and finding their place in the world. It has a highly unique, essentially amoral take on demons, and some excellent trickery in its direction, setup and twist. I almost stopped reading at the beginning, as it does open with a scene that doesn't involve either of the sisters, but rather a middle-aged lesbian demonologist, which made me think I wouldn't be interested in the story, but then things broadened rather.


This was a good effort as far as historical fiction goes; even the linguistic style lends itself to period writing (as opposed to the anachronistic use of too much modern language), and historical worldbuilding and background detail was flawless. Very interesting and well-explored human relationships, flaws and proclivities.


There is very strong homosexual (male and female, possibly implied bi) content, so if that's not your thing, be warned. Not too much highly explicit content, intimate scenes are mostly fade-to-black.


As far as historical fiction goes, it's an interesting angle on the more bohemian elements of Victorian society, and extrapolates that amoral and artistic attitude in a new and creative direction. In my opinion, a worthwhile and entertaining read whether or not you agree with the conclusions the author heads toward, and extremely well written.

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review 2017-12-24 08:45
Twelfth Night With the Earl by Anna Bradley
Twelfth Night with the Earl (The Sutherland Sisters) - Anna Bradley

***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Ethan Fortescue, Earl of Devon, is on his way to Cornwall, in order to finally close his family home, Cleves Court. The place is both the source of good and bad memories, but the bad are winning.
Then he comes "home" and finds it alight and filled with revelers, thanks to his housekeeper's Christmas spirit. When the housekeeper turns to be the only woman he's ever loved, Theodosia Sheridan, the shock is complete.

Thea has dreamed of the moment Ethan would finally come home, but in her dreams the reunion was always a happy one. Reality is a different beast all together, since Ethan is much changed from the boy she knew and loved. This Ethan is bad-tempered, drunk most of the time, demanding, surly, and determined to close his ancestral home forever.

Thea now only has until the Twelfth Night to convince him otherwise...And maybe give them both a Christmas present they'll never forget.

I've come to love Anna Bradley's ability of creating layered, flawed and realistic characters I'd love to know in real life, and of presenting wonderful stories of star-crossed love and painting wonderful pictures with her words.

Unfortunately, this story fell rather short of that. While I liked Lord Devon in Charlotte's story, where he played the part of her friend, would-be rescuer, and even Cupid, in his own story he was just an ass.
Maybe he had his reasons, but the one I came to know in his story, was rather disproportionate to what happened to him, and was as much his own doing for "bowing down" to rumors, and creating the persona those that spread those rumors wanted and expected him to be.
I liked his heroine just a little bit more. I found her shrewish, obstinate, and her determination to get what she wanted no matter the cost rubbed me the wrong way. And yes, as Ethan did, I also suspected an ulterior motive after she "succumbed" to his advances.

I found them both slightly childish for their age, I hardly got the we're-old-friends-vibe, so the descent into romance was quite a stretch, but that's probably because there was so little story involving their past together. There wasn't space, I guess with all the drama of the present, with Ethan being a surly jerk, Thea going out of her way to be as disrespectful to rank (no matter their common past) as possible) and unlikable, and the antics of the three children temporarily living under their roof.

It felt like there were pieces of the story missing, important pieces to make it all glue together, to make it a better, more rounded story.

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review 2017-12-20 15:19
The Tale of Two Sisters
Ever After High: The Tale of Two Sisters - Shannon Hale

Ever After High: Storybook of Legends, Book .7

I Picked Up This Book Because: Looking from something short

The Story:

A super short story of two sisters and their differences meant to supplement the full books and influence Apple White and Raven Queen

The Random Thoughts:

3 Stars

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review 2017-12-20 14:46
The Sunshine Sisters - Jane Green

The sunshine sisters by Jane Green
Have read other books by the author and have enjoyed them.
This one is about 3 sisters and their mother who's sick. Starts at present day then goes back to 1970's then 2000 then back again.
To me it's so mixed up and hard to keep track of who os who. There are three sisters and the best part for me is when they are summoned home from their jobs and family.
Their mother is very ill and she tells them a secret she's held close for a long time.
The sisters are once again together, something that's not happened since they were young.
Good story and I've though of doing same thing, my husband and myself if our circumstances get to that point. It's legal in OR already.
Wish each of the sisters had gotten their own book because I like to get to know my characters.
Liked mixture of careers and relationships but I couldn't tell you who was who at any given point.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

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