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text 2018-12-03 19:03
October and November wrap up
Escape Journey vol 1 - Tanaka Ogeretsu
The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan
Jar of Hearts - Jennifer Hillier
Skin - BB Easton
44 Chapters About 4 Men: A Memoir - BB Easton
A Court of Frost and Starlight - Sarah J. Maas
Merry and Bright: A Novel - Debbie Macomber
wotakoi love is hard for otaku 3 - Maki Fujita

Apparently I forgot to do my October wrap so I combined October and November 


Favorite from October jar of hearts 

Favorite from November a court of frost and starlight 




1 manga 

2 audiobook

1 library 

2 ebooks




1 manga

2 audiobook 

1 library 

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text 2018-12-03 05:59
Port Container Services dominate the field when it comes to Shipping Containers

Port Container Services dominate the field when it comes to Shipping Containers. They have the biggest variety of Shipping Containers in Australia with the furtherst delivery stretch which makes them the Kings of the Industry.

Nowhere else does a Shipping Container business cater to the needs of the consumer so perfectly.Their Shipping Containers are ideal for creating extra storage space for any materials even if they are toxic, dangerous or in any way hazardous. Port Container Services can even literally transform your Shipping Container into site offices, accommodation units or even workshops. Port Container Services supply brand new or used Shipping Containers for sale.

Their Shipping Container hire options are more competitive than anywhere else and are sure be the ideal solution for your short term business needs.When it comes to Total Worksite Solutions, Port Container Services are a cut above the rest. Their Shipping Containers products and accessories are so versatile that they still continue to come up with new and innovative uses for Shipping Containers on a daily basis. So stop waiting and take action. If you have a need, Port Container Services have the solution. Visit their website for more information on why Shipping Containers are the perfect solution to your space problem or call one of their friendly Shipping Container technicians on 1300 793 668.

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text 2018-11-29 15:14
TBR Thursday
Nairobi Heat - Mukoma wa Ngugi
Skin Game: A Novel of the Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Doomsday Book - Connie Willis
Shark Drunk: The Art of Catching a Large Shark from a Tiny Rubber Dinghy in a Big Ocean - Morten A. Str√łksnes
The Second Empress: A Novel of Napoleon's Court - Michelle Moran
Small gods - Terry Pratchett


Time to buckle down and see how many of my planned 2018 books I can finish before the year's end.


Both Doomsday Book and Small Gods will count towards my Science Fiction and Fantasy Project.  I think that Small Gods, Nairobi Heat, Second Empress, and Shark Drunk can all contribute to my 24 Tasks of the Festive Season, too.  Maybe I can find a way to make Skin Game fit, if I am crafty enough!


I was supposed to meet my new great-niece on Saturday, but my niece's whole household has come down with some nasty plague, so we are cancelling those plans.  I guess this gives me a day to get caught up on housework, do some cooking (so I have a Menu Monday offering), and read!


My car & I were reunited yesterday.  All seems to be well with the tires, so I am happy about that.  Today, I'll be headed off to my retinal specialist for my annual check-up.  Just making sure those retinas stay stuck to the back of my eyeballs!


Happy reading, friends!



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text 2018-11-26 11:35
Skin Care - Taking Care of the Biggest Organ You've Got

What do you take a gander at every day, weighs around 7 pounds, and how it changes over time can determine how you feel about yourself as a person? This extremely powerful seven pound wonder can stretch and overlay; wrinkle and bend and still retain its original character. It's self repairing and completely replaces itself every 28 or so days and its outward condition can literally attract or repel other people.

It's your skin - the single largest organ on your body and the most vulnerable to ravages of time.

As an organ, like the liver, kidneys or the heart, the best way to maintain its continued health is to do preventative care and provide the skin proper nutrition. This is a fundamental concept that is coming into advertising vogue with some mid-level consumer grade products. The vast majority, basically because it's your skin don't see it similarly they do internal organs however the secret to great skin is outer nutrition similarly that inner nutrition is basis for continued well being and together they are the keys to preventative health care. The general skin care market is generally valued at around $30 billion a year (general, teen, sun/lip care and anti-aging) and all of us are customers. So as a decent customer you want to make sure how to evaluate what will function to get the best value for yourself.

Outer Nutrition and You Given a $30 billion market, 6 billion people and all the variations in climate, diet and stresses, where do you start to locate the correct products for you? Toss out everything in your bathroom and start over? Outer Nutrition is about providing the largest organ in your body with the nutrition it craves. Utilizing this concept, always search for products that stress their vitamin and mineral content. Your skin requires and you can get great results by searching for products that are rich in:

Vitamin A

helps regulate skin development

improves skin moisture content

helps reverse indications of premature aging

Vitamin C

  • helps your skin produce collagen
  • promotes firm skin tone
  • underpins your skin's immune system

Vitamin E

  • protects skin moisture
  • smoothes skin surface
  • helps reduce inflammation

Skin types Skin is amazing - it protects the skeletal and internal tissues as well as it has evolved into specialized skin types with distinct properties to protect diverse areas of the body. Take a look in the mirror at your face and neck to get a clear picture. The skin around your eyes, lips, cheeks and forehead are all different and require differing types of care. Each "type" of skin ages and feels the effects of stress, contamination, etc. differently. The skin on your lips is the same as on your hand and feet, it's not similar to your eyes. This is why one moisturizer or one type of any skin care essentially doesn't work. The classic example is the area from the base of the chin through the highest point of the chest, known as the décolletage. For the two men and women this area often demonstrates age first. In addition cosmetic surgeons won't touch this region because the skin is so thin. This skin area requires specialized nutritional content.

Skin Zones There are basically three skin zones and they all deal with oil content - Normal, dry and sleek. You face is usually patchy and keeps running in two patterns normal to dry or normal to sleek. It also changes based on climate, season and your eating habits. Although eyes are different, your face is normally evaluated from the perspective of the "T" zone. Across your foreheads and down your nose ridge. Take a glance at your skin and select which of the patterns is most prevalent and select your products from that point. 

Come to join us for further information and best supplements of silica at benefitsofsilica.com and get the best product.

Why 3 part systems are the best? When selecting outer nutrition products for the face specifically avoid the all-in-one types and avoid regular soaps for the face. In the event that you want real results, you want a three part system. You may pay a little more yet you will be much happier with the results. There are some lower end products in this area, especially designed for the teen market - beware, there is a reason why some things cost less - quality, fillers, etc. happens with any product. A company went from an also ran to the number one product in the multi-billion teen acne market by virtue of the correct spokesperson ($250,000 investment) - doesn't mean it's the best product, only a great payback.

These rules apply whether you're taking a gander at the general market or the acne market. Think about your skin of a piece of the finest furniture and you are refinishing it - restoring it to its original luster. In the first place, your clean away the best level of residue and impurities - you have to do this to open the wood to deep cleaning. Second, you strip out all the deep or residual particles and this leaves the wood altogether clean and open. Third, you apply a level of protection to the new wood surface to develop it back and help keep out new impurities that newly cleansed surface will attract. Your skin is the same formula - cleanser, toner to strip and moisturizer to rebuild. The last is particularly important for folks on the off chance that they are inclined to consider moisturizers "girly". In the event that you don't moisturize, pollutants will have open access to the deep recesses of your pores because you simply opened and cleaned them out. Regardless of what you age this formula works. On the off chance that you are dealing with acne - this formula works - don't be misled by commercials, acne is a disease and there is no "cure" yet control and limiting its effects is possible.

Exfoliates Beware exfoliates, less expensive exfoliates will tear your skin because of the particles they embed in their formulas (apricots, etc.). In the event that you pursue the three step process and feel the need for greater oil control, use a gentle to medium exfoliate in addition to or as a complement to the cleanser. Heavy obligation exfoliates ought to be used just a couple times a week, especially as you age (30s and up). They are designed to strip away excess or dead skin cells before they clog your pores. As you age your skin cells die off and replace themselves more gradually. In your teens it's about every 28 days and goes up to about 40 days as you age. In the event that you have an acne condition use exfoliates to deep cleanse. Surface acne is the result of liquid develop under the skin which then traps dust, pollutants, skin cells, etc. so the cleaner you keep your pores; the more the surface effects of acne can be controlled.

Anti-Aging Everyone is searching for the Fountain of Youth and with an expanding and aging population business for cosmetic surgeons is on the rise. You've probably seen commercials advertising for you to come in and get a needle and toxic substance to full out your lips and wrinkles. Vanity is no problem and you ought to be aware that there are some amazing non-surgical, non-poison ways to assist. Nothing will stop time and gravity yet there ways to ease the transition.

Great anti-aging products contain collagen-building and vitamin and mineral Glucosamine complex. These are the substances that you naturally have in your skin that reduce over time. As they decrease, the skin loses its elasticity and develops fine lines and wrinkles. These products rehydrate and firm skin tissue and minimize the indications of aging. The clinical studies are very precise and inside a few weeks with consistent use you can see up to 50+% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and dramatic improvements in skin iridescence, firmness and moisture content.

There is a real issue with price awareness in this area and cost is very misleading at the higher end because manufacturers are relying on the buyer's vanity. A decent medium priced product with strong clinical studies is as effective probably more effective than the product selling for hundreds of dollars. Why? Because technology in this area had advanced so rapidly that the gap between the top of the line and the low end products has been completely bridged in the last few years. However, low end priced products still deliver low end results.

Inner Nutrition- You are what you eat and what you eat effects your all your organs, including your skin. On the off chance that you are overweight, get it down to a healthy level based on your body shape and maintain a healthy diet with large amounts of lean protein with loads of foods grown from the ground. Your mother was correct.

Gordon and Lori Townsend have over a decade of experience as wellness coaches and have helped hundreds of people achieve their health and fitness goals without the use of medications or other medications. Lori lost 28 pounds and 6 inches of muscle to fat ratio, her cholesterol went down 100 points and she got off all prescription thyroid medication in 8 weeks. Gordon lost 30 pounds and went from a size 34 waist to size 30 of every 8 weeks. We have not been to the doctor nor have our children for any illness in 4 years! How might you like energy levels through the rooftop, the body shape you want and fundamentally change what you look like and feel about yourself? We believe that success is in the details and the coaching so let's see whether we have a match - contact us for a free consultation at benefitsofsilica.

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review 2018-11-25 18:44
Hugh Hefner's Lasting Influence on America
Playboy's Hugh Hefner: Empire of Skin - ... Playboy's Hugh Hefner: Empire of Skin - Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince

Playboy's Hugh Hefner: Empire of Skin offers an approach to understanding Playboy icon Hefner that goes beyond the empire he built to consider his lasting impact on sexuality in America, delving into his approaches to entertainment and male privilege (among many other considerations of his life and influence).


Readers must throw out any preconceived notions about what a Hefner biography would look like in order to consider the multifaceted approach of Playboy's Hugh Hefner: Empire of Skin because it toes the line between a gossip piece and a broader inspection of Hefner's authority.


It should also be mentioned that this is no light piece. Over five hundred pages of facts about Hefner are culled from some 50 years of research from a former bureau chief and entertainment reporter at the Miami Herald. Playboy's Hugh Hefner contains a satisfying blend of factual reporting and discussions of affairs, Playboy politics, and Hefner's psyche, motivations, influences, and ambitions.


Readers who want to learn more about either Hefner or the Playboy empire's evolution, and who like their facts couched in a gossipy tone of drama to create compelling insights and reading, will relish Playboy's Hugh Hefner, and won't consider its length to be daunting.


Black and white photos of people, places, and memorabilia abound, complimenting and breaking up text and providing a fine visual embellishment to interviews and Hefner's own perceptions of himself.


The result is spicy, revealing, fact-based, and compelling: the kind of reveal read that appears weighty and daunting, but proves to be accessible, involving, and hard to put down. Playboy's Hugh Hefner is highly recommended reading for anyone who would learn more about Hefner, his world, and his times.

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