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review 2018-01-16 01:04
Release Day Review: The Hockey Player's Heart by Jeff Adams and Will Knauss
The Hockey Player's Heart (Dreamspun Desires Book 50) - Jeff Adams,Will Knauss

I liked this story about an out hockey player who in his teens nursed a crush on his older sister's best friend who was also his geometry tutor. Who's now a teacher at the same school where his sister is the principal. 

After an injury, hockey player Caleb Carter returns to his home town of Foster Grove to recuperate and hang out with his sister before going back to NYC to play for the Rangers. He doesn't realize that his one-time teenage crush Aaron Price now works as a teacher for his sister, but is shook when he finds out. That teenage crush he thought he was over - yeah, not so much. So Caleb pursues Aaron - inviting the slightly older man on a date and makes his interest clearly known. 

Aaron is a bit gun-shy to date another athlete after one broke his heart back in California, but Caleb is persistent, and every argument Aaron brings up that a relationship between them wouldn't work, Caleb counters. And obviously, there's a spark for Aaron too. 

The plot doesn't have any big misunderstandings nor any obvious miscommunications, and both men are open and honest about their interest, even if Aaron isn't convinced this thing between them will be anything more than a short-lived romance. 

We get a glimpse into Aaron's life as a teacher, and Caleb's life with his hockey team (gotta love Dimitri, what a great friend), and also the school's hockey team. The kids were an added bonus, and I enjoyed watching Caleb and Aaron interact.

The drama in this story comes primarily from Aaron, shy, cautious Aaron, who doesn't think he fits in with Caleb's life as a star hockey player, so he finds excuse after stupid excuse to not fully give the relationship a real chance. 

I liked Caleb a lot. He was so honest and straight-forward, and so open about how he felt and what he wanted, but also not pushy - he gave Aaron time to come around to his way of thinking. And really, three hours drive isn't a deal-breaker for most people, especially since there's an off-season to consider. Aaron is just gun-shy, which I could understand, but I also didn't think it was fair of him to think that all athletes are alike. Aaron had some self-esteem issues too - again, understandable, after being treated like so badly by the California jerk. 

There is definitely chemistry between the two men, and we are treated to some steamy yet emotional scenes between them. This being a Dreamspun Desires title, I expected a grand gesture toward the end - and yeah, I got that. Lovely scene, that.

The entire story and relationship development takes place in just a few weeks' time, which might be too fast for some, but in this case, I believed the timeline from meet-cute to HEA, because the two men knew each other from high school, and both had a bit of a crush on each other - it was easy to see how that spark might be kindled to burst into flame. 

This was my first read by this author team, even though I own the Hat Trick series by Jeff Adams in paperback, which obviously I need to read. Apparently, there will be another book which will be about Dimitri, Caleb's friend and teammate. And judging by how Dimitri feels about romance and long-term relationships in general, I cannot wait to read that one!

Give this a try. While there's a lot of hockey in the book, the romance and relationship take center stage.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **

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review 2018-01-14 02:45
Book Review: A Dark and Twisted Heart
A Dark And Twisted Heart (The Dark Heart... A Dark And Twisted Heart (The Dark Heart Chronicles Book 1) - Merrie Destefano
*I offered to read this book for an honest review.

William is a young man that loves yet struggles with more. He's done something he shouldn't have done. And having that ghost with him may push him to do something again.

Wow, this is one quick read. An hour at tops. (Really, I'm a slow reader and it didn't take me that long.)

Katrina is a ghost, and she's haunting her love. William. The story is from William's mind as he's the one alive and doing things he shouldn't.

We get to see an evening with William. We meet Katrina, his love, as he's walking through the woods. Katrina is a constant reminder of his love for her and what he did to her. But he's been spending time with Adelle too.

Merrie has created a story in one moment of a person's life. This moment is one that will change his life forever. The details of the forest aren't given as you know what it is from what the forest is named and believed to be. It's called Dead Man's Wood. Just the name alone lets you know people don't normally visit this part and what they believe, it is a ghost story. The story is in what William lives through this evening...

William gets what he deserves in the end. And Katrina and her friend seem to enjoy it. You can tell from Katrina's actions she is up to more than what she's saying. The girls have left me a bit curious as to the world they live in and what they are thinking.

A quick story with ghosts and a warped love for the Halloween season. This is the first in a series of short stories, and I'm looking forward to where they go.
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review 2018-01-09 14:13
My Review of Heart of a Huntsman by Liam Reese
Heart of a Huntsman - Liam Reese

Heart of a Huntsman by Liam Reese is the first book in A Huntsman's Fate series. Besmir is an orphan who finds out he is the legitimate heir to the throne.


Heart of a Huntsman is a decent story. It has a lot of potential. I feel as though the author rushed the story a bit. There were gaps in the timeline which had me confused at times, and it felt like a lot of the story was left out. Things happened a bit too quickly in the development of the main character.


Purchased from Amazon.

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review 2018-01-09 04:50
not for me
Heart of the Wolf - Terry Spear

Bella tried to entice a human to mate with her but he ran off for he was young. Duelyn- the werewolf who rescued her when her whole pack of red wolves including her parents died in a fire- had taken her to his pack and she was accepted but the Alpha wolf wanted to mate her - Volan- and he was violent and cruel and Bella wanted nothing to do with him,  who Bella wanted as her lifelong mate was Duelyn. Bella was planning to sneak away from the pack to escape Volan and begged Duelyn to go with ker but he would not leave his pack. So Bella ran from the pack to live alone and hopefully find a human to mate with then she would turn him and start her own pack. But Duelyn did desperately want Bella to be his mate but saw no way that could happen and he still be in his pack. So he stayed alone but yearning for a mate as did Bella. Bella had a cabin she would go to and be able to freely run as a wolf and no one would realize what she was. But then she got caught and was shot with a tranquilizer gun and placed in a zoo.  The zoo put in a big old red wolf to mate with Bella but she scared him off with her refusal to be his mate. But now Bella had to somehow get out because at a certain phase of the moon Bella was forced to be in human form and the zoo attendants would then find a naked woman instead of a red wolf in their wolf enclosure. Bella tried to escape when he forced human form came about but she couldn’t get out and was freezing. Luckily a nightwatchman heard her scream and they found her and got her out of the enclosure. The night watchman was puzzled how a woman and naked at that got into the enclosure.

I didn’t really like this book. I just didn’t connect with the story or the characters. I felt bad for Bella first losing her family and pack then having to flee from  Volan. But that was not enough to make me enjoy this book.This book dragged too much for me and failed to keep my attention unfortunately as I normally love paranormal books especially including wolves which are my favorite wild animals.

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review 2018-01-08 17:53
You Will Never Claim my Heart by Kleineganz
You Will Never Claim my Heart - Kleineg... You Will Never Claim my Heart - Kleineganz

An entertaining fanfic in which omega Dean is forcibly mated to alpha Castiel. Under his father's influence, Cas attempts to train Dean by force. He eventually realises that gentler methods are needed to woo his omega.

Source: archiveofourown.org/works/12044409
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