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quote 2017-10-19 07:43
I want you to take your picture and send it to me
Its a little dark
Turn on a light , genius
Should I send it to you now
I'm going to hang up , I said , and then you're going to send it to me . But there's one last thing .
What ?
I want you to be naked in the picture .
More silence
Its only fair . I think you know that .
I didn't wait for a response . I just ended the call. And I fully expected that he would call right back and try to argue his way out of it . But he didn't do that . And as time passed at this rate about an hour per second, I wondered maybe if it was better if he didn't do it
It would give me a chance to break contact , to prove that he never really wanted to be on even ground with me .
What does a true liar do , after all , when you ask him to stand naked .
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quote 2017-10-19 07:25
You can't just run away from your grief . you have to deal with it head on . no matter how difficult and strange it is . we both took a drink of coffee. There are no shortcuts she said . you have to do the hard stuff before it gets any easier.
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text 2017-10-10 08:28
7 Ways a Medicine Offers Code Can Curtail Your Medical Expenses



Online shopping is fast becoming the primary form of purchasing goods, slowly replacing physical retail stores. This was a known phenomenon with items such as books, gadgets and clothes but online shopping is also entering the medical sector now.


There are many medical websites that provide free delivery of medicines and other medical equipments. They also provide certain other benefits such as booking lab tests and routine check-ups.


Let’s take a look at how a medicine offers code can help people cut down on all costs.


Medicines at discounted rates


The most important function these coupons serve is to provide prescription drugs at much lower rates than retail counters.


Medicine is a non-negotiable commodity which means one can’t haggle over the price of a paracetamol. However, availing a coupon ensures that customers get discounts on their purchase.


Save money on transportation


A secondary cost borne by anyone purchasing drugs from a retail store is the cost of travel.


Ordering medicine online takes care of delivery and ensures that the products reach customers at their doorstep. This, therefore, helps customers cut down on overall cost of medical expenses.


Discounts on full body check-up


Reputed online websites also take bookings for full body or routine check-ups.


Getting a booking done for a check-up at a pharmacy or a hospital will need customers to pay the entire amount. However, using a full body code will allow the users to book check-ups for amazing discounts.


Discounts on DNA-matched diet plan


The latest weight loss methods include designing custom diet plans after taking into account the client’s DNA structure. These DNA-matched plans provide more accurate and immediate results.


While pharmacies and clinics hardly ever offer discounts on these plans, coupons on online websites allow customers to avail the very same packages for much reduced rates. In fact, one doesn’t even need to visit a pharmacy. The customer-specific diet charts are sent to clients on their phone’s app or email.


Discounts on lab tests


Lab tests are another aspect of medical treatments that can get very expensive for both patients and families. From a simple blood test and a lipid profile to a vitamin D check and other more complicated tests – medical websites offer discounts on all.


Health devices promo code


Availing a health devices discount code will give customers the chance to purchase costly medical equipments for affordable prices. All this from the comfort of one’s home.


Certain health devices are necessary to keep at home just to make sure it is there when most required at the time of an emergency.


Cash back offers with e-wallets


Another way in which a health devices coupon code for online shopping can benefit customers is by giving them the chance to recoup some of the money.


Once customers select a wallet service and choose their cash back offer, they get a portion of the money back.


Online medical websites along with these coupon codes have made medicines and devices much more accessible and affordable to customers. One doesn’t need to wait in long queues any more or travel long distances to get that particular medicine or gadget. Go online!






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review 2017-09-07 19:03
Amazing Book on Macrobiotics!
The Complete Macrobiotic Diet - Denny Waxman

I started reading Denny Waxman's book because I am interested in health and natural healing. I started by looking at his website when i was searching for a macrobiotic counselor. Then, I learned about his non-profit macrobiotics school the Strengthening Health Institute. Once I got there, i found the best macrobiotic book ever in the Complete Macrobiotic Diet book. 


The book itself was the easiest macrobiotic book that I have read and has so many ways to improve your health through easy to implement tips. He is all about adding instead of subtracting things to your diet and routine... such a great way to think about things!

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