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video 2018-12-04 19:54
Doctor Who: 12 Doctors, 12 Stories Slipcase Edition - Various
Confessions Of An Ugly Stepsister - Gregory Maguire
The Snow Queen - Hans Christian Andersen,Sanna Annukka
The Nutcracker - E.T.A. Hoffmann,Sanna Annukka
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review 2018-08-21 22:24
Dark Tales: The Snow Queen: A Graphic Novel
Dark Tales: The Snow Queen: A Graphic Novel - Hans Christian Andersen,Emilie Majarian

The Snow Queen, it continues to be a story that has a special spot in my heart. I love the concept of a friendship so deep, and so pure, that nothing can keep them apart. I've also always loved the fact that this is the type of story where a girl rescues a boy, rather than the other way around! So, it's no surprise that I was so eager to read this graphic novel take on this beloved story.

Sadly, I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. While the bones of the story are intact, and the characters are still all true to themselves, I felt like this version zipped along too quickly to really bring out the aspects of the story that I love. The lack of time makes it so that the story is a more watered down version, and you really don't get the epic feel of Gerda's journey. I feel like this was additionally hampered by the simplicity of the illustrations in this book. The Snow Queen leaves so much space for gorgeous panels, filled with icy backdrops and epic journeys. It all just felt too flat to me, and left a bit disappointed.

For staying true to the story I love, I'm willing to give three stars. I just wanted more.

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review 2017-10-05 23:57
Alicia the Snow Queen Fairy
Alicia the Snow Queen Fairy (Rainbow Magic Special Edition) - Daisy Meadows

As far as I can tell all the fairy books are the same. A fairy has a problem (because of Jack Frost or his goblins). The girls help the fairy. Everyone is happy at the end. They're pretty inane and formulaic. Very marshmallow-y. Which I expected. The special edition ones are like three books in one. I will probably never read one again in my life if I can help it.

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text 2016-12-24 16:23
[Book Review] The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen - Joan D. Vinge

The Snow Queen reinvents the well-known fairy tale into a far flung future, combing elements of science fiction and fantasy together into a textured space opera.

For nearly 150 years Winter has ruled over the planet of Tiamat, a world in a solar system with two suns which revolve around a black hole.  During Winter the planet is accessible to interstellar travel via a black hole gate, but during Summer the system's orbit isolates Tiamat from other planets and the Hegemony that rules them.  As the last years of Winter wane, the Winter Queen sets plans in motions to retain the throne and power through the transition, even at the expense of genocide.

I discovered The Snow Queen through Women in Science Fiction, with Vinge as one of the many incredible female SF authors who's been unfortunately forgotten.  It's a 1981 Hugo Winner with a whole lot going on in it.  I put in as the November Virtual Speculation pick based on that stumbled upon review and I'm really I discovered it.

Discussion Fodder

  • From the very start of the story the split in myths and technology is present.  Moon is upset by the 'unthinking arrogance that came into his voice' when Sparks gives explanations that she knows in response to her enjoying a myth.  What other ways are the two systems at odds, and are there ways they are in-sync?
  • Traditionally sibyls were oracles.  How does that apply to the sibyls in this universe?
  • How are the different civilizations similar or different?  What traits about them stand out to you the most?  How feasible do the planet-wide civilizations seem (over say country or continent wide civilizations)?
  • The Snow Queen is a retelling of a story of the same name by Hans Christian Anderson.  What do you think of this reworking?  Where does it succeed, where does it fail, what reminds you of the original, what is missing?
  • Sparks changes over the course of the book.  How much of that do you think was directly due to Arienrhod and how much do you think was there all along? 
  • What are the mers?  What do you imagine them to look like?  What is their role?
  • How does the story address racism, sexism, and issues of tribalism and alienation?
  • What symbolism can you find behind the names used in the story?
Source: libromancersapprentice.blogspot.com/2016/12/book-review-snow-queen.html
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review 2016-11-29 12:28
Book Review: The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham
The Snow Queen - Michael Cunningham

Well written, but so depressing. Other than a mild empathy for Barrett, I can't relate to any of the characters. The book has had some good moments, but I'm abandoning it at 32% read (kindle). Life's too short for me to read books I'm not enjoying. For readers who can connect with the lives and personalities of the main characters, I'm sure this will be a good read.  

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