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review 2017-07-18 20:41
Review: A Charming Potion (A Magical Cures Mystery #2.5)
A Charming Potion - Tonya Kappes

A short story that shows June being irresponsible and needed someone to fix the havoc she caused. Thankfully, Mr. Prince Charming is not a normal cat and can handle the amount of chocolate in six Ding Dongs, not to mention all that sugar. I thought it was cute that he ended up pining for a hedgehog. Seriously, June would be dead six times over without that amazing kitty.

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review 2017-07-18 20:37
Review: A Charming Wish (A Magical Cures Mystery #3) by Tonya Kappes
A Charming Wish - Tonya Kappes

Another mystery where June finds herself suspect number one and breaks a bunch of rules to clear her name and find the real killer. This is when Oscar willingly sacrifices his memory of being a spiritualist and his powers and becomes a hawt  but useless character that June moons over. Her new found powers she thinks come from being named the new village president really come from a djinn found in a bottle in her shop. And those powers leave her at the end of the book; I think this was a good thing, since her true powers of intuition she hardly ever heeds, so more powers would be a waste.


Why have world building rules when your MC is just going to break every one in every book? *sigh* I did like the fact that the author made use of Hostess real-life shut down as part of the plot line.


Goes without saying with this series, the book needed a copy editor.

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review 2017-07-18 20:09
Review: A Charming Christmas (A Magical Cures Mystery #6.5) by Tonya Kappes
A Charming Christmas: Magical Cures Mystery Novella (Magical Cures Mystery Series) - Tonya Kappes

This was the last of the series that I had on my NOOK and since it was a short story, I figured I knock it out and be done with the series. I read half the series and have no desire to continue reading it, but it was fun while it lasted.


The spiritualist community of Whispering Falls, KY decided that for economic reasons, they are going to hold a month long Christmas Bazaar, even though none of the residents celebrate Christmas. June and Oscar, due to back stories that involve growing up outside of the spiritualist community, can't wait since it brings back great memories for them. Petunia, new Village President, is not happy about the town going all out to attract Christmas shoppers and is bitchy to everyone about it. But alas, there is a WF Grinch on the loose and he/she is stealing the outside decorations from the stores. There is a subplot with June jumping to conclusions that Oscar is cheating on her. He isn't, but his reasons for being in Locust Grove is also due to economics of the village. Dumbass June strikes again.

I figured out who/what the Grinch was very early on but I just sat back and let the story play out.  

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review 2017-07-18 19:59
Review: A Charming Magic (A Magical Cures Mystery #5) by Tonya Kappes
A Charming Magic - Tonya Kappes

Once again we find June Heal trying every potion/spell/whatever that can restore Oscar's memory and spiritualist powers. Again we find June not listening/heeding her instincts, even though her instincts are her powers. Again we find June breaking Village rules and causing mayhem and destruction, all the while being Village President. Petunia is even more absurd and annoying than the last book, a spiritualist version of Bridezilla. So the potion June makes without heeding her instincts or spiritualist laws is used on Petunia and I am not sorry for that at all. But since Petunia is a resident and major side character, she is only in a coma and not dead. And it is up to June to discover/end whatever it was that she started. At least no one is blaming the new store owner this time around.


This book was a little more fun and interesting to read, especially as June goes on a secret mission to another community and realizes there is an epic showdown between good and evil and guess what? - June is the good side's Chosen One. June is screwing up being VP of Whispering Falls, and bumbles her way into finding the killers in these mysteries, so naturally she is the Chosen One. Sure, totally. The showdown is less than epic, but a threat to do this all again at a later date is made.


During showdown, Oscar gets his memory and powers back, thank baby Thor - this was the most frustrating multi-book story arc and now June can stop being a rule breaker and attracting mayhem whenever she makes a new potion for Oscar. Petunia comes out of her coma, marries, and gets her wish as VP because June even as moments of self-awareness and knows she sucks as VP.

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review 2017-07-18 19:45
Review: A Charming Spell (A Magical Cures Mystery #4) by Tonya Kappes
A Charming Spell - Tonya Kappes

So June is now Village President of Whispering Falls, KY and is working on amending some village laws so that it makes the lives of her residents easier and her life as well. Except for her damn constant moping about Oscar and his erased memory/stripped spiritual powers. Yet another book with June basically breaking some big time laws in the spiritualist community just so she can have Oscar as her lover again and thinking she is being sneaky about it, but everyone knows she is breaking laws and it is wrecking havoc on WF. Petunia got on my last nerve; honestly for a middle-age woman who talks with animals, she acted like the most spoiled brat for not being named Village President.


As for the mystery, yet again everyone blames the new merchant in town for the death but the killer is a behind the scenes/blend into the crowd type. June's (and a few other residents) lives are in peril when the WF cops barge in to take out the killer....because they just followed June.


Still no actual food is eaten by June, just a crap ton of Ding Dongs. This world is fun to be in while reading, but it really doesn't stink with you after the book ends. And the author is still in need of a copy editor!

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