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review 2017-09-19 17:39
Someone had an Ax to Grind
Ax To Grind (A Kenni Lowry Mystery) (Volume 3) - Tonya Kappes

Tonya Kappas is one of my favorite authors and I really like this series. Ax to Grind is book 3 in her Kenni Lowry Mystery series. 


Kenni is the sheriff in the small town of Cottonwood where not everyone was so keen on having a female sheriff. Everyone has pretty much warmed up to the idea, even her mother. And even though it's not an election year her momma has been campaigning, especially since Lonnie announced he was going to run against her. 


Berlye was Cottonwoods most famous celebrity but she has died and there is going to be an estate sale. Rumors are flying around about a tell-all manuscript that could say something about a prominent citizen. 


There seems to be a lot of people who want to get their hands on it and that only leads to murder as Cecily, Berlye's assistant is found dead. She was suppose to know where this tell-all is but now she has taken the info to her grave. It's up to Kenni and her Deputy Finn along with her grandfather's ghost to find the killer. 


I really like Kenni and Finn but I tell you it's really her ghostly grandfather and her momma that steals the show. They crack me up sometimes. I don't know how Kenni can ignore her grandfather when he is talking so she doesn't look like a crazy person. Or laugh out loud at some of the things he says. :) The part where her mother has a megaphone campaigning for Kenni, so funny. 


Tonya's books always have that great southern charm that makes me smile and humor that just makes me chuckle. I can't wait to get the next one!


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text 2017-09-14 21:45
Reading progress update: I've read 4%.
Ax To Grind (A Kenni Lowry Mystery) (Volume 3) - Tonya Kappes

Since my other book didn't fit the ghost square I am going to use a blog tour book. This cozy series features a ghost. Kenni Lowry is the sheriff of Cottonwood and her dead grandfather who use to be sheriff helps her solve cases. :) I love me some Tonya Kappes books! :)


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review 2017-07-18 20:41
Review: A Charming Potion (A Magical Cures Mystery #2.5)
A Charming Potion - Tonya Kappes

A short story that shows June being irresponsible and needed someone to fix the havoc she caused. Thankfully, Mr. Prince Charming is not a normal cat and can handle the amount of chocolate in six Ding Dongs, not to mention all that sugar. I thought it was cute that he ended up pining for a hedgehog. Seriously, June would be dead six times over without that amazing kitty.

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review 2017-07-18 20:37
Review: A Charming Wish (A Magical Cures Mystery #3) by Tonya Kappes
A Charming Wish - Tonya Kappes

Another mystery where June finds herself suspect number one and breaks a bunch of rules to clear her name and find the real killer. This is when Oscar willingly sacrifices his memory of being a spiritualist and his powers and becomes a hawt  but useless character that June moons over. Her new found powers she thinks come from being named the new village president really come from a djinn found in a bottle in her shop. And those powers leave her at the end of the book; I think this was a good thing, since her true powers of intuition she hardly ever heeds, so more powers would be a waste.


Why have world building rules when your MC is just going to break every one in every book? *sigh* I did like the fact that the author made use of Hostess real-life shut down as part of the plot line.


Goes without saying with this series, the book needed a copy editor.

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review 2017-07-18 20:09
Review: A Charming Christmas (A Magical Cures Mystery #6.5) by Tonya Kappes
A Charming Christmas: Magical Cures Mystery Novella (Magical Cures Mystery Series) - Tonya Kappes

This was the last of the series that I had on my NOOK and since it was a short story, I figured I knock it out and be done with the series. I read half the series and have no desire to continue reading it, but it was fun while it lasted.


The spiritualist community of Whispering Falls, KY decided that for economic reasons, they are going to hold a month long Christmas Bazaar, even though none of the residents celebrate Christmas. June and Oscar, due to back stories that involve growing up outside of the spiritualist community, can't wait since it brings back great memories for them. Petunia, new Village President, is not happy about the town going all out to attract Christmas shoppers and is bitchy to everyone about it. But alas, there is a WF Grinch on the loose and he/she is stealing the outside decorations from the stores. There is a subplot with June jumping to conclusions that Oscar is cheating on her. He isn't, but his reasons for being in Locust Grove is also due to economics of the village. Dumbass June strikes again.

I figured out who/what the Grinch was very early on but I just sat back and let the story play out.  

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