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text 2020-02-18 07:57
Star light juttis by Coral Haze

A small little collab with @zariinjewelry for their "Sea Princess" collection.
Seen here are "Star light" juttis by Coral Haze + the most perfect beach wedding jewellery by Zariin ❤️

.Visit:- https://www.coralhaze.com/star-light.html


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text 2020-01-02 22:11
Reading progress update: I've read 21 out of 201 pages.
U.S. Grant and the American Military Tradition - Bruce Catton

I'm enjoying this so far, but when I went onto Goodreads to add it to my reading list I discovered that some jerk deleted the entire series to which it belonged — a list that had taken some effort to assemble. I'm trying to throw a few editing obstacles in his way as my way of thanking him.

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review 2019-12-08 12:26
A fabulous gift, for you or for those you love
Dickens and Christmas - Lucinda Hawksley

Thanks to Rosie Croft from Pen & Sword for sending me an early hardback copy of this book, which I freely chose to review. Although I’m not a big Christmas fan, I couldn’t resist this book, and I thought it would make a great gift for this time of the year.

The book (which contains a bibliography, a detailed index, and illustrations) is a great read, no matter how much or how little you like Christmas. Liking, or at least being curious about, Dickens would enhance the experience, but I’d dare say that even people who only have a passing acquaintance with his word can enjoy it.

The structure of the book, written by Dickens great great great granddaughter, follows his life, although it is not a detailed biography. We look at the tradition of the Christmas holiday, mostly in the UK (although we hear about Christmas celebrations in the USA when Dickens embark on his lecture tours in America, later in the book), as it was (or wasn’t), and I found it an invaluable source of information from a historical point of view. Although I was familiar (or so I thought), with the elements of what we consider a traditional Christmas and their origin, I have learned plenty about it, from the fact that the celebration in the early XIX century used to focus on the 12th day of Christmas (with a big cake and parties where people played different parts), Christmas trees, Father Christmas, Christmas card… to the first introduction of the Christmas cake and the way the Christmas pudding and the mince pies have changed over the years (yes, I think most of  us had heard that originally the mincemeat contained real meat… and that’s true).

I am not an expert on Dickens, although I’ve read a number of his novels (and A Christmas Carol, of course), and I don’t think much of the biographical information about him will be new to those who have studied his work and life (although as it is written by one of his relatives, and as we all know stories about family members circulate and are passed on through generations, it is always possible that if not the facts, the details and anecdotes might be more vividly portrayed), but I did learn much about him, his childhood (that I was familiar with), his struggles, his friendships… The book centres on the writing of A Christmas Carol, which was hugely successful and Dickens wrote in an attempt at raising people’s social awareness of the plight of the poor and the terrible conditions of the working classes in Victorian England, and how it would become the beginning of a tradition (still followed by many authors) of publishing novels and books in time for Christmas. Initially, in the years after Carol, he would write a new story for publication at that time, but later he would publish Christmas books, compiling his own stories and those of writer friends and collaborator, mostly not on the subject of Christmas. These proved popular, and as his fame grew, he spent more and more of his time touring, reading fragments of his books or some of his novellas in full (A Christmas Carol remained popular and still is), and also preparing the Christmas number. There are titbits of information that bring Dickens, the individual, to life (he had pet ravens and loved his dogs), with his qualities and defects (his behaviour towards his wife was horrendous, even if it was not uncommon for the period, and women had little in the way of legal rights at the time), and the focus of this volume on the yearly Christmas celebrations fits in with his enthusiasm and his interests. I loved the way he would get involved in pantomimes, which grew more and more elaborate over time, to the point of writing what sound like true plays to perform with his children and friends.

The book is peppered with fragments from his stories, which are set apart from the rest of the text, also quotes from his letters, and passages from newspapers of the period reviewing his work and/or his lectures. One of the aspects I particularly enjoyed —and I think most writers or people interested in the writing business will also appreciate— is the insider information about the publishing industry of the era. How Dickens would change publishers, his fight against piracy (oh, yes, it’s nothing new), his anger on seeing so many versions of his books turned into theatrical performances without his authorisation, the fact that there was no international copyright law, so although his books were very popular in the USA he did not receive a penny from the sales (and of course, they tried to tax his gains from lecturing, but he managed to escape the American taxmen), and other juicy bits. There is also plenty of material about his writing methods, and he often talks about it in his correspondence.

There are some photographs included, but my favourite illustrations are those taken from Dickens’s stories and others that capture the Christmas period of the era. They are a joy and further enhance the reading experience.

This is a book for lovers of Christmas, for people interested in the Victorian period and its traditions, for people who want to learn more about Dickens, and it will be of particular interest to writers who want to learn more about what writing was like at the time. I loved the fragments of Dickens’s stories that exemplify why he continues to be love, valued and appreciated. A fabulous gift, for you or for those you love. Merry Christmas, and God bless Us, Every One!

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text 2019-11-28 07:41
The Contemporary Basins Uk Stories


Composting toilets aren't yet flush-and-forget like a conventional loo, but they're getting close. It performs nicely with Ava toilet range. All our Contemporary Basins are produced from high-quality vitreous china with a white finish to provide a sharp, clean look.


Additionally, there's a selection of stylish washbowls and basins with integrated worktops if you desire a bathroom sink with an improved feeling of style. It's vital, therefore, to be pleased with your selection of basin. Commonly called a bathroom sink, wash basins can be found in a vast selection of fashions at Bathroom City.


For instance, it can be positioned lower if it is going to be a youngster's Bathroom Basin. Instead, you might favour a Contemporary Basin that's built into a Vanity Unit, which gives a great deal of storage for many of your toiletries. Buying your modern sink on the internet is as simple as 1-2-3.

Contemporary Basins Uk - the Conspiracy

Individuals always enjoy the products that are offered in several types as each item possesses different features to some extent from others. We stock a wide selection of beautiful bathroom suites from a number of the world's leading manufacturers. It does not just include the types of furniture, equipment, essentials and little items, and others that are necessary in the restroom.


Who Else Wants to Learn About Contemporary Basins Uk?


In some units, there's additionally a little fan assembly to help with airflow. Our array of toilets with integrated basins not only conserve space, but are great if you wish to minimise the total amount of water you use. This hard wearing unit will supply an impressive focus in your bathroom for a long time to come.


Contemporary Basins Uk

We also carry a range of double sinks for the greatest in his and hers luxury! Or, if you want more floor area in your family bathroom, consider measuring up a corner wash basin instead. The biggest misconception surrounding contemporary toilets is they smell due to the hidden operational pursuits.


Top Contemporary Basins Uk Choices

Just browse the sink range within our assortment of over 200,000 bathroom goods, order securely online, and we are going to deliver straight to your door free of charge on orders over 349. Our friendly customer service is available to assist you create your ideal space. All our pedestal basins are produced from the best materials on the current market, which is precisely why we can confidently say that you'll be buying a product which looks and functions flawlessly.


Things You Won't Like About Contemporary Basins Uk and Things You Will

It's only now they can be superseded. And, since it is non-porous, simple to clean and available in a broad spectrum of colours, Corian material is practical in addition to visually pleasing. A pedestal sink can be set up in a number of bathroom spaces and this is credited to its traditional design.


Along with offering a wide array of basins to select from, we additionally have bottle traps and basin wastes to accompany your pick. The Roca Rodeo recessed basin is intended to be employed with a single hole tap, and offers you lots of unique options regarding tap style and countertops to help to make your bathroom distinctly your own. Standalone basins result in the most traditional style, but arrive in a vast range of fashions, colours and fittings so that you can be certain that the basin you select will perfectly match the remainder of the room.


Below are only a few examples of our array of gorgeous washbasins. The available selection of matching bidets and toilets make this a good alternative for a strong, coherent, contemporary bathroom look. With this kind of a wide selection of washbasins in the marketplace, it can be hard to understand which is ideal for your bathroom.

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text 2019-11-08 11:33
Traditional Style Toilets with Amazing Features

Traditional toilets give a traditional and royal look to your bathroom. They add modernity to the old classic style. They also offer a royal look for your bathroom. So, if you want to give your bathroom a well-known classical and royal look, then you must put it on your shopping list to enjoy the royal and traditional look to attract the tradition lovers. When you talk about traditional toilet, an old shaped, modified with beautiful curves, cool and elegant bathroom comes in your mind. So, the traditional toilets meet all the demands that you desire in terms of traditional look.

1.    Stylish look & designs


The toilets give a stylish look to your bathroom so that you can make your bathroom attractive and appealing in traditional manners. The beautiful curves also glorify their look.  There are many innovative designs that are applied to Traditional Toilets. All these designs give a stunning look to your bathroom. The latest designs and styles are also applied which give a modern touch to the toilets. Nowadays, there are many designs which are manufactured for less space. So if you have a small bathroom, you can have the toilets to adjust the other things of the bathroom wisely. 


2.    Features of traditional toilets


The toilets have a lot of features that make them significant than other toilets. Other toilets are overwhelmed by the traditional toilets due to the remarkable features that are discussed below:


Closed couple seat

They have a legendary close coupled toilet with a soft seat. This closed couple seat makes it easier for the users, especially for aged people. Closed couple seat helps to sit on commode comfortably.


Parts of traditional toilet

There are two parts of the traditional toilet which are as


WC Unit

These parts make it useful. You can use it easily.


Long-lasting material

UK Toilets come in comparison with modern toilets. They are made up of a material that is long-lasting and has great durability feature. So the customer may enjoy all its facilities for a longer period by saving money.


Finishing of traditional bathrooms

Every person looks for the toilet that makes the outer look of the toilet stunning. So, white finishing is applied which makes the look of the toilets fully white by giving you the best options of comparing, contrasting, and matching along with other bathroom furniture. It also gives dignity and grandeur to the bathroom.


Easy to clean and maintain

People do not have much time to wash their toilets. So, the toilets are made up in the ways which make them easier cleaning by saving your time.


Vitreous china with a guarantee

The toilets are made up of vitreous china which is of high quality. They have a guarantee of 5 years. So, the customer can buy it with satisfaction. They are made up of ceramic material.



There is a cistern in the traditional toilet, used for better flushing. If the flushing system is strong it means that the water flow would be more stable and faster than others.


Rimless technology

The toilets have a rimless technology that is the foremost thing that can attract the customer. They have a strong water flushing power. So the user can easily flush off after using the toilet.


Types of seat

Different types of seats are fixed with the toilets. Mostly, two types of seats are fixed which are as;

Slim Seat

Standard Seat

Both types of seats are fixed in the toilets, which are offered by Royal Bathrooms for a variety of looks. These are easier to sit and nice to look. Update your bathroom with traditional toilets for better look and ease.


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