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review 2015-11-13 00:58
Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition - Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer to agent--"I want to prove all of those haters wrong who say that Edward was kind of creepy and stalkerish and Bella was a bit of a pushover with no real personality other than her obsessive love for Edward.  How to do it, oh I know, I'm going to switch all of the genders of the characters.  We all know that women can't be super possessive and kind of serial killery and men can't be solely defined by their relationship with a woman."



So, maybe that wasn't the exact conversation but I honestly can't picture what else should could have actually been doing with this "reimagining".  Let's starting with that, reimagining.  When I think of that, I think of, you know, an actual REIMAGINING, not just the literal flip flopping of genders with leaving the same dialogue, unless it doesn't seem "manly" enough.  Was it supposed to be creating gender fluidity by leaving the same traits for each character but just changing the names, except when the author deems something needs to be specifically male to be okay, i.e. the attempted rape is now an attempted assault situation for Beau? Or what about Royal being assaulted in the stead of Rosalie's rape(s)?  Because men can't be raped, only assaulted.  =X   Maybe I'm just overthinking this, but this is a huge no for me.  


For the plus side of this, she did at least something decent by changing the ending. I must say that I quite enjoyed just wiping out the need for the rest of the series.  Not to mention the ability to milk the supposed gender-bending for 3 more books. 


 I'll willingly admit that I actually liked Twilight and the sequels.  It's a mindless entertainment that entertained the hell of out me.  I don't feel the need to profess my undying love to Stephenie Meyer for her amazing work of literary perfection, but I still enjoyed it even when I was making fun of some of the more ridiculous aspects of it.  So, this take on it just made all of those ridiculous aspects glaringly obvious and really, really awkward.  Really awkward.  It added absolutely nothing to the Twilight Saga but anger and frustration over Meyer's opinion on what a gender-bent book should entail.  


So, to sum this up. Just don't do it. Save your masochism for something else.  



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text 2013-05-29 06:24
Let’s talk about Favorites


I have a top 3 favorite authors. Though I do have more than 3 fav authors, these are my abso freakin lutly fav authors. I will verbally/tumblr attack anyone that says anything remotely rude about their work!


Without further ado I present my TOP 3


                                                      1.Stephenie Meyer

                                                      2.Cassandra Clare

                                                      3. Richelle Mead


(In the following posts I will spotlight each author) 

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