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review 2017-10-20 00:49
Be very, very careful what you wish for
The Serpent Scrolls: Rise of the Immortal Snake (The War with Satan Book 1) - Kenneth Harris

Afterwards, he was immediately executed. It is believed by local scholars that his beaten and burned corpse was decapitated limb by limb and buried in the forgotten grounds of Serpent Cemetery just outside of Kilfield, Massachusetts. Reportedly, his spirit awaits rebirth by 99 souls from his own admission shortly before his death.

Harris, Kenneth . The Serpent Scrolls: Rise of the Immortal Snake (The War with Satan Book 1) . Kindle Edition.


Emphasis is mine.  This is from the one-page Introduction.  It is the second or third major grammatical or syntactical error on that short page.


Disclosure:  I obtained the Kindle edition of this book on 19 October 2017 when it was offered free and promoted as such on BookLikes.  I have had intermittent communication on BookLikes with the author, but not about this book or about his writing in general.  I am an author of adult fiction and non-fiction.



The text is absurdly over-written, with four adjectives used where one would be too many. Often, they're misused.


Lots of words are misused.


He inserted the mouth of a rigid bolt cutter over the bulky wrapped chains and bisected it.

Harris, Kenneth . The Serpent Scrolls: Rise of the Immortal Snake (The War with Satan Book 1) (p. 1). Kindle Edition.

(One does not insert something over something else.  Bolt cutters have blades, jaws, and a neck, but not a mouth.  Chains are plural; it is singular.)



I don't know if this is supposed to be a morality tale reminding us of God's love or a Young Adult horror story.  If it's supposed to be a combination of the two, I can only roll my eyes.


The book needs serious editing.  I'm not being paid to do that.


I recommend avoiding this book as if it were a rattlesnake.




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text 2016-08-21 19:19
I'm not sure this is quite right





Found on aNobii, among a whole lot of others.  Please note the word "free."






How I found these at aNobii.


Logged in.

Click on Groups.

It shows "hottest groups" and "largest groups."

Click on "see more" of "largest groups."

On right are "popular group tags" and click on "romance."


All of this is what comes up:







And many, many, many pages more.


I don't know what to do about it.  The discussion group for aNobii problems is in Italian, and while I can read Italian pretty well because of my background in Spanish, I don't speak or write it. 

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review 2016-08-06 22:11
I don't know what these are, other than very bad writing
The Second Sister - Sarah Thorn

Well, the cover is lovely.


This "book" is actually a collection of 20 (or more?) shortish romance stories.  Some appear to be steamy, some are labeled "clean."  From what I can figure out, the outfit publishing them mixes up the assortment, slaps on a new cover, gives a different story top billing, but it's all the same terrible stuff.


At least it's free?


The first story in this particular collection is The Second Sister, a romance about a Duke and a commoner's daughter.  Of course it's predictable and shallow and silly.  It's also poorly formatted -- triple spaced?? -- and written in the style of a precocious ten-year-old who hasn't mastered the basics of narrative, dialogue, or punctuation, but is really good with spell check.


I made it through about half of the first story before giving up.  My curiosity has been satisfied.


Unless you are truly desperate, pass on this and all of its sisters.




Screen shot of K4PC app page showing spacing.


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text 2016-01-06 16:26
WTFckery Alert for All Book Bloggers: Beware of a person going by Christine Caitlin

From Book Antics:


"A woman”named” Corinne Rosanna Catlin has been contacting bloggers and masquerading as a publicity assistant."


"This was all a ploy to make bloggers read her novel, Spectaccolo by Christine Catlin, which she claims that Penguin is now publishing in paperback."


"Penguin Random House is now getting involved in this and their Legal department will be handling this. There is confession to whether or not this individual actually works at the publishing company or not, different sources appear to be conflicting."


"She’s been emailing from an official Penguin Random House email since this post went up and demanding that this post is “confusing and harmful.” She’s also been asking for my phone number “to give me a call.” NOPE."


Spectaccolo on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25977648-spectaccolo?from_search=true&search_version=service


Said she was a editorial intern at Red Fox Literary- FALSE: (https://twitter.com/the1stdaughter/status/684532144333438977) 




Source: bookishantics.com/2016/01/04/beware-catfished-fake-penguin-employee
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text 2015-11-15 23:28
WTFckery Or Not: Latest Plagiarism Accusation: Self-Published Author Missy Blue (D.C. Ruin) and The Tornado

Welcome to this week’s WTFckery where unfortunately I have another alleged plagiarism scandal to talk about, yet again in the self-publishing community…


Last April I first heard about Missy Blue, a debut self-published author and her (or his) book, The Tornado. This self-published book is about a former ballerina heroine who has a romance with a MMA boxing fighting hero, and for fans of New Adult. The buzz for this book was big, so much so that The Tornado hit the top 100 in Romance, and I think overall fiction at Amazon. If that’s the case, The Tornado probably gave Missy thousands of dollars in sales. I reviewed the book, enjoyed it and even told others to read it. Now I’m kicking myself because it has come out that The Tornado is stolen. This Missy Blue, who has now vanished, stole a fan fiction of Warrior, a 2011 movie, titled, In The Land of Gods and Monsters by Wynter S. Komen. Also it looks like Missy Blue is D.C. Ruins, which this alleged plagiarist first published, with what would be The Tornado in 2014 under the title of Dances with Monsters.


Jane from Dear Author was the first to report this travesty on Twitter:




Comment on a review of The Tornado before Amazon took action and took off The Tornado off sale:




I’m pissed off again because this is yet another black stain on self-publishing. This thief, aka Missy Blue is a perfect example of everything wrong with self-publishing, because these debut self-published authors, who just appear one day with little or no social presence or website continue to prove it’s easy to steal fan fictions or other authors’ work and claim it as their own. Because this Missy Blue can just erase herself or himself and take his/her ill gotten gains (and laughing all the way to the bank), and not give restitution to the author or writer they stole from, it will  continue to happen again and again. That author or writer victim, who decides to take action, by spending their own money to find out who someone like Missy Blue is must appeal to Amazon and any other third party vendor to reveal the identity of the plagiarist. Only Amazon and other third party vendors have the information (plagiarist’s real identity, address and banking information) the victim needs for their case, in the hopes to receive the royalties these plagiarists stole.


The sad thing is I have to be very cautious when trying a new self-published author who doesn’t have any presence to speak of. Do I really have to investigate the authors I want to read or ask other authors who know these new debut self-published authors and ask for referrals because I don’t want to end up reading possible plagiarized content? Because of Missy Blue and Laura Harner, I’m very close to the point I won’t mention, review or praise any debut self-published authors and their books until I know they’re 100% authentic.


It’s already extremely hard for self-published authors to get reviewed or create word of mouth for their books. Whenever a self-published author plagiarizes another author or writer, they’re stealing from the entire self-publishing community who needs word of mouth and reviews to sell their books. Self publishing has made it so easy for unethical people to steal fan fiction and other works published or posted on-line, and sell it for a big profit. A sad WTFckery that continues to put self-publishing in a bad light.

Source: kbgbabbles.com/2015/11/wtfckery-or-not-latest-plagiarism-accusation-self-published-author-missy-blue-d-c-ruin-and-the-tornado.html
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