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review 2017-03-06 11:46
Gripping Epic Fantasy That Begins Here!
A Darker Shade of Magic - Victoria Schwab

Magic. Parallel universe. Treachery. An adventure. Saving all worlds.


This is my third series fromV.E. Schwab. Each time I read her books, each time it never fails to amaze me how good her writing is. She pulled me in, took me into an adventure so unique and leave me wanting for more. A Darker Shade of Magic is the first in the trilogy series Shades of Magic. I have hold on to reading the first book since I bought it last year and finally, when the third and final book A Conjuring of Light was released recently, I will be binge reading the series in my own time and I have to say that A Darker Shade of Magic had really pull me into a world of fantasy that I love to be spin into with so much as to I wanted to read further but resist holding on to devour each word for word.


To begin, the blurb has an interesting twist - three parallel Londons and one, shall not be spoken of. Kell, one of the last two Antaris magician traveler of parallel Londons as messengers among royals and a smuggler of antiques and relics. Lila, a thief in Grey London and a survivor on the streets unknown of other existence of London. When Kell was given a forbidden relic from a place not speak of and when he cross paths with Lila who pickpocket that forbidden relic, fate have them work together to save the universe from taken over by greed of power.


V.E. Schwab once again, have outdone herself. Introducing worlds unlike any other, a fantasy that is worthy a read and rereading again and again. I love the adventure it was written, the interesting characters being introduce and the malice of evil characters intended towards the protagonist. If this is reality, its a darn good writing. I was sucked into this world she created and made me believe that these parallel Londons exist. And then, there is magic that weren't that far fetched and acceptable. What truly made this book a must read is how the lure of reading more is magic itself in reading. Its one I felt worth pursuing and definitely looking forward in the next book - A Gathering of Shadows where I am about to read soon.

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text 2017-02-03 12:46
Friday reads 2/3/17
A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses Book 2) - Sarah J. Maas
A Darker Shade of Magic - Victoria Schwab
Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo
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review 2016-10-02 19:01
Awesome urban (London), epic fantasy
A Darker Shade of Magic - V E Schwab

Loved this book! It's a fantasy of parallel worlds on a spectrum of magic. Grey London has almost no magic. Red London has magic. White London bleeds magic. And Black London? It succumbed to magic. None of them really resemble our world.

As a reader, I absolutely loved it. There were twists I didn't expect, characters who stayed true to themselves even through insane events, and a beautiful setting. It's also refreshingly non-romantic! Kell, the main character, is a man intent on his duty to his family more than anything. And Lila, also a POV character, is in it for the adventure. They don't "cling" to one another... none of those romancey tropes.

They do kiss at a couple points, but without any reference to wanting to go further. It's more about the heat of the moment, and the passion of having survived, and the hope that they will continue to survive.

(spoiler show)

For being what I would call an epic fantasy, this book had surprisingly few characters. As I writer, I found its adherence to fantasy tropes particularly interesting. It had to have kings and queens, and yet in a way it leans into an urban fantasy setting at times.

Grey London is essentially "our" London, but it still has kings and queens in power... Interesting.

(spoiler show)

I was almost thrown from the book at one point when Lila swears "Christ," but then I realized she's from Grey London, which is sort-of our world. It still took a moment of pondering for me to figure out if that was a slip-up.

There were also, interestingly, omniscient scenes on occasion, mixed in with the close-third viewpoints of Kell and Lila.

Huge fan theory spoiler, potentially a spoiler for the next book:

I assume Lila is the Grey London's Antari, since she has an eye missing.

(spoiler show)

It did a great job of wrapping up plot threads but leaving some loose for a sequel. The descriptions are lush, the writing fantastic, and it's a great read. Check it out!


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review 2016-09-08 17:25
A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab
A Gathering of Shadows (A Darker Shade of Magic) - V E Schwab

I usually write the review right after reading the book and now it’s been some time I finished but still wanted to write few things about it.

First of all, that ending was evil! And it’s so long before book 3 comes out. I just hate cliffies…

I’m still not a huge fan of Lila. She’s bit less annoying here than in the last book but still. She’s arrogant and too reckless without thinking if anyone else gets hurt. She meets the pirate captain Alucard whom I liked. Hope we see more of him in the future. 

Rhy and Kell aren’t doing too well after the events in the last book. Kell is out of favor with the king and queen. I really wanted to hit them, king and queen I mean.

Rarely book 2 is as good as book 1 but this really was. Loved this and can’t wait for book 3. I need book 3!

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review 2016-09-03 19:09
Loved every sentence of it...
A Darker Shade of Magic - Victoria Schwab,Victoria Schwab

It took me forever to read, but loved every sentence of it!

I made some fan art as well :


It's been a while for me to write smth on a book... ok... it is been a while to read a book. I started this one so long ago and then life happened and I couldn't get to it and I tried to read it one chapter at a time, but even that did not work.
Then, I was going away from my job, like for good, I had a great leaving party and I was in a great mood, so when I came home and saw this fellow lying there...half unread... it made me sad. So I finished it and I can say now, that I would read any book written by this author.

This book was simply great. It is so similar and unexpectedly unique for its own genre. It gives us magic in a fascinating and frightened way, it gives us a story that would made you second-guessing everyone, it give you hint of a romance that is not cleared and not thrown in your face and it gives you deep, complex, full-developed characters that you want to know and learn more about.

I am definitely continue with this series.

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