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text 2021-06-14 07:22
Machine Learning App Development


One of the industries that benefit from machine learning the most is mobile application development. The use of machine learning became so widely spread that you might not even suspect that an app relies on it.

Machine learning algorithms find patterns in massive amounts of data to make data-based predictions and decisions. The more data ML processes, the better algorithms become and the more accurate predictions and decisions they make.

Today, three main types of machine learning are defined:


  • Supervised machine learning – the algorithm is trained with predefined training examples. It is used for the ML to learn how to reach the right conclusions when new data is fed to it.
  • Unsupervised machine learning – the algorithm is trained on data without predefined rules. It must find patterns and relationships to make predictions in the future.
  • Reinforced machine learning – machine learning is trained to make a sequence of decisions. The agent learns how to achieve the goal in an uncertain and potentially complex environment.

Industries That Can Benefit From Machine Learning Application Development

Machine learning is the solution that is gradually finding its way into various industries. Use cases are numerous and, in this part, we are going to talk about the industries and spheres where machine learning can bring the highest value.

  • Transportation

Smart and self-driving cars have already entered our lives. Artificial intelligence enforced with machine learning algorithms are used to monitor the traffic and predict changes. The combination of these technologies allows for cars to drive without human assistance.


  • Healthcare

Machine learning is accelerating the healthcare industry. Such solutions collect and analyze patient data to diagnose and advise possible ways for treatment. Predictive healthcare is gaining traction.


  • Finance

The finance industry has a huge amount of data that needs to be analyzed to make predictions for future data collection, management, investment, and transactions. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are used in the industry for fraud detection and fraud prediction.


  • Cybersecurity

The technology can analyze data about incident reports, alerts, and more to identify potential threats and improve security analysis or even advise response.


  • Manufacturing

Companies with assembly lines can use ML algorithms together with sensors and artificial intelligence to predict the need for maintenance. Thanks to their use, companies can avoid unplanned downtown and drops in production.


  • eCommerce

The eCommerce industry already benefits from this technology. Personalized product recommendations increase the average order value and revenue.


  • Marketing

This technology can be applied in the ads industry to improve the efficiency of ad campaigns by targeting users with highly personalized ads tailored to their specific interests and needs.

Read more about Machine Learning App Development 

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text 2021-06-14 07:11
How Much Does it Cost to Build a Medicine Delivery App

Covid-19 has changed the way things used to be. Online medicine delivery apps have come to the rescue at times when people were in lockdown. Will customers go back to ordinary shopping modes? This is a good question and I think the answer is not straightforward. People love what is comfortable and easy, something that online medicine delivers apps promise and offer. So, believe it or not, Covid did more than changing people's behavior at a drastic time.

Now let us talk about money. How much does it cost to build a medicine delivery app?


The answer is it depends on several factors. Here they are:

  • - Features and functionality
  • - Development platforms
  • - Development location
  • - Development time
  • - The expertise of the company.

You may consider one or several platforms. Developing an app with more than one platform, naturally costs more. The technology used is also a factor. Additional features, like multiple payment gateways or real-time analytics, add to the cost.

Today, there are development teams in different geographies. Those in the USA and Europe will cost you more but there are also high talents in Asia and Eastern Europe.  For instance, a developer in the US charges between $150-$250per hour, whereas in Eastern Europe and Asia developers charge $40-$80 per hour.

The cost will also depend on the time spent on app development.

The reputation of the company is also a factor. It's a good idea to consult the portfolio of the company before you decide to hire a development team.

Learn more about How Much Does It Cost to Build an App

How Do Medicine Delivery Apps Generate Money?

There are several models for making money  with a medicine delivery app. Businesses choose one or a combination of them.


  • Subscriptions

Although this is not the best option for startups, subscription plans are still used by some online apps. Lexicomp is a medical app with a great database of diseases also offering useful information about drugs and their effects. There are several different subscription plans available to choose from to find one that best fits your budget and needs.


  • Fees

This is a more popular approach when you charge a fee for medication but don't charge for the service. Examples are pharmacy home delivery apps PillPack and Capsule.


  • Advertisements

Businesses can promote medicine, other pharmacies, and medical services and generate revenue from advertisemen

  • Built-in promotion

Online medicine apps owners can promote the services of their parties by placing these companies in the recommended section or showing their medicine on the top of the page. Instead, the apps generate revenue from third-party vendors.

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url 2021-03-16 13:33
Cloud-Based Application Development

The front-end of a cloud-based application interacts with the cloud data storage via an application (i.e., middleware) via a web browser or through a virtual session.

If you want to develop a cloud-based app for internal purposes, market research will provide you with insights into a possible set of features and technologies that can be used for development purposes.

You will also need to choose cloud application development platforms, additional integrations and third-party services that will form the main functionality of your application.

The final stage of cloud-based application development is app testing.

Such platforms are designed to simplify the development process and offer all the necessary means for developing applications.

Source: addevice.io/blog/cloud-based-application-development
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text 2021-02-05 08:22
How to Make an App Like Uber?

Taxi and delivery services, education, lifestyle, and health applications are the most on-demand platforms today, for sure. These kinds of apps bring solutions to our lives, easing and revolutionizing the way services are delivered. Several years in a row Uber is a leader in the service application market. Naturally, there is a huge demand for Uber-like solutions.

BTW: Recently Uber has made its API public, meaning you can connect to its software and extend the functionality of your current business. It is possible to start with on-demand taxi app development and offer the delivery option, especially if you are a small local retailer, restaurant, or a bar.

To support this fact, it should be pointed out that apps like Uber and Lyft completed almost 35 million more rides than standard taxis in NY in 2017. Aside from that, Statista predicts that the annual growth of the global ride-hailing service market will reach $126,521 million by 2025. 

Let’s find out, Uber works and what is needed to create an Uber-like application.

5 phases of Uber work

Uber work mechanism consists of the following 5 steps:

  • Request step: User requests the chosen destination and getting the rides fare, depending on the service and type of Uber app.

  • Verification step: Here the user confirms the pickup coordinates.

  • Ride matching step: The application finds the nearest car, sending the order to the driver. Order can be accepted as well as to be declined. If declined, the request is sent to another driver.

  • Payment step: When the order is fulfilled, the user is charged automatically. The application supports Android and Apple Pay systems as well as PayPal and debit cards.

  • Feedback step: Leaving feedback is an important step in Uber. Users and drivers rate each other, which provides the fairest experience for both parties.

Before deciding to develop an app like Uber, one must consider the application target group. Uber always was a user-oriented application. It is user-friendly, reliable, and convenient.

The Uber-like project consists of 4 connected components. These are:

  • Passengers’ app
  • Drivers’ app
  • Admin panel for managing processes
  • Analytical part for fares, databases, history, etc. 

From the customers’ perspective Uber-like applications have the following features:

  • Simple registration and profile editing: The registration and later logging in is done either via email or any social media account. There is also the possibility of adding preferable payment methods or promo codes.

  • Geolocation is an essential part of Uber-like applications. GPS and routing are used to locate the user’s location and routing.

  • Push notifications: This feature notifies concerning the driver and vehicle information, arrival and completing time, trip status, etc.

  • Trip cost evaluation: Uber allows seeing the cost calculation before booking the cab.

  • Leaving feedback and contact: Along with the possibility to rate each other, users have also the opportunity to review drivers’ contact, send and receive text messages.

  • Customer support: 24/7 assistance is also available on the Uber application.

  • History: Users can easily access the information concerning the booking history, change payment method, the report regarding an accident, or other accidents.

From the riders’ perspective Uber-like applications have the following features:

  • Order alert: Notifies about new trip orders with the ability either to accept or decline.

  • Verification- the checking and verification of drivers’ insurance, driving license is done from the administrative panel.

  • Messages: Uber has an option for drivers and passengers for sending messages to each other.

  • Route optimization, navigation: Integrated with Google maps and Apple integration system, allows drivers to choose the best route to the pick-up location.

  • Revenue reports: This feature is designed for giving the data concerning drivers’ earnings on a daily and monthly basis.

  • Push notifications are for notifying about all the changes on pickup location as well as on request status, or route changes.

Uber-like application making technologies

Basic apps like Uber should allow users to order a trip, sending trip requests, process online payments, and locate routes using Google Maps API.

How much does an app like uber cost?

The cost of developing an Uber-like application depends on many factors, including the development team type. In the case of an in-house USA based team, the costs are:

  • Driver component: $27,000 – $58,000
  • Passenger component: $109,080 – $200,000
  • Admin panel: $26,000 – $36,000
  • Total cost: $163,000 – $249,000

In the case of outsourcing, prices can be lower, depending on the development team's geolocation.

Sure, this is a shortlist of features and costs of how to making an Uber-like application, however, the full list depends on the app’s complexity, development team geolocation, features included, involvement, etc.

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text 2021-01-21 08:57
How to Create a Messaging App in 2021

If you have a concept of a new chat app for the mass-market or want to get messaging software for your organization, here are some facts and insights on how to create a messaging app.


20 billion business messages are sent through mobile apps each month.


Today we use apps on smartphones, and we can use the same apps on computers.


Outsourcing app development may solve the task for both cross-platform and native app developments.


How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Messaging App Like WhatsApp? Sill, after all, when it all started, nobody knew about WhatsApp, and it was a mobile app in the app store.


Undoubtedly, this is a high price, but with market surveys and the growing popularity of similar apps, it is worth investing in a chat app.


Most chat apps have standard functions like instant messages, photo and location sharing, audio, and video calls.


Each new feature adds popularity to the chat app and, correspondingly, increases the price.


If you are interested in the technologies of developing messaging software, check out the complete guide on how to create a messaging app.

Source: addevice.io/blog/how-to-create-a-messaging-application-from-zero
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